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Sports club “Mega Ross” x NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO Offers a fulfilling weekend accommodation plan for a limited time from 6/18 (Friday) to 21 (Monday)

-You can experience a "wellness" stay specializing in "exercise", "diet / nutrition", and "sleep"-

Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd., which operates the sports club "Mega Loss," and Nomura Real Estate Hotels Co., Ltd. will hold NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO, which is managed and operated by Nomura Real Estate Hotels, from June 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday). ), We have decided to offer a special accommodation plan with various programs specializing in "exercise," "diet / nutrition," and "sleep."

Accommodation plans include various exercise programs such as personal training by Megalos instructors, morning yoga, meditation, morning, day and night meals that consider nutritional balance, and accommodation in rooms with mattresses that provide the best sleep. It will be. Under the circumstances where many customers are aware of various health-related problems such as lack of exercise due to refraining from going out and malnutrition due to an increase in prepared meals, the health know-how that Megalos has cultivated in the sports club business is "high quality time". This plan was realized with the aim of having you spend a rich time with the theme of wellness during your stay by experiencing at NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO, which was created based on the commitment to entertain with "and experience". We will continue to develop various plans in the future.

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, health awareness is increasing. The Nomura Real Estate Group, which advocates wellness management, will strive to create an environment where people can live a lively life by leveraging the collective strengths of the group.

◆ Accommodation plan contents
It is an accommodation plan that considers "exercise," "diet / nutrition," and "sleep" so that you can feel "a rich time to spend as if you live" with the theme of wellness.

Refresh your body with morning yoga, skeletal diagnosis, and personal training with counseling by a Megalos instructor. Free rental of tokyobike is included, and the Drop off Tour by the hotel staff will introduce the attractions around Ueno.

A well-balanced "Bistronoga" with morning and evening meals, and a "Muscle Deli" lunch box at noon.

The guest rooms at Noga Hotel Ueno Tokyo are equipped with airweave mattresses that provide the best sleep. After meditation, have a good night's sleep with the scent of aroma.

・ Morning yoga on the terrace and personal training by a Megalos instructor 60 minutes (with skeletal diagnosis and counseling)

・ Private personal training at the fitness gym in the hotel (below, photo above)
・ Drop off Tour (below, photo below) that introduces the hidden spots around Ueno and Kuramae on a tokyobike by hotel staff

・ With a meal full of vegetables in the morning and evening by "Bistronoga" considering nutritional balance, with a lunch box of "Muscle Deli" with a menu that is ideal for those who diet and body make up with high protein and low calories in the daytime

・ NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO's guest rooms are equipped with airweave mattresses that provide the best sleep, and provide the best sleep with the scent of aroma after meditation.

◆ Benefits (souvenirs)

・ MTG training suit gift (below, photo above)
・ Tomoko Saito Aromatique × NOHGA HOTEL Original Room Fragrance Present (below, center of photo)
(Original aroma scented with the image of NOHGA HOTEL by aroma scent designer Tomoko Saito)
・ OSAJI bath salt gift (below, photo below)
(Organic brand with an emphasis on dermatology by the founder, cosmetics developer Masakazu Shigeta)

◆ Service overview
Sales price: 87,000 yen per room for 1 person (including consumption tax and service charge)
: 129,000 yen per room for 2 people (including consumption tax and service charge)
Accommodation date: June 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday) 3 nights 4 days
Room type: Deluxe twin room 36㎡
Details / Reservation: https://directin.jp/?x=A58K36

◆ About infection prevention measures in the hotel
The safety and hygiene measures for the new normal era after the spread of the new coronavirus infection have been evaluated, and it is issued worldwide to facilities that meet the international standards set by Bureau Veritas, the world's largest testing, inspection and certification organization. Acquired the "SAFE GUARD label" for the first time in July 2020 as a hotel in Japan. (Expiration date: Scheduled to be acquired continuously on July 14, 2021)
( https://www.nomura-re-hd.co.jp/service/hotels/)

About Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports
Directly managed in various regions based on the corporate philosophy of "turning customer satisfaction into emotion and joy"
With companies that operate 46 facilities and continue to provide new value for health
As a result, we provide new services that go beyond the framework of the sports club business and cover all aspects of life.
We aim to be a company that contributes to daily life and the fulfillment of life.
( https://www.megalos.co.jp/)

About Nomura Real Estate Hotels
By carefully discovering and disseminating the charm and culture of the region and having customers rediscover the culture and charm of Japan, it also contributes to the revitalization of the region and plays a role as a starting point for urban development unique to the Nomura Real Estate Group. We aim to create a hotel that focuses on providing time and experience. We named the unexpected experience (MYOHGA) = "NOHGA" created by Nomura (NOMURA) in order for the Nomura Real Estate Group to realize an unexpected and wonderful experience and happiness (= Meika) as a city planning. At NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO, which opened as the first hotel of its own brand in November 2018, original furniture, equipment, and art in collaboration with local craftsmen and designers are placed in the hotel, and the creators. By introducing the hotel and the studio, we will disseminate the culture, history and charm of the land of Ueno to the world, and provide our customers with a valuable experience that can only be done in this land.