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NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO Thank you for “connecting with the community” 4th anniversary special project 2nd

Collaboration plan with the Tokyo National Museum, a jazz night to enjoy in Ueno, the city of culture

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO (hereinafter “NOHGA HOTEL UENO”) operated by Nomura Real Estate Hotels Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / President: Hidetomo Aoki) will celebrate its 4th anniversary on November 1, 2022.
Since its opening in 2018, the hotel has worked on various regional collaborations under the hotel concept of "a wonderful experience born from a deep connection with the community." As we celebrate our 4th year in business, we have decided to carry out a special project under the theme of "with neighbors", starting from Nohga Hotel Ueno, so that our guests can have a wonderful experience in the charming Taito Ward. .
As the second installment, a collaboration project with the Tokyo National Museum (nickname: Tohaku), which celebrated its 150th anniversary, is the “Tohaku x NOHGA One-day Ueno Premium Experience Enjoying Art, Autumn Leaves and Food” and the hotel 1F restaurant “Bistro”.・ We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a “4th Anniversary Special Live “UENO JAZZ NIGHT”” where you can enjoy the taste and music of autumn at Noga.

[Noga's thoughts on holding a special project for the 4th anniversary of the opening]

In holding a special project for the 4th anniversary of the opening, the theme was "with neighbors" = "connection with the community" and "what NOGA can do".
Based on the concept of "a wonderful experience born from a deep connection with the region", NOHGA HOTEL plans to have guests discover the charm of the region through the hotel and spend a special time. For the sake of the community and the guests, what can we do now?I want to provide services that will please everyone.” Therefore, we decided to carry out a special project for the 4th anniversary of the opening with the theme of "connection with the community".
NOHGA HOTEL UENO will continue to deliver wonderful experiences born from deep ties with the region through collaboration with various local companies, organizations, and creators, including the Tokyo National Museum.

1. Tohaku x NOHGA Art, Autumn Leaves, and Food Enjoy Ueno Premium Experience for One Day Only
A collaboration between the concept of our hotel and the desire of the Tokyo National Museum to "enjoy the museum more deeply and learn more about the charm of Ueno". The theme of the second event, following on from the "Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Museum" held in the spring, is "Art, Fall Foliage and Food." Enjoy the autumn leaves in Ueno Park and the courtyard of Tohaku, enjoy the art of the Tokyo National Museum Main Building (Japan Gallery) early in the morning, and enjoy the autumn leaves bento and tea ceremony in a special Japanese-style room. It is a plan full of premium experiences.

[ Overview ]

Date : November 24 , 2022 ( Thursday )

<Time schedule>

8:30 Depart from hotel
↓ Visit the Tokyo National Museum while appreciating the autumn leaves of Ueno Park
9:00 Enter through Kuromon ( Important Cultural Property )
[Premium experience ①]
Important Cultural Property "Main Building" Early Morning Charter Appreciation
(Private art appreciation before the normal opening at 9:30)

10:00 Move to Kujokan
[Premium experience ②]
Commentary on the history of Tohaku's 150th anniversary
Relocated from the Kyoto Imperial Palace and can only be entered by private reservation
Explain the history and highlights of Tohaku at Kujokan
10:30 Stroll around the garden , free viewing
↓ Autumn leaves appreciation (free time for walking)
11:30 Return to Kujokan for lunch
[Premium Experience ③]
Bistro Nouga's Special Autumn Leaves Lunch Bento

12:30 tea ceremony
[Premium Experience ④]
"Tea Ceremony Salon Kafuku" Tea Ceremony by Muneki Miyamoto
13:30 free dissolution
*Applicants can view the general cultural exhibition (permanent exhibition) free of charge.

*Special exhibitions are not included in the plan. Separately,

Advance reservations and viewing fees are required on your own.

