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Collaboration project 3rd “Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms, and food ~ Hanami edition ~” held only on 3/28 (Tue.)

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO (hereafter referred to as "NOHGA HOTEL UENO") operated by Nomura Real Estate Hotels Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo/President: Hidetomo Aoki) is based on the hotel concept of "a wonderful experience born from a deep connection with the local community." As a cultural experience type project that embodies this, the third collaboration project with the most traditional museum in Japan "Tokyo National Museum (nickname: Tohaku)" located in Ueno Park, "Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms and food" We are pleased to inform you that ~Hanami Edition~” will be sold only on March 28 (Tuesday).

The concept of NOHGA HOTEL UENO and the desire of the Tokyo National Museum to "enjoy the museum more deeply, and let people know more about the charm of Ueno" will be held this year.
NOHGA HOTEL UENO will continue to deliver wonderful experiences born from deep ties with the region through collaboration with various local companies, organizations, and creators, including the Tokyo National Museum.

<Tohaku x NOHGA> Collaboration project 3rd
"Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms, and food – cherry blossom viewing -"
A cultural experience tour held in conjunction with Tohaku's popular project "Hanami at the Museum". Admire the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park and the courtyard of Tohaku, appreciate the art of Tohaku and the main building (Japan Gallery) with a special guide, and enjoy a special cherry blossom viewing lunch box from the hotel's restaurant "Bistro Nouga" in the special Japanese-style room "Okyokan". This is a one-day only premium experience plan where you can enjoy a special tea ceremony.

[ Overview ]

Date : March 28 , 2023 ( Tuesday )
<Time schedule>
10:00 Depart from hotel
↓ Head to Tohaku while enjoying the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park
10:30 Enter Tohaku Main Building , appreciate art
[Premium Experience ①]
Special guided tour of the museum by staff
11:30 Move to Okyokan
[Premium experience ②]

It is famous for the ink paintings of Okyo Maruyama drawn in the room.

A commentary on the history and highlights of Tohaku at Na Okyokan
12:00 lunch time
[Premium Experience ③]
Bistro Nouga special cherry blossom viewing lunch

lunch box
13:00 Tea ceremony and stroll time
[Premium Experience ④]
Divided into 2 groups and experienced by changing
① Special Tea Ceremony by Muneki Miyamoto at “Chanoyu Salon Kafuku”

※Since we will explain the basic manners while doing it,
Feel free to participate even if you are a tea party beginner
② Walking around the garden and free viewing (cherry blossom viewing)

15:00 free dissolution

* You can appreciate the general cultural exhibition (permanent exhibition) of the Tokyo National Museum
*Special exhibition "Tofukuji" is not included in the plan. Separately,
A viewing fee is required.
*The event will be held in rainy weather or canceled in stormy weather.

■ Participation fee: 8,800 yen per person (tax included)
* Participation fee for the experience tour. Accommodation is not provided.

Application: On the Nohga Hotel Ueno Peatix page ( https://nohgahotelueno-workshops.peatix.com/ )
*Minimum number of participants: 6, Maximum number of participants: 20
*Application deadline: March 25 (Sat) Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached

[Inquiries] NOHGA HOTEL UENO 03-5816-0211

<Tohaku x NOHGA> Collaboration project 3rd
Accommodation plan with "Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms, and food ~ Cherry blossom viewing ~"
This is an accommodation plan with the right to participate in a one-day cultural experience tour to be held on March 28th. Why don't you stay at NOHGA HOTEL UENO and have a Ueno premium experience that enriches your heart?

plan name <Tohaku x NOHGA> 3rd collaboration project
Accommodation plan with "Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms, and food ~ Cherry blossom viewing ~"
Accommodation date Monday, March 27, 2023
Plan fee 1 night with breakfast 1 room for 2 people Deluxe double room use From 24,400 yen per person (tax included)
〃 1 person per room 〃 37,400 yen per person (tax included)
Plan benefits One cup of take-out coffee from the restaurant "Bistro Nouga"
Plan details Original items and handicrafts by local people in a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere
A guest room that introduces the city of Ueno with A floral scent soothes the skin and gives you peace of mind
Organic bath amenities, Air
Weave bed mattress. For a comfortable stay, breakfast at Bistro Noga and
"Tohaku x NOHGA Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms and food ~ Cherry blossom viewing ~"
It is an accommodation plan with
Reservation method For plan details and reservations, please visit the official website
( https://go-nomura-hotels.reservation.jp/ja/hotels/nohga-ueno/plans/10052189 )
* Reservation required at least 3 days in advance * This plan is eligible for nationwide travel support.

