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[Korea Fair Third Part! ] All-you-can-eat delicious and spicy Korean hotpot that will warm you from the core! “Winter Korean Warm Hot Pot Fair” will be held from November 1st (Wednesday) at the all-you-can-eat and drink specialty restaurant “Nikutoki Toki Lemon Sour.”

[Korea Fair Third Part! ] All-you-can-eat delicious and spicy Korean hotpot that will warm you from the core! “Winter Korean Warm Hot Pot Fair” will be held from November 1st (Wednesday) at the all-you-can-eat and drink specialty restaurant “Nikutoki Toki Lemon Sour.”

This is the season when it gets chilly and you start missing hot pot. How about a delicious and spicy Korean hotpot that will warm you from the core of your body? At "Niku Tokidoki Lemon Sour." operated by GOSSO Co., Ltd., "Korea Fair Third Part! Winter Korea" will be held for a limited time from Wednesday, November 1, 2023 to Thursday, February 29, 2024. We will be holding a "Warm Hot Pot Fair"! \3rd Korean Fair/Winter Korean Hot Pot Fair I want to eat this especially in the cold winter! Warm your mind and body with delicious and spicy Korean hotpot! We have an array of delicious and spicy

We will be holding the “Art Future Research Center Exhibition” to present the concept of the Art Future Research Center in the form of an exhibition!

Tokyo University of the Arts “Art Future Research Center” / Art communication co-creation base for creating a symbiotic society Tokyo University of the Arts (President: Katsuhiko Hibino) will present the concept of the "Geijutsu Mirai Kenkyujo", which was established in April 2023, in the form of an exhibition. An exhibition will be held. The Art Future Research Center was established in April 2023 as an organization that explores the ideal state of humanity and the earth, with art as the core of human life's power. Rather than calling it a " research institute " as a closed facility, we named it a "research center " with the meaning that various

The first book cafe event held on the shores of Shinobazu Pond in Ueno. Books, miscellaneous goods, and cafe stalls are lined up from inside the park to the street.

October 28th and 29th | Shinobazu Pond Book Cafe “Book Road by the Pond” For two days, October 28th (Saturday) and October 29th (Sunday), a book cafe event will be held on the banks of Shinobazu Pond, with book, miscellaneous goods, and cafe stalls set up. It was planned in collaboration with local volunteers who advocate “urban development that lives alongside Shinobazu Pond'' and the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Urban Design Laboratory. Shinobazu Street, which is adjacent to the park, will also be partially restricted from vehicles in an attempt to create an attractive parkside space that connects the city and the park. Although this is the first

In the manufacturing town “2k540”, the Daruma specialty store “Happy Daruma Kobo @akiba” will pre-open on October 23rd (Monday)!

A Daruma specialty store, “Ha'', is located at “2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN'', a commercial facility with the theme of “Japanese manufacturing'', located under the elevated railway between JR Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station. Pidaruma Kobo @akiba will pre-open on October 23rd (Monday) at 11am. What is “Happy Daruma Kobo”? "Happy Daruma Kobo" is a Daruma specialty store run by Crista Co., Ltd. (Adachi-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Miho Takahashi). “Happy Daruma'' was born from the idea of “giving happiness'' to your loved ones, and is created with a gorgeous design that befits a gift. A cute lucky charm that is perfect for celebrations, souvenirs, and sympathy. The new store offers even more workshops

This fall, we will enter the world of “100% Monet”. Collaboration goods such as “PEANUTS” are appearing one after another! Ueno Royal Museum “Monet Scenes from a Series” opens on October 20th

The exhibition "Monet Scenes from a Series" (sponsored by Sankei Shimbun and others), which approaches the process of creating the innovative expression "series", will be held in Ueno from October 20th (Friday) to January 28th, 2024 (Sunday). It will be held at Mori Art Museum (Taito-ku, Tokyo). For this exhibition, collaborations with various companies have been decided, including “PEANUTS'', famous for Snoopy, and “UNITED ARROWS'', a sophisticated fashion brand for adults. Enjoy a wide variety of goods. ※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product. [PEANUTS meets Monet] This “PEANUTS meets Monet” collaboration was made possible because an episode about Monet appeared in the comic “PEANUTS”!

