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Ueno Station “Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision/Poreia Square/Share Cycle Port” and “PLATFORM13” open

○ East Japan Railway Company will build a portion of the "Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision/Poreia Square/Share Cycle Port" and "PLATFORM 13" at Ueno Station, a model station of the "Beyond Stations concept", on January 24, 2024. We will open on (Wednesday).

○ Ueno Station will be transformed from a "transportation hub" to a "living platform" based on the concept of a "cultural creation hub." Specifically, we will work with local residents and businesses, including Tokyo University of the Arts, to maximize the characteristics of the station, which is a hub of exchange where many people gather, focusing on art (art, music, etc.), local lifestyle culture, and Japanese performing arts. By leveraging this technology, we will develop events and new cultural creation services that combine digital technology, etc., and make the station a place where you can live a “spiritually enriched life''.

1. Opening area details

Opening area: (1) Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision

(2) Poreia Square

(3) Share cycle port

(4) Part of PLATFORM13 (full opening scheduled for May 2024)

Ueno Station 1st floor location map

Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision/Poreia Square Image

Image of a panda to be aired

(1) Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision

– Utilizing the feature of a huge L-shaped signage measuring approximately 50m2 (W9.5m x H5.0m), we will develop a powerful production that combines 3D video and audio (2D video can also be shown).

・As the symbolic character of this vision, the panda, which is loved by the town of Ueno, will be realistically reproduced using 3D technology. In the future, we will continue to develop our company as a company that collaborates with local communities, regional cultural facilities, and companies.

*To commemorate the opening, we collaborated with Shochiku Co., Ltd. to produce and air a 3D video of pandas performing Kabuki, a traditional Japanese culture.

・Using Tokyo's cap-and-trade system, etc., we will operate it as a "zero carbon media" with virtually zero CO2 emissions (274t-CO2 per year).

(2) Poreia Square

・A new event space of approximately 140 square meters will be constructed, and water supply and drainage equipment and electrical equipment will be installed. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as events where you can touch the actual product at Poreia Square in conjunction with the advertising video shown on Ueno Hirokojiguchi Vision, and sales from kitchen trucks.
・In the plaza, we will install an object (W2.3m x H0.7m) emblazoned with the word "UENO" as a new symbol of Ueno Station. It can be used as a photo spot where you can capture the Ueno Station facade, Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision, and Poreia Square in one screen, centering on the objects.

(3) Share cycle port

・In collaboration with OpenStreet Co., Ltd., which operates a bicycle sharing business in multiple locations in Taito Ward, we will install racks for 44 bicycles, with Ueno Station as the base for Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi, Asakusa, Kuramae, etc. It will be possible to access the area by bicycle, contributing to improved mobility (connectivity) in the area.

*This is the first time that the shared cycle "HELLO CYCLING" operated by OpenStreet Inc. has been installed at a station in Taito Ward.

<About the share cycle service>

Website https://www.hellocycling.jp/

Ringo Pass app https://ringopass.com/

・A projector will be used to project digital art images onto the wall of the 13th platform, which is approximately 100 meters in length, providing customers with an opportunity to casually interact with art (Platform 13 will continue to be used as a train departure and arrival platform. ).

・This time, we have pre-opened a section of approximately 25 meters, which is approximately one-fourth of the total area, and are collaborating with Tokyo University of the Arts, with which we have a comprehensive partnership agreement, to conduct the "Geidai Art Plaza Art Award" digital art project. The works of the department will be projected.

*The "Geidai Art Plaza Art Award" is an art competition for Tokyo University of the Arts students, run as a joint venture between Tokyo University of the Arts and Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Starting this year, the 18th year, we will also be collaborating to expand the scope of applications for digital art works.

*Winning works will be sold at JRE MALL “Tokyo Kando Line Shop” from February 8, 2024 (Thursday).

PLATFORM13 image

[Reference] What the “Beyond Stations Concept'' aims for Starting with “abundance'' in people's lives as a starting point, we will transform the layout and functions of the station space while leveraging the strengths of stations as real exchange hubs. Through the expansion of the station, we will transform the station from a “transport hub'' to a “living platform.''

At Ueno Station, a model station, we will continue to expand our services that combine real and online services and realize a “spiritually enriched life'' that only we can provide.