Participation fee: 8,800 yen per person (tax included)

Application: Nouga Hotel Ueno Tokyo Peatix page

*Minimum number of participants: 6, Maximum number of participants: 20
*Application deadline: November 21 (Monday) Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached

[Inquiries] NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO 03-5816-0211

< Tohaku x NOHGA One-day stay plan with Ueno premium experience to enjoy art, autumn leaves and food >
Enjoy a private viewing of the Tokyo National Museum and autumn leaf viewing, a bistro Nouga special autumn leaf bento only for this day, and a relaxing tea ceremony in a Japanese-style house. Why don't you stay at NOHGA HOTEL UENO and have a premium experience that enriches your heart?

plan name [4th Anniversary Commemoration] Tohaku x NOHGA

One-day stay plan with Ueno premium experience to enjoy art, autumn leaves and food
Date of stay Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Plan fee 1 night with breakfast 1 room for 2 people Twin room 23,800 yen per person (tax included)
Plan benefits One cup of take-out coffee from the restaurant "Bistro Nouga"
Plan details Original items and handicrafts by local people in a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere.
A guest room that introduces the city of Ueno to you. A floral scent soothes the skin and delivers peace of mind
Airweave's organic bath amenities designed with functionality in mind
bed mattress. For a pleasant stay, breakfast at Bistro Nouga and 4th Anniversary
"Tohaku x NOHGA Art, Autumn Leaves and Food Enjoy Ueno Premium Experience for One Day"
It is an accommodation plan with
Reservation method For plan details and reservations,
(Available from 10:00 on November 1)
*Reservation required 3 days in advance

■About the Tokyo National Museum
The Tokyo National Museum was born on March 10, 1872, when the Museum Bureau of the Ministry of Education held its first exposition at Yushima Seido Taiseiden. Shortly after opening, the museum moved to Uchiyamashita-cho, and then moved to Ueno Park in 1882, where it remains today. The museum will celebrate its 150th anniversary in March 2022, and various commemorative special exhibitions are being held daily.
It has a wide variety of exhibition halls, including the main building and Hyokeikan, on a vast site full of greenery. There are so many exhibits that you can't see them all in one day, stimulating your intellectual curiosity.
*The Tokyo National Museum is affectionately known by the nickname "Tohaku", so "Tohaku" is used in the plan name and part of the introduction.

A stunning entrance welcomes guests

Grand marble staircase (main building) that has appeared in various movies and dramas

What is Kujokan?

A Japanese house donated by Mr. Michihide Kujo in 1934 and relocated from the residence of Duke Kujo in Akasaka, Tokyo, to the garden of the Tokyo National Museum. Colored landscape paintings by the Kano school are drawn on the floor covering, etc., and these were originally in the Kujo residence in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. In the transom, wisteria lozenges are engraved on a single sheet of quince. It is a paid rental facility, and it is a premium facility that is difficult to reserve.

2. 4th Anniversary Special Live “UENO JAZZ NIGHT”
~ Chic, elegant, and soulful. A night to enjoy music and dinner
"UENO JAZZ NIGHT" has been held at Bistro Nouga since September and has been well received. In commemoration of the 4th anniversary, it was decided to hold it every Saturday in November. With a wide selection of songs, from lively jazz numbers to soft ballads, you can listen to the nightlife of Ueno, a city of art and culture, and enliven it.
Music charge is free, so anyone can feel free to visit.

[ Overview ]
Dates: November 5th (Sat), 12th (Sat), 19th (Sat), 26th (Sat), 2022
1st Stage/19:00~19:30、2nd Stage/20:00~20:30
■Venue: Hotel 1F "Bistro Nouga" (dinner time/18:00-22:30)
■ Music charge: Free
■ Performing artists:
<November 5th> Sax: Junpei Fujii, Guitar: Hiro Honma
<November 12> Vocal: Tamie Kaji, Guitar: Naoto Suzuki
<November 19th> Sax: Junpei Fujii, Guitar: Seiji Chiba
<November 26th> Vocal: Tamie Kaji, Guitar: Hiro Honma

JAZZ NIGHT Special Menu "TAITO Martini"
Limited to the date of Jazz Night, we will offer an original cocktail based on craft gin "REVIVE from IPA" made by Tokyo Riverside Distillery in Kuramae, Taito-ku, accented with elderflower chamomile from SUMIKA. Please try the martini with a gentle taste on this occasion.

