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[Venue Report] “Eternal City Rome Exhibition” opens at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Masterpiece of ancient Venus statue arrives in Japan for the first time

[Venue Report] “Eternal City Rome Exhibition” opens at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Masterpiece of ancient Venus statue arrives in Japan for the first time

The “Eternal City of Rome'' exhibition, which introduces the history of Rome's beauty from the founding of the country to modern times, has opened at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, focusing on the collection of the Capitoline Museums in the center of Rome. The exhibition period is from Saturday, September 16, 2023 to Sunday, December 10, 2023. I visited the venue and will report on the exhibition. Capitoline Museums celebrates the history of Rome's glory and beauty Capitoline Hill has long been the religious, political, and cultural center of the Romans, with temples dedicated to the supreme god Jupiter and other gods rising there in ancient times, and today

“2023 Arakawa Line Day” commemorative event Arakawa Line Thanksgiving Festival will be held

The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation will be holding an Arakawa Line Thanksgiving Day on October 22nd to commemorate October 1st, Arakawa Line Day. On the day of the event, in addition to a tour of the inspection and repair facility that is usually not open to visitors and a photo session of Toden vehicles, Toden Supporters, who support and promote Toden in the local area, will be opening various shops. We will exhibit and make the event exciting! Furthermore, in addition to the popular "Toden Calendar" that is popular every year, you can also purchase the new Toden Goods "Acrylic Stand Key Chain" which will be on sale from

[New release] “Black cat bread” perfect for Halloween is now available for a limited time! Six new products using pumpkin, including “Pumpkin Muffins” and “Pumpkin Butter Whip,” will be released at Kimuraya directly managed stores on October 1, 2023.

From October 1, 2023, Kimuraya Sohonten Co., Ltd. will be selling "Black Cat Bread" and "Pumpkin Muffins" and "Pumpkin Butter Whip" using the autumn flavor "pumpkin" at Kimuraya directly managed stores from October 1, 2023. We will be selling 6 types of new products. ■Black cat bread special feature: https://www.kimuraya-sohonten.co.jp/2023Halloween_tk ■New products at directly managed stores: https://www.kimuraya-sohonten.co.jp/collections/company_store_items There are many new products for October that are perfect for Halloween. “Black Cat Bread'', which will be sold for a limited period of one month, is made by hand and each cat has a different expression. Please enjoy the only black cat bread in the world. In addition, “Pumpkin Muffins'' using the

[Interview Report] 102 new items released for the first time! The “Yokoo Tadanori Kanzan Hyakutoku” exhibition is currently being held at the Tokyo National Museum. See a new frontier that is not bound by anything

The "Yokoo Tadanori Kanzan Hyakutoku" exhibition is being held at the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan in Ueno, Tokyo from September 12, 2023. (Duration is until December 3rd) We are exhibiting for the first time 102 new works from the “Kanzan Shutoku'' series, in which contemporary artist Tadanori Yokoo reconstructs the traditional painting theme of the wind-crazy monk in China with his own interpretation. *About the images of the works… Unless otherwise specified, all works are by Tadanori Yokoo and are in the artist's collection. Kanzan Jitoku, who became a target of admiration for his escapist behavior. Kanzan and Jitoku are two legendary poet-monks who are said to have lived during

Limited edition goods featuring the supporting character “Rilakkuma” for the special exhibition “Japanese Cuisine: Japanese Nature and People’s Wisdom” have been released! ~Available special tickets that include admission tickets and stuffed animals are now available~

Event period: October 28, 2023 (Sat) – February 25, 2024 (Sun) San-X Co., Ltd. will be presenting "Japanese Cuisine" at the special exhibition "Japanese Cuisine – Japanese Nature and People's Wisdom" to be held at the National Museum of Nature and Science from Saturday, October 28, 2023 to Sunday, February 25, 2024. We would like to inform you that limited goods for this exhibition featuring "Rilakkuma", who has been appointed as "Exhibition Support Character", have been released. Rilakkuma's limited edition goods will be sold at a special shop inside the exhibition venue. In addition, special tickets will be on sale from October 4th (Wednesday), which include a "lunch box stuffed

