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A new set of “Jeweler Richard’s Mystery Appraisal” tea set is available from the new brand “SOLWA” of the anime/character collaboration goods specialty shop “Collabo”!

Caravan Co., Ltd. has added a new product of "Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" to a new brand "SOLWA ( https://www.cocollabo.net/shop/pages/solwa.aspx )" of the collaboration item EC shop "Collabo" Caravan Co., Ltd. has started to make reservations from May 28, 2020 (Thursday), and is offering a new product of "Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" collaboration item "SOLWA (https://www. Cocollabo.net/shop/pages/solwa.aspx)” is available for reservation from May 28, 2020 (Thursday).

■"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Tea Set Special Site
( Https://www.cocollabo.net/shop/pages/solwa-richar.aspx )

【set content】
・1 tea cup
・1 saucer
・1 mini plate ・Tea cup & saucer
It is a refined design that uses light gold as the light blue of Richard's eyes.
Jewelery Etranger logo and gem motifs are displayed.
・Mini plate
Representing motifs such as jewelry in gold.
There is also a justice pudding in the middle.
You can use it with sugar cubes and small desserts.

【Product Details】

Price: 5500 yen (excluding tax)
Cup: Caliber 95mm Height 61mm
Saucer: Diameter 155mm Height 24mm
Mini plate: diameter 101mm height 17mm
Material: Porcelain
Production country: Japan
*It will be shipped from late July 2020 at any time.

■ About "The Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal"

Masayoshi Nakata, a college student with a strong sense of justice
One night, he helps a good-looking foreigner, Richard, who was involved in drunkenness.
He knew he was a jeweler and kept him hidden until his grandmother died
Justice who requested the discrimination of the ring that Iwakuki.
Richard's identification revealed her past, truth, and thoughts.
After that, justice was a jewelry store in Ginza where Richard was the owner.
I will work as a part-timer at "Jewelry Etrangers".
While unraveling the various "mysteries" that are brought to the Etrangers every day,
The relationship between Richard and justice, which changes little by little.
However, each of them had a secret that no one could reveal.

"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Official Website

"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Official Twitter

© Nanako Tsujimura/Shueisha Jeweler Richard Mystery Appraisal Production Committee
(* Correctly, Professor Tsuchimura Nanako's Tsuji will be one point.)
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