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The Matsuzakaya Ueno store offers the latest gourmet food, including representative confectionery from long-established stores and local gourmet food for a limited time.

May 10th (Wednesday) to May 16th (Tuesday), 2023 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Basement 1st Floor Hoppe Town Event Space

At Hoppe Town, the food floor of the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, events are being held at popular shops every week. From May 10th (Wednesday), <Chidoriya>'s masterpiece "Tyrolean", <Kawai Pharmaceutical> jelly-like drop "Liver oil drop", Osaka specialty <Ikayaki Umami Fushigi> "Ikayaki" Appeared for a limited time. Introducing the 6 seasonal gourmet brands of the Matsuzakaya Ueno store.

<Taneya> Fukumi Tempei (6 pieces) 1,274 yen / 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

*During the event until 5/23 (Tue.)
Representative confectionery of Taneya Shoden. A hand-made monaka made with glutinous rice from Omi, a rice-growing region, with sweet bean paste sandwiched between fragrant monaka seeds.

<Chidoriya> Tyrolean (per 100g) 486 yen / 1st floor Oedo Shinmachi event space

*Until 5/23 (Tue.)
Chidoriya's representative products, which are original and original, by adding originality and ingenuity to sweets that are mainly rooted in Nanban confectionery.

<Kawai Pharmaceutical> Cod liver oil drop (300 grains) 3,000 yen each / 1st floor Oedo Shinmachi event space
A jelly-like drop that can be chewed without water. Anyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy it.

<Kichigo> Nakatsu fried chicken (per 100g) 459 yen / B1F Hoppe Town event space
Please enjoy the carefully crafted fried chicken marinated in soy sauce and garlic sauce.

<Squid grilled delicious wonder> Squid grilled (1 piece) 183 yen / Basement 1st floor Hoppe Town event space
Introducing Osaka's famous squid grill! It is a famous squid grilled in Umeda, Osaka. "Delaban" and "Japanese-style dera" are also available.

<Fukuura Foods> Shinji Hiraki (4 pieces) 1,080 yen / B1F Hoppe Town Event Hall
Fresh horse mackerel is carefully dried one by one at our own factory in Yugawara.

*All prices include tax.

[Hoppe Town Event Information] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/230102_11831.html