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[GODIVA] From the “Uber Eats” app, even if you’re far away or without going to the shop. Godiva’Eats Pass’starts promotion for Mother’s Day

~ From Thursday, May 6, 2021 ~ -A great campaign will be held at Uber Eats for the same period-

Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. is offering all Godiva products handled by "Uber Eats" for Mother's Day through the subscription (fixed amount) service "Eats Pass" of the food delivery service "Uber Eats" provided by Uber Eats Japan GK. We will develop the target promotion.

May 9th (Sun), Mother's Day.
From Thursday, May 6th to Sunday, May 16th, 2021, Godiva handles "Uber Eats" for all registrants of the "Uber Eats" subscription (flat-rate) service "Eats Pass". We will develop a promotion that applies 500 yen off for purchases of 1,200 yen or more for all products.
You can also reserve the delivery date and time, and I would like to give it with gratitude on a daily basis
A perfect gift for Mother's Day (within a week from the date of your order).
In addition, during the same period, "Uber Eats" is also conducting a promotion for all Uber Eats users who apply 500 yen off if they purchase 800 yen or more by specifying a destination other than themselves, such as loved ones. ..
* Uber Eats member stores, including Godiva, will be eligible.

■ Godiva "Eats Pass" Promotion Overview

  • Period: May 6th (Thursday) -May 16th (Sunday), 2021
  • Dealers: Sunshine City Alpa Store, Yokohama Motomachi Store, Nagoya Sakae Store, Namba CITY Store, Tenjin Underground Store, Atre Ebisu Store, Atre Ueno Store, Shinjuku Station West Exit Store, Coppice Kichijoji Store, Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens Store

    (Available at the following stores from April 21, 2020 (Wednesday))
    Chofu Parco Store, Landmark Plaza Store, Tsudanuma Parco Store, Aqua City Odaiba Store, Atre Meguro Store, Lumine Tachikawa Store, Atre Yotsuya Store, Atre Oimachi Store, Tokyo Dome City La Coeur Store, Amu Plaza Kagoshima Store, Cocoon City Store , Ario Kawaguchi store, Shizuoka Parco store, Shinmaru Building store, Urawa Parco store, Atre Shinagawa store, Sendai Parco store, Yokohama Joinus store, Piore Himeji 2 store, Unimall store, Tobu Kashiwa station store, Nihon Seimei Sapporo Building store, Naruki store , Terrace Mall Shonan Store, Yurakucho Itoshia Store, Sagami Ono Station Square Store, Alpark Store, Yumetown Takamatsu Store, Yumetown Kurume Store, Abeno Cues Mall Store, Selva Terrace Store, Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi Store, Atre Maruhiro Kawagoe Store, Shinkoshiya Varie Store, Jiyugaoka store, Lumine Omiya store, Chapo Ichikawa store, Chapo Hon Hachiman store, Atre Shinurayasu store, Atre Kamedo store, Atre Omori store, Celeo Hachioji store, Atre Kawasaki store, Hotel Nikko Osaka store, Shinyurigaoka Elmi Road store

  • Target: Eats pass registrants
  • How to use: With "Eats Pass", 500 yen off is applied to purchases of Godiva products of 1,200 yen or more (up to once per person). For more information, please visit https://www.ubereats.com/ja-JP/.
  • Target products: Gold Collection (7 tablets, 8 tablets, 12 tablets, 20 tablets), nuts & fruit almonds, nuts & fruits cranberries, nuts & fruits hazelnuts, cacao beans, cookie assortment (18 pieces, 32 tablets) (Piece), Spring Departure Assortment (4 tablets, 7 tablets), Spring Departure Selection (7 tablets), Flowering Spring Assortment (8 tablets, 12 tablets), Cheesecake Cookie Assortment (8 tablets) 18 pieces, 32 pieces)
  • Remarks:
    * Godiva Club points are not eligible.
    * Store / online shop campaigns are not eligible.
    * For inquiries regarding Uber Eats orders, please use the help of the Uber Eats app.
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