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~ October 16th is World Food Day established by the United Nations ~ Daimaru / Matsuzakaya Fall 2021 TABLE FOR TWO Fair October 13th (Wednesday) -November 23rd (Tuesday) 2021

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will present school meals to children in developing countries at 12 Daimaru Matsuzakaya stores from Wednesday, October 13 to Tuesday, November 23, "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Autumn 2021 TABLE FOR "TWO Fair" will be held and fund-raising activities will be held.

Daimaru … Shinsaibashi store, Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Shimonoseki store

Matsuzakaya … Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store, Takatsuki store / Hakata Daimaru

* For details on charity menu sales and donation box installation, please see the special website below.
Special site URL: https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/


  • New project! If you participate in the popularity vote, we will donate 20 yen per vote
  • During the period, we will vote on the popularity of the healthy menu posted on the above special site.
    We will donate 20 yen per vote (one meal for school lunches in developing countries) to the specified non-profit organization "TABLE FOR TWO International".
    * Voting period: October 13th (Wednesday) -November 10th (Wednesday)
    * The maximum donation amount is 50,000 yen (2,500 posts).

  • We carry out online fundraising
  • In cooperation with the JFR card that issues the Daimaru Matsuzakaya card, we will hold a crowdfunding type online fundraising by credit card payment.
    This allows you to participate in fund-raising activities without having to visit the store.
    Crowdfunding online fundraising is open not only to Daimaru Matsuzakaya card members but also to those who have a credit card.
    Online fundraising site URL: https://jfrcard.en-jine.com/projects/tft-102021
    * Crowdfunding online fundraising is accepted from October 12th (Tuesday) 14:00 to November 23rd (Tuesday) 23:59.

  • Some restaurants offer a charity healthy menu
  • Customers who order the target menu are requested to donate 20 yen (one meal for school lunch in developing countries) at the time of accounting. It is a mechanism that allows you to deliver one meal each time you eat a healthy menu.

    <Restaurant offering TFT menu>
    Daimaru Umeda store: Tsuru group (Tazumura)
    Daimaru Kyoto: Sanbei, Tazumura, Family restaurant, café Spacious space, Sakura Chaya, Flags Cafe, Coffee Salon Inoda, Tsukiji Sushi Kiyoshi
    Daimaru Kobe store: Sanbei, Tsuru group (Tazumura), café Spacious space
    Daimaru Sapporo: Sanbei, Tazumura, café Spacious space
    Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store: Shoyeido, Cattleya Dining
    Matsuzakaya Ueno store: Western food silver salon, favorite dining Cattleya
    Matsuzakaya Shizuoka: Cattleya Dining
    Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store: Cattleya dining

    The donations that you cooperate with are donated to affiliated organizations in the supporting countries through the TFT secretariat, and are used to support the school lunch program.
    * Please check the special website for details.
    Special site URL: https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/