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Monomachi 2024 will be held! Find your “like” in a manufacturing town

The Taito Monomachi Association (official name: Taito Monozukuri Machizukuri Association) will hold the "15th Monomachi" (commonly known as Monomachi 2024) from May 24th (Friday) to May 26th (Sunday). The stage is the southern part of Taito Ward (an area of 2km square from Okachimachi to Kuramae to Asakusabashi), as usual every time. Experience Monomachi, which is held in an area with a rich downtown atmosphere that has supported Japanese manufacturing as a black child, and fully enjoy the fun, depth, and interest of manufacturing.

Logo design: Haruka Shinshi

Logo design: Haruka Shinshi

▼The concept is “A place where you can find what you like”▼

The concept of "Monomachi 2024" is "A town where you can find what you like." If you take a walk around Monomachi, you are sure to find a “Nanika'' that will make your heart dance and your breasts pound. That's your "like". Now, let's go on an adventurous journey to discover what you like!

“It's kind of exciting,'' “It's full of my “likes'','' “I want to come back to this town to find my “likes'','' and “Creating things is fun.'' We strive to create events that will make everyone feel that way.

Daisuke Tsukui of the ribbon shop “COMPO” will serve as the executive committee chairperson for “Monomachi 2024.” This year's logo is inspired by a "flag" that resembles a ribbon. Please mark the "likes" you find and visit Monomachi 2024.

Photo: Taro Hosokawa

Photo: Taro Hosokawa

▼More than 100 stores and companies are participating! ▼

In addition to Taito Designers Village, a facility that supports the creation of designers, the participants include manufacturers, wholesalers, factories, retailers, ateliers, creators, designers, and other talented individuals involved in manufacturing.

Monomachi's great appeal is that it has a wide variety of industries and business types. If you walk, touch, and experience it, you will be amazed at its diversity. Participating stores are excitedly making preparations to convey their unique characteristics and individuality. Please expect by all means.

Workshop information and limited sales for each participating store will be announced on the Monomachi website, Monomachi 2024 special website, and official SNS, so don't miss it!

Photo: Taro Hosokawa

Photo: Taro Hosokawa

▼Create a guidebook▼

For "Monomachi 2024", we will create a guidebook for the first time in a while and distribute it to everyone visiting the city. We plan to introduce participating stores' products and services, years of establishment, characteristics and individuality, etc. so that they can be used not only during the Monomachi period but throughout the year. Please use it as an archival guidebook when strolling around the Monomachi area.

▼Event overview▼

Name: Monomachi 2024

Date: May 24th (Friday), 25th (Saturday), 26th (Sunday), 2024

Participating stores: Approximately 100 groups (stores, manufacturers, wholesalers, craft workshops, ateliers, etc.)

Venue: Southern Taito-ku, Tokyo, 2 km square area from Okachimachi to Kuramae to Asakusabashi

Access: The following stations are all included in the venue area

JR: Okachimachi Station/Asakusabashi Station

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Nakaokachimachi Station

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: Ueno Hirokoji Station, Inaricho Station, Tawaramachi Station

Toei Asakusa Line: Kuramae Station/Asakusabashi Station

Toei Oedo Line: Ueno-Okachimachi Station, Shin-Okachimachi Station, Kuramae Station

Tsukuba Express: Shin-Okachimachi Station

web: https://monomachi.com/ (official website)

: https://2024.monomachi.com/ (special site)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Monomachi/

X (old Twitter):@monomachi (official account)

: @monomachi2024 (special account)

Instagram: @monomachi_taitou

<Monomachi 2024 Executive Committee>
Executive Committee Chairman: Daisuke Tsukui (COMPO)
Design Director/Design: Haruka Shinji ILLUSTRATION
Management members: Takeshi Oitani (BRASS), Kazumi Kataoka (Kurumi Button Kobo MiSuZuYa), Kiyotaka Kataoka (Kurumi Button Kobo MiSuZuYa), Masahiro Sato (Realize), Masataka Nishizawa (Nishizawa Co., Ltd.), Mayumi Nishizawa (Easy Gauze Oblove) ), Yuya Hiratsuka (Sankosha Co., Ltd.), Taro Hosokawa (Tarowo Co., Ltd.), Yuka Nozaki, Akimi Maejima (terumim), Fuka Mitamura, Ako Mori (Haruka Shinji ILLUSTRATION)
<Monomachi Association Director>
Chairman: Masamitsu Yoshida (LaModa Yoshida Co., Ltd.) Directors: Kazuhiro Tanaka (Mochizuki Printing Co., Ltd.), Yuichiro Murakami (M+Mpiu)
Taito Manufacturing Community Development Association (independently managed organization by local volunteers)
Okazu Yokocho (Torigoe Hondori Commercial Association), Taito City Industrial Promotion Division Regional Industry Representatives, Taito Designers Village, 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN, Mochizuki Printing Co., Ltd.
Asahi Shinkin Bank, Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taitokan, Noga Hotel Ueno, Onda Fudosan, Cobatta LLC, and everyone who supported our support advertisement.
Taito Ward, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Taito Branch