Introducing hamburgers from the gourmet specialty store, Brejus! Matsuzaka Ueno store latest gourmet food

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 – Tuesday, September 26, 2023 Matsuzaka Ueno Store B1F/1F Hoppe Town Event Space At Hoppe Town, the food floor of the Matsuzaka Ueno store, events are held at popular shops that change weekly. From September 20th (Wednesday), the gourmet specialty store “Brejus'' will be available for the first time. In addition, “Katsura no Ki Baumu'' from Okuizumo Mae Wataya, which has a unique texture made with Shimane rice flour and eggs, will be available for a limited time! Introducing 7 of the latest gourmet brands from Matsuzaka Ueno store. <Breju> Hand-kneaded Okuizumo Wagyu beef hamburger with Poivre Vert sauce (1 set) 1,998 yen/B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition

Ueno Royal Museum “Monet Series Scenes” special tickets on sale September 20th

[Official exhibition website] The "Monet Scenes from a Series" Tokyo exhibition (sponsored by Sankei Shimbun and others) will be held at the Ueno Royal Museum (Taito-ku, Tokyo) from October 20th (Friday). Ticket sales on the official ticket site "ART PASS" and various play guides, as well as date and time reservations on "ART PASS", will begin from 10:00 on Wednesday, September 20th. Special tickets (1) and (2) will also be on sale at the same time. All items are available in limited quantity and sales will end as soon as the quantity is reached. Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a master Impressionist artist known for his use of soft colors and

To express their gratitude for their 1st anniversary, the granola specialty store “and/or” is holding a giveaway with free shipping for a total of 111 people. Furthermore, organic dried fruits will be sold by weight starting September 25th!

“and/or” will celebrate its 1st anniversary as an online store on September 11, 2023. #01 chocolate ranks first in the annual popular flavor ranking, and #03 black tea ranks second! The most popular salty flavor was #04 Salt and Pepper. ANDOR Co., Ltd., which operates granola "and/or GRANOLA" that is supervised by a registered dietitian and designed to help you create new eating habits, will carry out three commemorative projects to express gratitude for the first anniversary of the online store. ① Free mail shipping campaign ② Special gift campaign will be held, and ③ Organic dried fruits, which have been requested the most throughout the year, will finally be

“Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Relax Performance – A concert that can be enjoyed by people of all generations and disabilities” will be held on November 26th

“Relaxed” means “tolerant.” Even if you make a little noise or move your body, it's okay. This is a performance where people with developmental disabilities or autism who are worried about listening to music in a hall can enjoy the music together with peace of mind. In order to deliver art culture and well-being to all people, and to realize a society where everyone can live a lively life in their own way, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a place where diverse people, regardless of disability, age, or social background, can participate in music and art activities. We are promoting the "Convivial Project" with the aim of having people participate and

Enjoy both the fall of appetite and the fall of art! A large collection of colorful autumn sweets! Autumn Gourmet All Stars ~Japanese and Western Sweets Edition~

September 13th (Wednesday) – October 10th (Tuesday) / Matsuzaka Ueno store 1st floor Hoppe Town https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/005230913_allstar_sweets.html *Released at 10am on Tuesday, September 12th The Matsuzaka Ueno store will be holding an "Autumn Gourmet All-Star" event from September 13th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Tuesday), where gourmet food featuring plenty of autumn flavors will gather. At Hoppe Town on the 1st floor and the cafe on the mezzanine and 2nd floors, we offer approximately 40 types of Japanese and Western sweets made with chestnuts, grapes, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes that are in season in autumn. We would like to introduce you to autumn sweets that will allow you to enjoy both “Autumn