● TAITOU Martini 1,100 yen (tax included)

[Artist profile]

[Vocals: Tamie Kaji]
Born in Tokyo, raised in Tokyo, started playing the piano at the age of five. Growing up with parents who love music, listening to American music such as AFN, Disney, musicals, and country from Yokota Air Base since childhood. When I was in college, I belonged to a jazz chorus group. Appeared in a live house in Tokyo while attending school. Studied under jazz singer Mariko Kajiwara and vocalist Miho Takigami. Since 2002, he has been performing at jazz clubs in Tokyo. With a repertoire of jazz and bossa nova standards, he has a soft and warm voice. In recent years, he has often performed with contemporary dancers, expanding his range of expression as a vocalist. In October 2018, the 1st album "My prayer" including original songs was released from Ripple sound.

[Guitar : Hiro Honma]
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, started playing the guitar at the age of 12. Started working at the age of 18 and moved to the United States in 1997. After graduating from New School and obtaining an artist visa, he has been active in various black music scenes such as music director of a black church, Broadway coach, Grammy award artist support and recording.
In December 2019, self-produced, completed the first album. In February 2020, he moved to Japan for the first time in 22 years and plans to release the same album within the year.

[Sax: Junpei Fujii]
Started playing the saxophone at the age of 15. In college, he was the concertmaster of a big band, won the first prize in a competition, and won the excellent soloist award himself. Even after graduating, he has hosted a big band, provided original songs and arrangements, and continues to perform combo activities at live houses in Tokyo.

[Guitar: Seiji Chiba]
Born in Sendai City in 1964. Studied jazz guitar under Ikuo Shiosaki. Performed at jazz clubs in Tokyo. He is known for his warm tone and play full of singing.

[Guitar: Naoto Suzuki]
Born in 1976. Started playing classical piano at age 4, violin at age 6, drums at age 12, and guitar at age 13. Studied under Yoshihisa Suzuki from the age of 15.
2004 Gibson Jazz Guitar Contest winner. 2010 Best Guitarist Award at Jazz Session on You Tube 2009-10. 1st place in 2012 and 2nd place in 2013 in the popular vote guitar section of jazz information site Jazz Page. In 2014, he was selected as an excellent performer at the Diners Club Social Jazz Session 2013-14 and performed with Lee Ritenour at Blue Note Tokyo. In the same year, he won 4th place in the Jazz/Fusion Guitarist category of Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory World Competition.
Participated in numerous recordings and live support for jazz and pop singers at jazz festivals all over Japan and overseas. He continues to work vigorously.

* On the day, on the hotel's official Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/nohgahotel.ueno/ )
We will also be streaming live.

<Telephone inquiries> 03-6284-2417 (Direct to Bistro Noga)

*In consideration of the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the health and safety of our customers, the contents of the offer, business hours, etc. may change. For the latest information, please check the hotel official website ( https://nohgahotel.com/ueno/ ).

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO ( opened November 1 , 2018 ) _ _ _ _ _

Ueno is a city where the culture that has continued since Edo is still alive. It is conveniently located as a base for popular sightseeing spots such as Ueno Park, the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo National Museum, Ueno Zoo, and Ameyoko.
Refined guest rooms that provide a "comfortable awakening", a restaurant that actively utilizes local ingredients and natural recipes, a relaxing terrace, library lounge, gallery, and fitness are also available.
We value “deeply connecting with the community and creating wonderful experiences”. A lifestyle hotel that will satisfy your curiosity regardless of your travel style.

Address: 2-21-10 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Representative TEL: 03-5816-0211
Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 11:00
Total number of guest rooms: 130
Official website: https://nohgahotel.com/ueno/
5 minute walk from JR Ueno Station Asakusa Exit
3-minute walk from Exit 3 of Tokyo Metro Ueno Station
10 minute walk from Keisei Ueno Station

[ Reservations and inquiries from customers regarding this project ]
E-Mail: ueno.reservation@nohgahotel.com Please see the official website for details.