<Introduction of collaboration destinations>

■ Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo Expo/Tohaku)
The Tokyo National Museum was born on March 10, 1872, when the Museum Bureau of the Ministry of Education held its first exposition at Yushima Seido Taiseiden. Shortly after opening, the museum moved to Uchiyamashita-cho, and then moved to Ueno Park in 1882, where it remains today. Last year, we celebrated our 150th anniversary. It has a wide variety of exhibition halls, including the main building and Hyokeikan, on a vast site full of greenery, and its precious collections are truly the best in Japan. Just looking at the general cultural exhibition (permanent exhibition) will further inflate your intellectual curiosity, but there are also regular special exhibitions that are held for a limited time, and there are so many attractions that you cannot see them all in one day. I'm here.
*The Tokyo National Museum is affectionately known by the nickname "Tohaku", so "Tohaku" is used in the plan name and part of the introduction.

[ Okyokan ]

It was built in 1742 as a study hall for Myogen-in Temple, a Tendai sect temple in Owari Province (present-day Oharu-cho, Aichi Prefecture). It was donated to the Tokyo National Museum in 1933 and moved to its current location.

The ink paintings in the room are said to have been drawn in 1784 by Maruyama Oukyo (1733-1795) when he was staying at Myogen-in Temple due to an eye disease. increase. Tokoharitsuki, which depicts pine, bamboo, and plum, remains.

The ink paintings are kept in the storage for preservation reasons, but in 2007, reproductions of the wall paintings were installed using the latest digital image processing and printing technology, and the painting space at the time of the Okyo calligraphy was recreated in the Okyokan. It has been.

It is a one-story wooden building with a gabled roof and a tiled roof, with a frontage of 15m and a depth of 9m, with two rooms and a circular corridor.

Chanoyu Salon Kafuku
The representative, Muneki Miyamoto, became a disciple of the Edosenke school when he was a student, and since then he has acquired the titles of 'Professor of the Edosenke school' and 'Madaishi of the Edosenke school'. Through hosting ambassadors from various countries at tea ceremonies and international exchanges, he realized the importance of communicating Japanese culture. Opened Kafuku. He runs a private tea ceremony class in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with the desire to provide a place where people can casually learn the tea ceremony for those who want to "purely enjoy the world of tea ceremony and heal their hearts." We also actively cooperate with tea ceremony events held by domestic and foreign companies and organizations in various places.
Based on the concept that "a cup of tea brings happiness", we continue to convey the charm of the tea ceremony so that even beginners can learn "easily and in earnest".

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO ( opened November 1 , 2018 ) _ _ _ _ _

Ueno is a city where the culture that has continued since Edo is still alive. It is conveniently located as a base for popular tourist destinations such as Ueno Park, the National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Zoo, and Ameyoko, and has good access to Narita Airport.
Refined guest rooms that provide a "comfortable awakening", a restaurant that actively utilizes local ingredients and natural recipes, a relaxing terrace, library lounge, gallery, and fitness are also available.
We value “deeply connecting with the community and creating wonderful experiences”. A lifestyle hotel that will satisfy your curiosity regardless of your travel style.

Address: 2-21-10 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Representative TEL: 03-5816-0211
Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 11:00
Total number of guest rooms: 130
Official website: https://nohgahotel.com/ueno/

5 minute walk from JR Ueno Station Asakusa Exit
3-minute walk from Exit 3 of Tokyo Metro Ueno Station
10 minute walk from Keisei Ueno Station

[ Reservations and inquiries from customers regarding this project ]
Email: ueno.reservation@nohgahotel.com
For details, please visit the official website ( https://nohgahotel.com/ueno/ ).