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[Spring 2023] Ueno Marui 9 shop opens!

Nine shops will open at Ueno Marui (Marui Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Aono).

■ Shop introduction

Aena [Opening on Thursday, March 16]

There are many products that you want to incorporate into your daily health.

In addition to aging care products, we also offer topical cosmetics, health foods, beauty goods, and famous brand products at bargain prices.

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Open benefits:

Special sale will be held for a limited time from March 16th (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday)

Himiko [Opening on Friday, March 10]

Founded in 1973, the brand celebrates its 50th anniversary this year under the mission of supporting the brilliance of women from the ground up.

We have pursued high-quality products that are both comfortable and fashionable for Japanese women's feet. We value "luxury, high-quality materials," "refined sensibility," and "skilled craftsmanship." We will provide items that are close to.


Open benefits:

We present room shoes to customer of the purchase

by Ashinaga Ojisan [Opening on Friday, March 10]

“by Ashinaga Uncle”, the second store in Tokyo, opens in Ueno Marui. “by Ashinaga Ojisan” is a playful casual shoe brand that quickly incorporates trends. In addition to that, we are also developing “Long Legs Ojisan”, which is mainly made of leather.


Open benefits:

For purchases of 5,500 yen or more including tax, we will present a Ueno store limited accessory box.

* It will end as soon as it runs out

Shoe Fantasy [Opening on Saturday, March 11]

A brand directly managed by a shoe manufacturer in Kobe.

At our own factory in Kobe, we are constantly pursuing the production of shoes that are particular about every aspect, such as shoemaking, design, materials, comfort, softness, lightness, flexibility, and grip.

Shoe Fantasy shoes are also recommended for people with wide bunions.

We will continue to propose products that will please many women.

D.couture [Opening on Friday, March 17]

If you can decorate your charm in a room called D.couture so that you can meet a more wonderful self

At D.couture, we propose accessories using natural stones that make you feel excited, and bath goods and healing goods that can refresh and reset your day for women who spend their days cherishing.

Enjoy choosing French-chic interior goods and accessories in an exciting room-like space♪

Open benefits:

Customers who purchase 1,000 yen or more including tax will receive a mask with an elegant ribbon.

*Limited to the first 150 people

GOOD NEWS TOKYO [Opening on Monday, March 20]

The 3rd store of the concept shop that embodies the sustainable town "GOOD NEWS" newly born in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture is born in Ueno Marui, Tokyo!

In addition to Nasu's new famous confection "Butter no Ioko", which is based on the theme of solving the social problems of the region with the power of sweets, "BROWN CHEESE BROTHER", which was released last year and became a hot topic in the media, will be on sale.

Also, for a limited time, the chocolate maker “USHIO CHOCOLATL” from Hiroshima and Onomichi in Nasu “GOOD NEWS” will appear. We also sell Ueno Marui limited products.


Self-esthetic Jibun Migaki [Opening on Thursday, March 30]

This is a self-esthetic salon for women "Jibun Migaki". A one-stop total beauty studio for hair removal, facials, slimming, and muscle strengthening.

Because it is a self-treatment method that allows you to treat yourself, you can focus on your concerns without worrying about other people.

The latest commercial esthetic machines are available on a monthly basis, so you can continue to use them until you feel the effects.

Our staff are always on hand, so if you are unsure of how to operate it, we will of course tell you the points to make it more effective.


Open benefits:

A large lottery will be held for the first 100 people who join to win products and tickets worth up to 30,000 yen!

1st class: 3 strength machines

2nd class: 1 session of strength machine

3rd class diet supplement

coca [Opening on Friday, March 10]

"Fast fashion store for adults"

With the theme of stylish everyday wear, we offer basic and trendy items at reasonable prices.


Open privilege: 5% OFF for Instagram followers

iCracked Store [Opening on Thursday, March 23]

iCracked, a global smartphone repair brand, repairs Google Pixel, SHARP, and various iPhone models right in front of the customer. We also offer "iTech Support", a consultation service for smartphone problems. We are committed to providing reliable service and are particular about high-quality repair parts, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with your smartphone.


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