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Aim for the top of the top! The fierce battle of department store bento boxes begins! “The 2nd Department Store Bento Grand Prix”

May 8th (Wed) to May 28th (Tue) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, B1F food floor

Matsuzakaya Ueno store will be holding the "2nd Department Store Bento Grand Prix" from May 8th (Wed) to May 28th (Tue) to decide the most popular department store bento lunch box on the basement food floor of the 1st basement floor. 22 bento stores have entered and each store will select its most popular standard bento lunch box. The grand prize winner will be decided based on the number of units sold during the period from May 8th (Wed) to May 14th (Tue). In addition, for those who are not satisfied with the standard bento lunch boxes, a luxurious seafood and meat hors d'oeuvre will also be available as a special item!
Every day, we decide on the top of the best in the department store basement, where about 300 types of bento are lined up, and support customers in their bento selection.

"The 2nd Department Store Bento Grand Prix"

https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/depaben2024.html *Scheduled to be released at 10:00 on Tuesday, May 7th

■ Sales volume calculation period: 5/8 (Wed) → 5/14 (Tue)

■ Results announced: Thursday, May 16th

■ Results announced: In-store and on Matsuzakaya Ueno store's website "2nd Department Bento Grand Prix"

  • ▼Entry products▼※Product examples

<Hokushin Sushi> Two-tiered sashimi bento (with vinegared rice) (1 meal) 1,180 yen

A two-tiered bento box containing red sea bream, amberjack, squid, tuna, and rolled egg.

*Limited to 10 meals per day

Tagosaku's standard red fish saikyoyaki bento (1 meal) 1,149 yen

Tagosaku's most popular bento contains fried chicken, simmered dishes, and grilled red fish with Saikyo-style seasoning.

Asakusa Imahan: Beef bento (1 meal) 1,296 yen

This is always the most popular bento at Asakusa Imahan!

<Ginza Naruto> Eel bento (1 meal) 3,564 yen

Our signature dish is made with domestically produced eel, carefully grilled in our storefront kitchen until plump and tender.

<Yusoku> Colorful Lunch Box (1 meal) 1,512 yen

A sushi bento box containing chakin sushi, Fukuzuchi rolls with eight carefully selected ingredients, and grilled and cooked dishes.

New Shop

New Shop

<Kiyoken> Shumai bento (1 meal) 950 yen

This bento box, introduced in 1954, is packed with Kiyoken's attention to detail.

<Keijin> Yakitori Bento (1 meal) 864 yen

A bento box that lets you enjoy three popular types of yakitori at once.

Heichinro: Sweet and Sour Pork with Black Vinegar Lunch Box (1 meal) 1,058 yen

Heichinrou's most popular bento is sweet and sour pork with black vinegar.

<Eashion> Demi-glace hamburger steak & beef tenderloin with garlic rice set meal (1 meal) 1,190 yen

A special Western-style meal using beef hanging tenderloin.

<Kurogeya> Beef cutlet and Kuroge Wagyu beef rib mixed bento (1 meal) 1,458 yen

You can enjoy two different flavors in one bento: beef cutlet bento and Japanese black beef rib bento!

Defending champion

Defending champion

<Izumi Main Branch> Assorted bento (1 meal) 1,067 yen

A hearty bento box filled with bite-sized pork fillet cutlets, crab cream croquettes, and minced meat cutlets.

  • For those who are not satisfied with the standard menu! Introducing an all-you-can-eat hors d'oeuvre!

Hokushin Sushi Seafood Treasure Box (serves 3-4) 7,980 yen

It uses a generous amount of seafood ingredients, including bluefin tuna, salmon roe marinated in soy sauce, steamed sea urchin, and bara chirashi sushi.

*Limited to 3 meals per day

*Reservations must be made 3 days prior to the delivery date.

A luxurious array of seafood!

A luxurious array of seafood!

<Paul Bocuse> Paul Bocuse Hors d'oeuvre Selection (2 servings) 3,240 yen

This set includes hors d'oeuvres such as roast beef pavé and temari sushi with prosciutto.

*Limited to 5 meals per day

Full of meat!

Full of meat!

*All prices include tax.