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[To be held !!] KING & QUEEN Exhibition October 2020 | Ueno Royal Museum

[To be held !!] KING & QUEEN Exhibition October 2020 | Ueno Royal Museum

October 2020。 At the Ueno Royal Museum, the "KING & QUEEN Exhibition" to introduce portraits held by the London National Portrait Gallery has been decided. The London National Portrait Gallery is the museum that holds the most important portraits of the British dynasty. This exhibition introduces the history of the British royal family from about 100 portrait works (paintings, photographs, etc.) to about a century. Also, in this exhibition, we will look at facial expressions from portraits and stories from appearance. The writer and German literature writer Kyoko Nakano will navigate you. Exhibition name: KING & QUEEN Exhibition from the London National Portrait Gallery Date: October 2020 * Details of

[Don’t lose to Corona] Come back when the calm day comes back … Start selling advanced vouchers to stay at any time

LS Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Miki Ryo) is a hostel, “Q Stay and lounge Ueno” ( https://www.q-stay.jp/ ), when buyers like Advance sale vouchers that can use facilities at are sold at special prices. The tourism and lodging industry has been hit hard by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We at Q Stay and lounge are no exception, and after the opening of January 20 this year, the direct hit of the corona at the “future” timing and the decision to postpone the Olympics, we have canceled many reservations and postponed the schedule of group reservation customers Such effects have come out. The occupancy

[Emergency plan] Make your home a little luxurious! 30% off Rotisserie Chicken & Roast Beef & 1 pizza for 0 yen for 2nd pizza! Supporting self-restraint, spring break, and telework ”

Operated by RY Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Fujio Yokoyama), all LA COCORICO stores, 4 Merengue stores, New Bistro Gaburi Meguro store, Chirombo Marina In March 2020, as a support campaign for self-restraint, spring break, and teleworking, you will receive a 30% discount on rotisserie chicken and roast beef and take out one pizza for the second pizza, March 2020. It starts on Friday, 27th. ■ Background of implementation Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of people who take lunch or dinner at home, such as spring breaks for school closures and telework (work from home), is increasing. In addition, movements to stop unnecessary and urgent outings

Japanese artisan “Yukio Koizumi” demonstrates the “Karagami Seisaku” technology for preservation of selected countries!御 Gold stamps and notebooks that value the “heart of Japan” are also on display! @Marui

Koizumi Fusuma Paper Mill Co., Ltd. (President: Masayuki Koizumi), which produces Karagami, is an event held at Soka Marui (located in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture) and Ueno Marui (located in Taito-ku, Tokyo). We will report that the exhibition has been decided. This was realized through discussions between the Company and the Marui Special Affairs Department. During this period, we will sell "Karakami Fusuma" products and carry out "Karakami production experience". * The schedule is being adjusted due to the effects of the new coronavirus. [Exhibition items] ● Kamisuma sliding door In the Heian era, Karakami, which became synonymous with "Bran paper", was affixed to the bran of the era when

Sakura Enjoying Food, Drinks, and Projection Mapping。 Enjoy the Spring Visit at the Innovative Fusion Restaurant “Molecu-L.”

A new course that will make you feel spring from March 18 (Wednesday) at Ueno "Molecu-L." [2020 Spring Edit.] Has started. Please enjoy the "everyday" by combining cooking performance and projection mapping developed over the counter. In addition, the a la carte menu, which was only bar time, is now available throughout the day, and more customers can enjoy it. ■ New course [2020 Spring Edit.] Renewed spring course from Molecu-L. To customers。 [2020 Spring Edit.] Then, not only 9 full courses but also 7 half courses and 5 trial courses and 3 patterns are available. Sakura Flavor, a main dish that can be enjoyed on either course, is Kuroge

[Don’t lose to corona] Take a nap, rest, and telework in a quiet environment.

LS Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Miki Ryo) has been working at the hostel “Q Stay and lounge Ueno” ( https://www.q-stay.jp/ ) We are offering a short stay plan that can be used casually for teleworking etc. for a limited time from March 23 (Mon) to April 17 (Fri) 2020. This special plan has been prepared to meet the needs of resting and refreshing between work and concentrating in a quiet environment where nobody is disturbed. Choose from two types of plans to meet your needs You can As anxiety about infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus and increased burden on the home due to working

The second store in the Ueno area is born next to Ame Yokosoba! Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store opens this spring

Ichiran Co., Ltd. (Natural tonkotsu ramen specialty store / Founded: 1960 / Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka / President: Manabu Yoshitomi / https://www.ichiran.com ) is 86 stores in Japan and overseas this spring Open "Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi Store" This is the second store to open in the Ueno area, following the Atre Uenoyama Shimoguchi store. Ueno area where many sightseeing spots such as Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum are located. Among them, we hope that various people in Japan and overseas will come to the store to open a store near "Ameya Yokocho" which is always crowded with tourists. In addition, it is also characterized by a good location, a

eh? Insect food vending machine appeared at Ueno Ameyoko?

T.I.S. Co., Ltd. (Head office: 5-7-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; 6th floor of Kotokudo Building, hereafter T.I.S.) and R.O. 1-3-4 Shimo-mae, Toda City, Japan, hereafter referred to as Bags Farm) is actively developing vending machines for food [insect food], which is attracting worldwide attention, including Ueno Ameyoko. Insect food that has recently attracted some attention Isn't there anyone who has been seen in various media? Insects have high nutritional value and are extremely less damaging to the global environment when cultivated than cows and pigs. T.I.S., which operates a consultation business that installs vending machines, ATMs, and coin lockers in the dead space of the city, and Bags Farm, which imports

Goncha, an Asian tea cafe with more than 1,100 stores worldwide, has opened two new stores! March 13 (Fri) “Namba Marui Store”, March 19 (Thursday) “Ecute Ueno Store”

Goncha Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman, President and CEO: Yuyuki Harada) is accelerating the opening of “Goncha” stores in Japan. The "Namba Marui Store" will be opened in Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, and the "Ecute Ueno Store" will be opened on March 19 (Thursday) at the premises of JR East Ueno Station in Taito-ku, Tokyo. ■ Namba Marui Store: First store in Namba area We will open a store in Namba, one of the main areas of Kansai for the first time. Our shop faces Cafe Street, which is entered from Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street, and seats are provided inside the shop so that you can spend

Tonkatsu specialty store “Kimi ni fried。 (pole)” that gained popularity in Ikebukuro opens in Inaricho, Ueno.

“GENIUS.RK Co., Ltd.” (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo), which manages restaurants, “Flies to you” in Ueno, Inaricho, Tokyo, March 1, 2020 (Sun) (pole) Inaricho store opened. You can enjoy the taste of the Ikebukuro store that closed in July 2019 again. Carefully ripen the guraure pigs from Gunma Prefecture and provide meat with aromas, flavors, and flavors condensed in tonkatsu. Even in Inari-cho, many customers will be able to find out about the charms of “happy delight pigs”. Please enjoy "Tonkatsu" of the same taste as "Ikebukuro store". <<< Fry to you. ”(Pole) details >> ■ Opening day: Sunday, March 1, 2020 ■ Address: 1-4-6-103 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo * Nearest station: Inaricho