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Shitamachi Spring Festival 2024 ~ Uenode Woof Woof ~

There's a ton of dog content for you to play, eat and enjoy!

Ueno Park's first large-scale dog festival

"Shitamachi Spring Festival 2024 ~ Uenode Woof Woof ~"

Held on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th!

There's a ton of dog content for you to play, eat and enjoy!

Event Outline

Event name: Shitamachi Spring Festival 2024 ~ Uenode Woof Woof ~

Event period: Saturday, April 13th to Sunday, April 14th, 2024, 10:00-17:00

Location: Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007, Ueno Park, in front of the fountain square

Admission fee: Free

Access: 2 minutes walk from Ueno Station on the JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hibiya lines

1 minute walk from Keisei Ueno Station on the Keisei Line

Organizer: Ueno de Wanwan Executive Committee (Ueno Chuo Dori Shopping District Association)

Co-organizers: matchbox Inc. / K Inc.

Sponsor: Taito Ward

Special sponsor: Japan Tobacco

Special cooperation: Mari Animal Clinic / Dog Training School DOGLY / Peace Dog Japan

"Dogs" – A wide variety of items to enrich your dog's life!

Booth Introduction (Partial excerpt)

■Sigma original pet supplies

We sell unique, handmade leashes, collars, harnesses, dog tags, bottle holders, lunch bags, pouches and more, all made using genuine leather from Japan, Italy and Belgium!

In addition, Yokohama bakery "MOHEJI" will be selling "Share Bread," a natural yeast, additive-free bread that can be enjoyed by both dogs and families!

HP: https://sigma-leatherfactory.com/5170/

■Pet House Yoshinaga: Pet treats made by a butcher with care

Selling dog treats

HP: https://dream-earth.stores.jp/



This snack is made with 100% Hokkaido Ezo venison.

No coloring or fragrances used! ️

Additive-free organic finish.

Top-class high protein, low calorie

HP: https://firstcrew.jp/lp/index.html

■ Dear One

Dog massage/Custom sweater/Rice bran moxibustion

■Pet-Cool: Safe and reliable pet care products

Care products / Premium meat "029" / Low-sodium retort "037" / Sample and tasting sales


Pet clothing/goods

■Kururin Shippo

Dog clothing/Deodorizing supplies/Bags, pouches, pochettes, etc.

■patamama_style & Tama Invention Workshop

2way poop catcher/bag/shea butter paw cream etc.

■Ruby Yoshimura

Hookah Dog/Handmade harnesses/leads, leather products, etc.

"Food" – A wide selection of authentic gourmet food and popular street food!

Make your dog's life more comfortable!

■Dog health consultation

Our veterinarians, who are professionals in animal health care, will answer any concerns you may have about your dog.

We can provide advice on a wide range of issues, from diet and training to illnesses and mental health.

With the cooperation of Mari Animal Clinic ( https://mari-ac.com/ )

■ Discipline classes

Why not have fun learning a highly sustainable dog training method based on the latest dog learning theory and dog behavioral psychology, which involves teaching through praise, together with a dog training professional?

Cooperation: DOGLY Dog Training School ( https://dogly.jp/ )

"Protection Dog Matching" connects rescue dogs with visitors

With the cooperation of Peace Dog Japan, which actively works to protect and match dogs with the aim of achieving "zero euthanasia" for dogs in Japan, we will be providing an opportunity for visitors to be matched with rescue dogs.

When you visit, we would appreciate it if you would consider the issues surrounding rescue dogs in Japan.

■Peace Wanko Japan ( https://wanko.peace-winds.org/ )

We take in dogs that would be killed at animal shelters and support the happiness of rescue dogs. By providing medical care and training to rescue dogs and searching for and matching them with foster parents who will live with them as lifelong family members, we hope to create a happy future for both the dogs and the people involved.

Crowdfunding for this event is also underway!

We would really appreciate your support and cooperation in order to continue hosting dog-focused events and various other events.

Crowdfunding URL:


About the Uenode.Wanwan Executive Committee

The Uenode. Wanwan Executive Committee is made up of the Ueno Chuo Dori Shopping District Association and the event management company. Through the "Uenode." event, we have aimed to realize various themes such as local and international exchange and support for the revitalization of the city of Ueno.
The aim of this event is to create an environment where pet owners from all over the country, dog and animal lovers, businesses dealing in dog-related products, and visitors to Ueno Park can enjoy interacting with each other in a fun atmosphere, with a focus on dogs.

Official Instagram: