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This year’s Valentine’s Day, pay attention to “Japanese Choco”! Valentine’s Day 2024 at Matsuzaka Ueno Store is becoming a festival where you can enjoy sweets in a variety of ways.

February 1, 2024 (Thursday) – February 14, 2024 (Wednesday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store 6th floor event hall and others [Valentine special page] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/valentine/

Matsuzaka Ueno Store will be holding “Matsuzaka Ueno Store Valentine 2024” from February 1st (Thursday) to February 14th (Wednesday). This year, we are focusing on “Japanese Choco” which gives you a sense of “Japanese”. We will be introducing chocolates that make you feel “Japanese'' when you look at them and eat them, including chocolates with Japanese designs such as Japanese patterns and Japanese sweets, and chocolates made with Japanese ingredients such as alcoholic drinks such as sake, matcha, and Japanese thin cargo.9 A total of 70 domestic and international brands will be gathered together. In addition, in recent years, the way people enjoy Valentine's Day has diversified, as the demand for rewarding themselves has increased. Therefore, we will expand our selection of Japanese and Western sweets in addition to chocolate to make this once-a-year sweets festival even more exciting.

Japanese sweets style, Japanese sake, matcha, etc…“Japanese Choco” that makes you feel “Japanese” by looking at it and eating it.

<Sweet Gallery> Japanese sweets with chocolate goldfish (8 pieces) 1,728 yen

Chocolates that look like Japanese sweets and hagoita chocolates with Japanese patterns, and a box with a picture of ukiyo-e artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa called “Saratonbi'' full of goldfish.

<Kyoto Kaori> Kyoto Bonbon Assortment (3 types x 5 pieces each) 1,944 yen

A fragrant chocolate bonbon filled with whiskey, plum wine, and sake made in Kyoto.

First appearance

<Saison de Setsuko Le Japon> Kacho Fugetsu (7 pieces) 3,240 yen

An assortment of 7 types of chocolate made with Japanese ingredients such as Sudachi, Waminari, and Hyuganatsu.

<Sils Maria> Tatenogawa raw chocolate (16 pieces) 2,484 yen

A collaboration product with "Tatenogawa Mainstream", brewed by polishing Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice, to 50%. You can enjoy the strong umami flavor, gorgeous aroma, and pleasant aftertaste of sake.

<Pros and cons> “Pros and cons” Pecan nut chocolate 3 types assortment (3 types included) 2,160 yen

An assortment created by Masahiro Kasahara, the owner-chef of Pros and Cons in Ebisu, Tokyo. Gentle melt-in-your-mouth chocolate is coated with roasted pecan nuts and seasoned with soy sauce, roasted green tea, and soybean flour.

<PAYS DE JEUX CAFÉ> et chocolat Chocolat Monaka (5 pieces) 1,836 yen

A rich dark chocolate cream accented with malt puffs is sandwiched between Japanese ingredients. A dish that can truly be called Japanese Gianduja!

  • “Japanese” chocolate will also be available in the event space on the 1st floor for a limited time! *2/7 (Wed) → 14 (Wed)

  • <Tsuji Rihei Main Store> Uji Matcha Raw Chocolate (18 pieces) 1,404 yen / 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

    The matcha used to make strong tea is kneaded into fresh cream and white chocolate, and Junmai Ginjo sake from Fushimi, Kyoto is added as a secret ingredient. A long-established product that is proud of its commitment to "raw" ingredients.

    First appearance

    <Shinshu Sato Confectionery Studio> Kinton and Ryufu Assortment (6 pieces) 1,425 yen / 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

    A Japanese sweet made with Shinshu Ina chestnut paste wrapped in bittersweet ganache. An assortment of two types: “Cocoa'' with a hint of brandy and “Matcha'' with a hint of Japanese sake.

    This year's Valentine's Day is a "festival where you can enjoy sweets." We also have a wide selection of Japanese and Western sweets other than chocolate!

    <Obusedo> Suzaku Mont Blanc (1 piece) 2,700 yen

    A Mont Blanc arrangement of the signature product “Chestnut Dim Sum Suzaku''. We layered tart dough with boiled astringent skin, two types of cream, cassis, etc., and squeezed our signature rich chestnut paste.

    First appearance demonstration

    <Honolulu Cookie Company> Heart of Aloha Gift Can (7 pieces) 2,354 yen

    Enjoy 4 signature flavors of cookies from the south, packaged in cute heart-shaped gift tins.

    First appearance

    <CACAO SAMPAKA> Madalena Premium Cacao Nib (1 piece) 1,512 yen

    We use our own specially selected couverture with a cocoa content of 64%. A chocolate cake where you can enjoy the flavor of cacao that fills your mouth and the refreshing aftertaste.

    <COCO GELATO> Gelato (single) (1 cup) 660 yen ~

    A very popular gelateria in Fukuoka. Fresh-tasting gelato made with premium fruits from all over the country, including Amaou from Itoshima, Shine Muscat from Yamanashi, and La France from Yamagata.

    First appearance

    Must buy a package! Chocolate cans continue to boom

    <Totorowa> Always together (10 pieces) 2,160 yen

    Sweets such as shortcakes and pudding are available in miniature sizes.

    First appearance

    <Garnier> Garnier G (5 pieces) 1,404 yen

    We have put 5 types of popular chocolates into the art tin of Henri Matisse's work “Lute''.

    <Merry Chocolate – Bursting candy chocolate. 〉Canned pudding a la mode (18 pieces) 2,160 yen

    Candy in chocolate in 3 flavors.

    <Strawberry Day> Assorted strawberry cans (12 pieces) 1,728 yen

    Three types of strawberry chocolate are assorted in cans with illustrations by 252%.

    Are you a panda fan? Or are you a cat person? Animal chocolate special feature

    <Chocolabo> Animi & Chocolat de Panda Gift (10 bags) 1,944 yen

    First appearance

    <Pandas> Pandas Gift Milk & White (15 pieces) 1,350 yen

    <Merry Chocolate Nekomyamire> Nyasotted Chocolate (22 pieces) 1,944 yen

    <Chocolate cat by Morozoff> Chocolate cat 702 yen each

    *All prices include tax.

    ●Matsuzaka Ueno Store Valentine Ambassador Leon Niihama is coming!

    Leon Niihama, who is attracting attention as a rising star in the music industry, will be the Matsuzaka Ueno Store Valentine Ambassador in 2024!

    We will be at the Valentine's Day venue on the 6th floor and will be holding a "Valentine Photo Session."

    “Valentine Photo Session” Overview

    [Date and time] February 7, 2024 (Wednesday) (1) 14:00-(2) 17:00-

    [Venue] Matsuzaka Ueno store 6th floor Valentine's Day venue

    [How to participate] Those who make a purchase of 2,500 yen or more including tax (receipts cannot be combined) at the venue on the day of the event will receive an event participation ticket at the special venue.

    *Participation tickets will be distributed from 12:00, and will end when they are gone.