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Hoppe Town celebrates its 10th anniversary! Limited edition products and bargain bags available at the “Limited Time Food Festival”

April 24th (Wed) – May 7th (Tue) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, 1st basement floor and 1st floor Hoppe Town

https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/hoppe2404ueno_imadake.html *Scheduled to be released on Saturday, April 20th

Matsuzakaya Ueno store will hold a "Now Only Food Festival" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of its food floor "Hoppe Town" in 2014. A total of about 40 special products will be available, including limited gourmet foods that can only be purchased "now" and "fun bags" that allow customers to purchase popular products at bargain prices as a thank you for their patronage! It will be two weeks where you can enjoy a wide variety of "now only" gourmet foods, from sweets to bento boxes.

"Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Hoppe Town"

In 2014, this food section was born as "Hoppe Town," an abbreviation of "a town filled with food so delicious your cheeks will fall off." Japanese and Western sweets are on the first floor, while daily ingredients, prepared foods, bento boxes, and fresh produce are on the basement floor. Each section has its own name, forming a "town," or town. Since opening, the store has been focusing on improving its services and facilities, such as introducing carts with loupes so that customers can see the small print on product packages. This is one of the largest food floors in the region, and it welcomes customers with the concept of "a relaxing space you can drop in to every day, and a new food section that is serious about deliciousness."

▲ "Hoppe Town" official mascot "Hoppe Boya"

▲ "Hoppe Town" official mascot "Hoppe Boya"

  • Introducing limited edition sweets that can only be purchased now!

<Bunmeido> Tenka Bunmei Baumkuchen (1 piece) 3,780 yen / 1st floor

A limited-time Baumkuchen exclusive to these two stores is made with Tochigi Prefecture's "Hotaru no Sato local eggs" and Calpis Co., Ltd.'s fermented butter.

*Limited to 20 during the period

<Bunmeido> Baumkuchen only available at two stores!

<Shinjuku Takano> Anniversary Ueno (1 unit) 4,536 yen / 1st floor

A limited edition cake with strawberries sandwiched between them and colorfully decorated with six kinds of fruit.

*Sales from Saturday, April 27th to Tuesday, May 7th

*Limited to 3 units on weekdays and 5 units on weekends and holidays during the period.

A cake that can only be purchased "now"!

<Wittamer> Fuego (1 unit) 2,700 yen, (1 piece/cut) 648 yen / 1st floor

*Image shows one unit

Popular items at the time of the opening of the first Wittamer store in Japan

Press Butter Sandwich: Anniversary Butter Sandwiches, all types, 6 pieces (1 set) 1,890 yen / 1st floor

All regionally-exclusive flavors and standard assortment.

*Sales from 4/26 (Fri) to 5/6 (Mon, postponed)

*Limited to 20 per day

Includes regionally exclusive flavors!

<Antenor> Napoleon Pie (BOX) (1 piece) 1,620 yen / 1st floor

Sandwiched with custard cream, sponge cake, and raspberry jam.

Antenor's 45th anniversary products are back!

Shiseido Parlour Noix de Pecan au Chocolat (1 box) 1,404 yen / 1st floor

A mellow, rich and full-bodied flavor.

*Limited to 60 boxes during the period

Limited edition at Shiseido Parlour's Ginza flagship store!

Obusedo: Kurihana (9 pieces) 1,080 yen / 1st floor

Fresh Rakugan is not normally available and is only available at certain stores.

*Only available on 5/3 (Friday, national holiday), limited to 20 items

Limited items available at some stores!

  • Also check out the limited edition bento boxes and side dishes that are only available now!

<Kiyoken> Red rice and shumai bento (1 meal) 1,050 yen / 1st basement floor

Red rice sold to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Shumai bento

Shumai bento is available for a limited time.

*Sales from 5/1 (Wed) to 5/5 (Sun/Holiday)

*Limited to 40 meals per day

Red rice version of shumai bento!

<Kurogeya> Sirloin Mix Bento (1 meal) 1,944 yen / 1st basement floor

A luxurious bento box where you can enjoy both A5 rank sirloin steak and Kuroge Wagyu beef rib grilled meat.

*Limited to 15 meals per day

You can enjoy both A5 rank steak and Japanese Black beef!

<Paul Bocuse> 3-piece assortment meat hors d'oeuvres (1 meal) 1,620 yen / 1st basement floor

An assortment of two different types of roast beef and tender, moist roast pork fillet.

A meat hors d'oeuvre containing the highly popular roast beef

  • Popular products are also available!

<Taketakaan Okano> Curry Dorayaki (1 piece) 300 yen / 1st floor

Aiming to create a Japanese-style curry bread, this Japanese confectionery uses fukujinzuke pickles as a secret ingredient, satisfying even those who like spicy food.

*On sale until May 30th (Tue)

*Limited to 150 during the period

A very popular item only available at some stores!

  • To show our appreciation for your continued patronage, we are now offering great value "Good Luck Bags"!

Kurofune Special Set (1 set) 2,160 yen/1st floor

A great value set that includes Kurofune's signature product, castella cake, Ueno's unique panda dorayaki, and other popular baked goods.

<Tsukiji Kyodo Suisan> Lucky Box (1 box) 2,500 yen / 1st basement floor

This popular assortment of Saikyo-zuke fish is a great value red and white set that includes fatty silver cod and sockeye salmon that lets you enjoy the delicious flavor of salmon.

*Limited to 50 boxes during the period

<Alsace Lawren> Lucky Bag (1 bag) 1,080 yen / 1st basement floor

This great value assortment includes six types of bread, including the popular salted butter bread and pain au raisin.

*Limited to 20 bags per day during the period. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Akasaka Kakiyama: Lucky Bag (7 bags) 1,080 yen/1st floor

This is a great value gift bag containing an assortment of 7 popular varieties of rice crackers.

*Only 20 bags available during the period. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

★Many other great value bags are available★

[Product examples]

<Anmitsu Mihashi> Anmitsu Thank You Bag (1 bag) 1,000 yen/1st floor

*Only available on Wednesday, April 24th, limited to 100 bags

*Numbered tickets will be distributed at the store on the day.

Obusedo: Gratitude Bag (1 bag) 2,500 yen/1st floor

*On sale from Saturday, April 27th to Tuesday, May 7th, limited to 30 bags during the period

<Key Coffee> Regular Coffee Appreciation Bag (170g x 1, 180g x 1, 200g x 1, 160g x 1, 90g x 2) 3,520 yen/basement 1st floor

*Only 28 bags available during the period

*All prices include tax.