Ueno/Shinobazu Pond Light Art x Live x Food “Peace of Light” held on 10/21 (Sat) and 10/22 (Sun)

Ueno's new “autumn tradition'' – Shinobazu Pond is surrounded by light art for two days. Enjoy the art of light while walking around Shinobazu Pond! On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the opening of Ueno Onshi Park, the Ueno Tourism Federation (Taito-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Nobuhiro Nagaoka) will create a light art installation called “Peace of Light'' around Shinobazu Pond, an urban oasis in Ueno Park. We will be holding "Obright". In addition, there will be a music live "Peace of Live" where a mix of Western and Japanese music and sounds that transcend genres and borders will be held at the outdoor stage of the Water Concert Hall

Debuting at the 150th Anniversary Cultural Festival of Ueno Onshi Park! “Taito Fashion ZAKKA Festival 2023”

Transmit! Experience! shopping! Taito Ward is a city of "manufacturing", and we will be disseminating the "manufacturing" unique to Taito Ward that everyone from children to adults can enjoy. The "Fashion Zakka" festival, where you can see, touch, create, and buy, connects you with the stories of things through experiences. △▼△▼ Shitamachi Koishi Factory Tour △▼△▼ Let's create only one in the world! Head out from Ueno Park into Taito Ward and sneak into the actual manufacturing site! Through a tour of the factory/atelier and a workshop, you can experience making original leather shoes and wallets. ・Leather shoes are unique to Asakusa, the city of shoes! Go to a leather

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the city park system! Toei Subway x Tokyo Metro x Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association “History Tour Stamp Rally to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Urban Parks by Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro” is being held!

October 12, 2023 (Thursday) – November 5, 2023 (Sunday) Original goods gift from three parties Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Director-General of Transportation: Hideo Kuga, hereinafter referred to as "Toei Subway"), Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd., Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association (Executive Committee Member of the 150th Anniversary of the Tokyo Metropolitan Park System) The Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association") will hold the "Toei Subway/Tokyo Metro City Park 150th Anniversary Historical Stamp Rally" in collaboration with Toei Subway x Tokyo Metro x Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association on Thursday, October 12, 2023. The event will be jointly held from November 5th (Sunday)

“Ibaraki LAB”, which researches the delicious and good things of Ibaraki, will be held for a limited time at 12 Ekinaka Stations of JR East! Starting from Ueno Station on October 10, 2023!

During the event period, you can enjoy more than 200 items in total! Suica penguin goods: Local series (Ibaraki Mito Komon) new products on sale! Sales of original Ibaraki products and Ibaraki ride festival held! To commemorate the holding of the "Ibaraki Destination Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as Ibaraki DC), JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd. will open a POP UP SHOP [Ibaraki LAB] that researches delicious and good things from Ibaraki. Starting from JR Ueno Station on October 10th, the event will be held for approximately three months at 12 JR East stations including Omiya Station, Mito Station, and Ikebukuro Station. Please take this opportunity to visit us. *1

First entry into a department store! Kamakura, a sweets restaurant famous for its Kamakura warabi mochi, has opened at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store as a brand limited to the Tokyo area called “Miyako”!

The warabimochi specialty store “Sweet Shop Kamakura”, famous for “Kamakura Warabimochi”, which is popular all over the country, has opened at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store as the Tokyo area limited brand “Miyako”! “Kamakura Warabi Mochi'' is made with a unique secret formula and has the best chewy texture and melts in your mouth.The paulownia wood box with panda design, which is limited to “Miyako'', is very popular as a souvenir or gift! “Kamakura Warabi Mochi'' from Sweets Shop Kamakura has remained unwavering since its founding, and has been created with a unique manufacturing method and a secret formula created in pursuit of its taste. It has a chewy texture and