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Thank you for your patience, the all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat oyster lunch and dinner are held all day long!

From Monday, June 1 to Monday, June 15 Held at 18 stores of General Oyster Group

General Oyster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidenori Yoshida, CEO: Yusuke Tanno, hereinafter “General Oyster”), one of Japan's largest*1 oyster bar chains From Monday (Monday) to June 15th (Monday), "All-you-can-eat oysters" will be held for lunch and dinner.
*1: From Fuji Keizai "Foodservice Marketing Manual 2016"

[All-you-can-eat oysters] Overview

■Period: June 1st (Mon) to June 15th (Mon)
□ Lunchtime price: 3,690 yen per person (excluding tax)
□ Dinner time price: 3,990 yen per person (excluding tax)
(300 yen off for dinner until 18:00 or for reservations after 20:00)
■Time: All 90 minutes (60 minutes last order)
■Contents: raw oysters (broiled oysters), unglazed, oyster fried, herb garlic butter grilled, sea urchin and oyster soy sauce grilled, all-you-can-eat wine steamed
■Option: Staff recommends "raw oyster arrangement"!
The combination of raw oysters such as "Yuzu pepper", "Tabasco & Black pepper", "Oyster soy sauce & Lefort", "Wasabi soy sauce" and "Lemon sherbet"! (Some of the optional arrangements are charged)
*Additional all-you-can-drink for ¥1,980 (tax not included)/120 minutes system (90 minutes last order)
*Reservation required 2 days in advance (all you can eat and all you can drink)
*Business hours are shortened at some stores. For more information, please visit our website.
*The event period may change without notice depending on the weather and availability of the production area.

[ Staff recommended 12 types of raw oysters *2 available ]

We will recommend how to eat raw oysters recommended by the staff of the General Oyster Group.
There are 12 types. Not only the classic oysters and lemons, but also the popular General Oyster original tomato cocktail, "lemon + virgin oil + black pepper", "sesame oil + salt", "yuzu pepper", "lemon sorbet", and even the UK Then, there are many ways to eat, such as "whiskey," which is said to be familiar.
All of them are recommended by professionals who face oysters every day, so you can surely find your favorite taste.
*2: Some eating methods are charged

[All-you-can-eat raw oysters, unglazed, oyster fried, 2 types of grilled oysters, steamed wine]

In addition to raw oysters, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat oyster menu of 6 dishes including unglazed, herb garlic butter grilled, oyster fried, sea urchin oyster soy sauce grilled, and oyster wine steamed. You can enjoy the deliciousness of oysters in various menus.
All the raw oysters provided by the General Oyster Group have their own oyster purification center patented proprietary technology, purifying them for more than 2 days using deep sea water, and performing safety management based on their own standards that are stricter than the administrative standards. I am doing. The all-you-can-eat oyster that started in 2007 was a long run fair with many repeaters, in the hope that customers who like oysters will be able to enjoy a lot of safe and secure oysters.

■Stores: General Oyster Group 18 stores only

Gumbo & Oyster Bar Shinjuku LUMINE EST
Curved Oyster Tokyo Station Yaesu underground shopping area
Oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace store
Oyster table Ginza corridor store
Oyster table Hamamatsucho store
Kinka Uka Odakyu Shinjuku Store
Emit Fish Bar GINZA SIX
Shrimp & Oyster Bar Yokohama Mores
Kinkawka Grill & Oyster Bar Yokohama Bay Quarter
Oyster plate Lazona Kawasaki store
<Ibaraki Prefecture>
Gumbo & Oyster Bar Mito Keisei
<Aichi Prefecture>
Oyster Room Nagoya Lasik
Gumbo & Oyster Bar Umeda NU Chayamachi Branch
Gumbo & Oyster Bar Namba Parks Store
Umeda Station Oyster Bar Hankyu Grand Building Store
Oyster Room Umeda Herbisent
<Hyogo Prefecture>
Gumbo & Oyster Bar Mint Kobe
<Fukuoka Prefecture>
Fish & Oyster Bar Fukuoka Canal Grand Plaza Store

[About measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections at stores]

・Staff always wears a health check and wears a mask to guide, serve and cook.
-We will thoroughly wash the staff in the store and disinfect with slightly acidic electrolyzed water (*).
-When you visit our store, we ask for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands with slightly acidic electrolyzed water (*) before eating.
・Thoroughly wipe off in-store equipment with slightly acidic electrolyzed water (*).
・In order to avoid "crowding" inside the store, we may restrict admission during times of congestion.
*Slightly acidic electrolyzed water has a higher bactericidal power than alcohol and is recognized for its bactericidal effect against general bacteria and viruses. It is also designated as a food additive and is safe for people and foodstuffs.

[All raw oysters are purified by patented technology, 5 stars for peace of mind ]

The raw oysters offered by General Oyster are the ultimate safety quality raw oysters that we arrived at in the 17th year since our company, which has expanded the oyster bar culture to Japan.
In November 2017, we acquired a patent for the unique method of purifying oysters using deep sea water, which started in Irizen-cho, Toyama Prefecture in the summer of 2014. (Patent No. 6240037)

[Safety points]

1) Careful selection of sea areas
We will carefully select the production areas and scrutinize the arrival time in consideration of the risk of sea areas nationwide.
2) Careful selection of production areas (production area primary inspection)
Only oysters that meet the standards for raw oysters specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare are in stock.
3) Purification with deep sea water
Purifying oysters for two days or longer in a clean deep-sea water free-flowing aquarium that is free of bacteria and viruses that harm the human body makes it almost sterile.
4) Adherence to strict company standards
We only ship oysters that have cleared our own standards, which are far stricter than the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We have also established our own standard that "norovirus is not detected."
5) Thorough store hygiene management
We are engaged in physical condition management and support for employees, including family members, as well as maintaining and improving hygiene through internal hygiene checks and regular hygiene surveys conducted by external hygiene survey organizations.

[Overview of General Oyster]

Human Web Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market on March 19, 2015. From April 1, 2016, the company name was changed to "General Oyster Co., Ltd." and the company became a holding company. We have 26 oyster bars nationwide, and are working to promote the oyster business's sixth industrialization, including the aquaculture and processing businesses.
Company Name: General Oyster Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hidenori Yoshida, President and CEO, Yusuke Tanno, CEO
Location: 7th floor, 2-13-13, Kayabacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 3, 2000
URL: (company) http://www.g-oyster.com/ (store) http://www.oysterbar.co.jp/