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14 days that will help you get rid of “frugal fatigue”! Approximately 200,000 items of bargain food are gathered at the food bargain market & food gift set disassembly sale

January 10, 2024 (Wednesday) – January 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 10:00 – 19:00 *Closed at 18:00 on the last day / Matsuzaka Ueno store 6th floor event hall

[Special page] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/24110syokuhindaitokkaichi.html *Scheduled to be released soon

At Matsuzaka Ueno store, we will be holding a special event twice a year, “Food Special Price Market & Food Gift Set Disassembly Sale'' from January 10th (Wednesday) to January 23rd (Tuesday). This time, with the theme of relieving the "frugal fatigue" caused by the fatigue of looking for cheap food due to prolonged price increases, we have gathered around 1,600 types and 200,000 items of bargain-priced foods! In addition to meeting the need for bulk purchases by selling boxes of year-end gift sets that are inundated with customers every time, we are also holding a “Cold Day Temperature-Linked Sale'' where eligible items will be cheaper depending on the expected minimum temperature, which is packed with great deals. It will be 14 days.

  • Last time's most popular item was "coffee"! Approximately 160 types and 5,000 items sold in gift set boxes

This is a popular corner that is flooded with customers on the first day of the event. Buy frequently used daily necessities in bulk by selling them in gift set boxes!

Gift set best selling ranking

*Calculated based on sales at the time of the event in January 2023

1st place coffee

2nd place Edible oil

3rd place Beverage (juice/tea)

4th place Sweets

5th place Noodles

■Product example

<Caravan Coffee> Coffee Gift DPY-4 (10g x 5 packs) x 4 boxes 1,404 yen

<Mimori Bussan> Sanuki Udon/Shinshu Soba USA-30 (Udon 50g x 12 bundles, Soba 50g x 10 bundles) 1,080 yen

*Limited to 70 items

Gift sets sold separately are also popular, allowing you to purchase the right amount to suit your needs!

  • Eliminate “frugal fatigue”! “ Lifestyle Support One Coin Corner ” appears for the first time

If you are tired of looking for cheap things, check here first! One coin corner for less than 500 yen is now available for the first time!

There are also products at shocking prices! ?

■Product example

①〈Hotei〉Fruit cocktail (420g) 172 yen

②〈Fujii Seimen〉 Knife-cut Sanuki half-raw udon (300g) 189 yen

*Limited to 100 items

③〈Kyowas Coffee〉 Regular coffee organic blend (220g) 378 yen

*Limited to 480 items

  • Discount rates for eligible products change depending on the expected minimum temperature! “ Cold day temperature-linked sale

The colder it is, the better it is! The discount rate for the next day's eligible products will be determined based on the expected minimum temperature for the Tokyo region the following day, which will be announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency on its website at 5pm!

Expected minimum temperature is 5℃ or below: 5% off on eligible products from the in-store price

Expected minimum temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius… 10% off on eligible products from in-store prices

■Product example

<Kitadate Seimen> Chicken soba with delicious chicken stock (224g) 270 yen

255 yen with 5% OFF

243 yen with 10% off

In addition, coffee, amazake, oden, and more are available at even better prices!

We mainly have products that are perfect for the cold season!

  • Reduce food waste by buying products with a difference!

Foods that have issues such as being sold out or nearing their expiration date. By understanding the reason and shopping at a great deal, you can help reduce food waste!

■Product example

Due to stock clearance <Showa Sangyo> Pancake mix vanilla scent (300g) 135 yen

Due to the expiration date approaching <SSK> Daily soup Corn soup with grains (160g x 3 bags) 213 yen

★Other foods that are essential to daily life, such as rice, canned goods, sweets, marine products, tea, jam, dried goods, and wine, will be available at bargain prices!

*The contents of the exhibition are subject to change.

*All prices include tax.