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The third store of the fully private luxury sauna “KUDOCHI sauna” will open in Ueno Yushima on Thursday, May 23rd.

KUDOCHI sauna has overturned the conventional wisdom of saunas, and its new Ueno Yushima store is the first KUDOCHI sauna store with a Japanese theme.

AK Corporation, which operates saunas in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is pleased to announce that it will open its third store, Ueno Yushima store, on Thursday, May 23rd, following its Ginza and Roppongi stores.

A luxurious retreat where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the delicate Japanese spirit.

The newly opened "KUDOCHI sauna" Ueno Yushima store is a space that has been meticulously designed with a "wa" (harmony) theme that embodies the Japanese aesthetic sense. As a Japanese oasis quietly living in the veins of the city, you can experience sophisticated relaxation.
In addition, the Ueno Yushima store has two VIP rooms, "Miyabi" and "Akatsuki," each with its own unique charm, offering a luxurious space where you can quietly reflect on yourself. Even though it is in the middle of the city, this tranquil Japanese space where time flows slowly will invite you into a world of high-quality healing.

What is KUDOCHI?

KUDOCHI sauna was launched in August 2022 with the desire to create a sophisticated sauna that anyone can visit easily. Following its first store in Ginza, the second store, Roppongi, will open in 2023.

We will be opening our third store, the Ueno Yushima store, first. Our luxuriously designed private saunas, which are affordable and instantly transport you to a world of extraordinary experiences, are loved by many customers, from local residents to tourists from overseas.

"KUDOCHI sauna" Ueno Yushima store
Open Schedule & Ticket Sales Schedule

To mark the opening of the "KUDOCHI sauna" Ueno Yushima store, we will be selling special tickets for an early experience, and we will also be running an early experience period. Please come and try it out.

■ Early bird special ticket sales period

May 3rd (Fri) ~ May 17th (Fri)

■ Early trial period
May 23rd (Thu) ~ June 20th (Thu)


June 21 (Friday)

We are accepting interviews and tours at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

In preparation for the opening of the third "KUDOCHI sauna" store, Ueno Yushima store, all of our staff look forward to receiving interviews and tours from the media.
We will introduce you to "KUDOCHI sauna," which will completely change your image of saunas. We are always accepting interview requests, so please feel free to contact us.

Contact for media enquiries

AK Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Officer: Nakazawa
Phone: 080-3462-7997

Email address: nakazawa@ak-co.jp

URL: https://www.ak-co.jp/