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Life support because it is “2022 of price increase”! A large collection of about 150,000 bargain foods! Buy at a good price and reduce food loss Food waste sale / [Co-sponsored] Food special price market

May 20th (Fri) -26th (Thu), 2022 * Closed at 18:00 on the last day Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6th Floor Exhibition Space

The Matsuzakaya Ueno store will hold a "food waste sale" from May 20th (Friday) to 26th (Thursday) with the theme of "mottainai" with the aim of reducing food loss. It is a famous event held twice a year, but it is the first time in 3 years to hold it in May! This time as well, we will be collecting about 150,000 items of various "reasonable" products of about 1,200 types. In addition to the standard "reasons" such as for inventory disposal because the expiration date is approaching, there are also reasons unique to this year such as overstocking due to a decrease in eating out needs and a decrease in tourists. In addition, the food price increase that has continued since last year has hit households hard! Therefore, we also offer special prices for life support products that you want to buy now. We aim to reduce food loss by making sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and shopping at a reasonable price.

  • Bargain for various reasons! If you know the reason, you will be more convinced and secure
  • [Because the expiration date is approaching ]

    <Niko Niko Nori> Kumamoto Prefecture Ariake Sea Squirrel Squirrel Ichiban (10 pieces) 200 yen

    * Limited to 120 points

    [For the end of the campaign ]

    <Saint Michel> Biscuit with fun bag and tote bag (9 pieces, 12 pieces, 20 pieces, 1 box each) 972 yen

    * Limited to 200 points

    [Because of the dent in the can ]

    <Sanyo> <Komachi> Various fruit cans from 162 yen

    [Sold out due to soaring prices ]

    <Kyowa's Coffee> Regular Coffee Blue Mountain No.1 Straight Can (100g) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 120 points

    [Because of design change ]

    <Kyowa's Coffee> (Left) Regular Coffee Blue Mountain Blend Can (100g) 324 yen

    * Limited to 120 points

    (Right) Regular coffee mocha blend can (100g) 162 yen

    * Limited to 120 points

  • Price increases for cooking oil, coffee, pasta, canned foods, and retort pouch foods … We have a large number of lifestyle support products that you want to buy now.
  • Due to the effects of the world situation, the depreciation of the yen, soaring raw material costs and distribution costs, the prices of familiar items are rising one after another, and we have a wide range of bargain products to support our lives!
    ★ Items raised by this year: cooking oil, pasta, dried noodles, tomato ketchup, coffee, retort curry, sweets, etc.

    [For inventory disposal]

    <Kyowa's Coffee> Regular coffee fun bag (250g x 3) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 240 points

    [For inventory disposal]

    <Garcia> Extra virgin olive oil (916g) 888 yen

    [For inventory disposal]

    <Bon Curry> Bon Curry Gold Sweet (180g) 137 yen

    * Limited to 80 points

    [Because the expiration date is approaching]

    <Canned stow> Hokkaido red snow crab 3 cans (45g x 3) 1,023 yen

    * Limited to 100 points

    [Because of overstock]

    <Felicetti> Spaghetti (1,000g) 399 yen

  • For the first time, products that are overstocked due to eating out needs due to Korona-ka and a decrease in tourists!
  • The food and beverage industry is in a difficult situation due to the Korona-ka. Kitakata ramen Kitakata ramen that inherits the taste of "Sakauchi Shokudo", one of the three families of Kitakata ramen, is now available for the first time! You can taste local ramen at home.
    <Kitakata Sakauchi Ramen> Kitakata Ramen 3 meals set (frozen / noodles 165g x 3 bags, soup 40ml x 3 bags) 800 yen, roast pork (frozen 120g) 450 yen, (frozen 270g) 1,000 yen

    First exhibition

    A discerning butcher shop that mainly handles Tottori Wagyu beef. Special price for overstocked items due to the decrease in tourists!
    [Tottori Prefecture] <Akamaru Beef Shop> (Top) [Because the expiration date is short] Tottori Wagyu Beef Tendon Curry-It contains plenty of streaks- (250g) 646 yen, (Bottom) [Because the expiration date is short] Dune Spice Curry Taste (40g) 359 yen

    First exhibition

    First exhibition

  • Featured brand! <Hokkaido 150 Years Farm> that sends out the "new deliciousness" of Hokkaido is now available
  • The brand <Hokkaido 150 Years Farm> was born in Hokkaido in 2018, which marks the 150th anniversary of the naming of Hokkaido.
    Gift products that allow you to fully enjoy the taste of Hokkaido are now available at a special price!

    Tokachi An Butter Sand Cake (An Butter, White An Butter) (Frozen, 5 Pieces Each) 1,080 Yen

    Tokachi pork dumplings full of gravy (frozen, 8 pieces x 4) 1,080 yen

    Soup with plenty of Hokkaido ingredients (Minestrone with plenty of onions, creamy pottage of potatoes 120g each x 3, pumpkin creamy pottage, creamy pottage of corn 120g each x 2 each) 1,080 yen

  • This is a standard and popular item for special events! Announced the best 3
  • The popularity is concentrated on the things that are indispensable to the daily dining table! There is a tendency to buy things that can be preserved in bulk. * Based on sales data for October 2021

    [1st place]
    A set of 4 types of sencha, where you can enjoy the tastes of the two major production areas.
    <Tea-dokoro Toyoen> Two major production area famous tea value bags (Chiran tea 90g x 2, Shizuoka tea 90g x 2) 1,080 yen

    [2nd place]
    A bargain item with an increase of 10 bags instead of the usual 20 bags!
    <Ninben> The story of dried bonito flakes (2.5g x 30) 1,188 yen

    [3rd place]
    The famous Oita donko shiitake mushroom. We offer dismantled gifts at a bargain price.
    <Omatsu> Log cultivation from Oita Donko Shiitake mushroom (100g) 1,080 yen

  • Great deals on bulk purchases! Box gift set
  • We have many products that you can share, such as juices and seasonings!

    <Kagome> Fruit Juice Gift FB-50N (160g x 45) 2,700 yen

    * 38 points only

    <Calpis> Healthy Calpis Gift SC-20 (190g x 18) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 80 points

    <Takesan> Shodoshima Assorted raw squeezed soy sauce and seasonings MF-30 (raw squeezed soy sauce 360 ​​ml x 3, white soy sauce 360 ​​ml x 1, dashi soy sauce 360 ​​ml x 1) 1,620 yen

    * Limited to 100 points

    <Sansei Bussan> Sanuki Udon AKW-30 (50g x 20 bundles) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 100 points

    <Kyoto Yoroken> Kyoto whole chestnut dorayaki (9 pieces) 1,080 yen

    <Mugiza> Domestic wheat flour-prepared Miwa Somen YFC-50 (50g x 32) 2,500 yen

    * Limited to 75 points

  • In addition, we have a large number of products such as ham / sausage sets and wine sets that enhance your home time, long-term storage products such as glue, udon, dried bonito, and jam, disaster-prevention foods such as retort pouch foods and canned foods, rice and sweets!
  • 【Click here for details】

    * Scheduled to be released on 5/14

    * The contents of the exhibition and the store openings may change due to circumstances. * All prices include tax.