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From mini size to whole cake. Enjoy with your family or alone! KEYUCA-produced “Dolce Felice” and “Keyuka Sweets” Christmas cakes are now available for pre-order!

Online reservation form:

We have started accepting reservations for Christmas cakes online at all stores * of "Dolce Felice" and "Keyuka Sweets" produced by lifestyle shop KEYUCA, which sells original products related to clothing, food and housing with a focus on "manufacturing". bottom.
* Not available at "Dolce Felice Gransta Tokyo Store".

The sweets brands "Dolce Felice" and "Keyuka Sweets" produced by KEYUCA include cookies and
We sell a wide variety of sweets such as financiers, pound cakes and fresh cakes.
We have started accepting reservations for the 2021 Christmas cake. From this year, you can also make reservations online. From mini-sized cakes that can be enjoyed by a small number of people or one person to regular-sized whole cakes that can be shared with the family, we propose Christmas cakes that will make your table gorgeous by snuggling up to various "home Christmas" scenes.

  • Early Booking Benefits: 10% OFF for bookings made by Tuesday, November 30th! !!
  • In-store reservations will be accepted until December 19, 2021 (Sun), and online reservations will be accepted until December 16 (Thursday). Also, if you make a reservation by November 30th (Tuesday), you can purchase at a special price of 10% off the total price.
    By all means, please spend a wonderful Christmas with sweets that brightly color Christmas.
    WEB reservation form: https://tayori.com/f/2021xmascake

    2021 Christmas cake overview

    Product name: Strawberry decoration cake
    Size / Price: No. 4 (12 cm in diameter) ¥ 2,778 (¥ 3,000 including tax)
    No. 5 (15 cm in diameter) ¥ 3,704 (¥ 4,000 including tax)
    Sale date / Reservation delivery date: December 22nd (Wednesday) to 25th (Saturday)

    A shortcake with an elegant sweetness and smooth melting in the mouth, sweet and sour strawberries, and a fluffy light sponge. This year, we increased the amount of strawberries and made them even more delicious. A royal Christmas cake that will excite both adults and children.

    Product name: Chocolat decoration cake
    Size / Price: No. 4 (12 cm in diameter) ¥ 2,778 (¥ 3,000 including tax)
    No. 5 (15 cm in diameter) ¥ 3,704 (¥ 4,000 including tax)
    Sale date / Reservation delivery date: December 22nd (Wednesday) to 25th (Saturday)

    An elegant and smooth ganache chocolate and fragrant caramel custard sandwiched with a fluffy chocolate sponge. A Christmas chocolate cake that is irresistible for chocolate lovers, whose sweet and sour strawberry and chocolate go well together.

    Product name: Strawberry Noel <Rosé>
    Size / Price: 9cm✕20cm ¥ 2,315 (¥ 2,500 including tax)
    Sale date / Reservation delivery date: December 22nd (Wednesday) to 25th (Saturday)

    A strawberry cake topped with 3 kinds of berries including thick custard, plenty of strawberry cream, and strawberry on a moist sponge. The rose color is perfect for Christmas, and the table will gorgeous at once. It is also recommended for couples, families, and small groups.

    Product name: Melody Santa's mouth-melting mousse
    Price: 4 pieces ¥ 1,204 (¥ 1,300 including tax)
    Sale / Reservation Delivery date: December 22nd (Wednesday) to 25th (Saturday)

    Four kinds of mousse, chocolate, Mont Blanc, shortcake and mango, are packed in a Christmas limited box. You can enjoy a rich taste with a soft and melty mouthfeel. Comes with 6 cute Santa ornaments that play music that you can topping as you like.

    Product name: (Left) Petit Bish, (Right) Chocolat Bish
    Price: ¥ 556 each (¥ 600 including tax)
    Sale date: December 22nd (Wednesday) to 25th (Saturday)
    A petit bish topped with bright red strawberry and a chocolate sponge wrapped with a light cream that melts in your mouth, and a chocolate bish with a bittersweet cocoa. The mini-sized Christmas cake is recommended for those who want to enjoy something sweet after dinner.

    Dolce Felice Ecute Ueno Limited Cake Overview

    <Limited to Ecute Ueno store>
    Product name: Gianduja and white chocolate entremet
    Size / Price: No. 6 (18 cm in diameter) ¥ 4,630 (¥ 5,000 including tax)
    * Reservation / Limited quantity (50 units)

    Gianduja and almond & hazelnut duck words were added with banana sauce and wrapped in white chocolate cream to express a pure white snowy mountain. The cake looks luxurious, but since it does not use alcohol, children can enjoy it together.

    <Limited to Ecute Ueno store>
    Product name: Christmas cake for parent and child pandas
    Size / Price: No. 5 (15 cm in diameter) ¥ 4,000 (¥ 4,320 including tax)
    * Reservation / Limited quantity (40 units)

    A very cute Christmas cake with a mother panda and two cute little pandas made in the ecute Ueno store kitchen. Sandwich plenty of strawberries and fresh cream with a fluffy sponge. The mother panda wrapped in chewy fertilizer was finished with melted custard and sweet and sour strawberries.

  • About "Dolce Felice" and "Keyuka Sweets" produced by KEYUCA
  • A sweets brand produced by lifestyle shop KEYUCA. "DOLCE FELICE" means "happy sweets". We have 11 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, and on April 26th (Monday), we opened KEYUCA's first online shop specializing in baked goods, "Dolce Felice Rakuten Ichiba".

    Store list: https://www.keyuca.com/sweets-t/
    Dolce Felice Rakuten Ichiba Store: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/dolcefelice/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dolcefelice_official/

  • Brand overview
  • What is KEYUCA?
    Originally designed products such as curtains, furniture, kitchen miscellaneous goods, tableware, bath products, and fashion miscellaneous goods that can only be obtained at Keiuka, "Living in Simple & Natural. It is a lifestyle shop that deals with the theme. We have more than 50 stores, mainly 16 stores in Tokyo.

    As a brand that "makes just the right" for our customers, we will make our daily lives comfortable through manufacturing.

    URL: https://www.keyuca.com
    Instagram: @keyuca_design

    Make just the right

    KEYUCA is a manufacturing brand.
    However, we don't just make things.
    We will deliver "make just right" that each person feels comfortable.

    You can think that the design is nice, or you can feel that it is easy to use.
    You can get it at a reasonable price, or you can be yourself.
    I think it makes me happy to feel that kind of comfort.

    Through manufacturing, we are close to our customers' daily lives.
    We will continue to explore and deliver each person's "creating just the right amount".

  • Company Profile
  • Company name: Kawajun Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Junsaburo Kawasaki
    Location: 3-15-1 Nihonbashihama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Established: September 3, 1974 (1974)
    Business: Hotel business, medical business, hardware business,
    Public business, distribution business, keyuka business
    URL: https://www.kawajun.co.jp

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    Phone number: 03-6205-5651
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