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[Daito Bunka University] Calligraphy exhibition “100 Years of Calligraphy: People Who Inherit Daito Calligraphy” will be held at Ueno Royal Museum

Held from March 2nd (Saturday) to March 5th (Tuesday) / As part of the university's 100th anniversary commemoration project

Daito Bunka University (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) will hold a calligraphy exhibition "Daito Bunka University 100 Years of Calligraphy" at Ueno Royal Museum (Taito-ku, Tokyo) from Saturday, March 2nd to Tuesday, March 5th. "The people who inherit the Daito" will be held. Approximately 250 works will be on display, including works by past faculty members such as Aoyama Sugisame and Matsui Nyoryu, as well as works by current and graduate students in the calligraphy department, looking back on 100 years of Daito's calligraphy. free entrance.

Daito Bunka University, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023, has placed emphasis on Chinese studies and calligraphy since its opening. It houses the Calligraphy Research Institute, the only institution specializing in calligraphy in Japan, and works with calligraphy instructors to carry out various projects both inside and outside the university to spread and develop calligraphy culture.

In 2000, we established Japan's first specialized department, the Department of Calligraphy, Faculty of Letters. More than 20 years have passed since the department was founded, and it has produced many talented people in a wide range of fields, including writers, educators, and researchers.

Daito no Sho, which has long been called the “Daito of Calligraphy'' and has a long history and a great track record, is a major brand.

The calligraphy exhibition "100 Years of Calligraphy at Daito Bunka University – People Who Inherit the Daito Calligraphy" will be held as part of the university's 100th anniversary commemoration project. A collection of books that look back on the past 100 years, including works by Mr. Let's look back at its history. The outline is as follows.

◆100 years of calligraphy at Daito Bunka University – People who inherit Daito's calligraphy –

[Date] March 2nd (Sat) – March 5th (Tue)

[Venue] Ueno Royal Museum

[Museum website] https://www.ueno-mori.org/

[Opening hours] 10:00-17:00 (closes at 14:00 on the last day, last admission 30 minutes before closing)

[Admission fee] Free

[Exhibition contents] Approximately 250 items will be exhibited, including works by past faculty members, works by current and graduate students in the calligraphy department, and a calligraphy corner. For exhibitors, please refer to the attached flyer.

[Sponsored by] Department of Calligraphy, Faculty of Letters, Daito Bunka University, Calligraphy Research Institute, Daito Bunka University

[Calligraphy exhibition official page] https://www.daito.ac.jp/100mannaka/details_00826.html

[Flyer DL] https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d26965-16-382f03d66ad66db760cbf4a1f74ab2c2.pdf

●Calligraphy Research Institute

In 1969, the predecessor of the Calligraphy Culture Center was opened under Professor Sugisame Aoyama. In 1988, it was reorganized and the current Calligraphy Research Institute was born. Since then, we have been working to improve calligraphy education at universities through calligraphy research, and have been developing affiliated projects aimed at popularizing calligraphy and calligraphy education for society at large.


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