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Ueno News

National Museum of Western Art 60th Anniversary Matsukata Collection Exhibition-collaboration between water lily and PARCO-

National Museum of Western Art 60th Anniversary Matsukata Collection Exhibition-collaboration between water lily and PARCO-

Today, June 11 (Tuesday), representative of Monet's Water Lily, which was developed by PARCO Inc. to commemorate the holding of the 60th Anniversary Matsukata Collection Exhibition at the National Museum of Western Art, National Museum of Western Art Original products with the motif of are sold at the “Matsukata Collection Exhibition” venue and “Mitsukal Store Online” operated by Parco. [Sales schedule] June 11 (Tuesday)-National Western Art Museum "Matsukata Collection Exhibition" Venue Mitsukaru Store Online ( https://www.meetscal.parco.jp ) June 19 (Wednesday)-"Ueno Information Center" (Ueno Parukoya B1F) "Special Medley" (Osaka · Lucua Ele 2F) ※ Announcement will be made during the exhibition period Newstar (Fukuoka PARCO) Fresh Center (Shizuoka PARCO) ACID GALLERY

A great exhibition to commemorate 50 years of “breakthrough” by the genius, Go Nagai, held in September at the Ueno no Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

Sankei Shimbun is an exhibition "Nagai GO Exhibition" commemorating the 50 years of the manga artist Go Nagai's drawing work at the Ueno Forest Museum in Taito Ward, Tokyo, from September 14 (Sat) to 29 (Sun). Held. Advance tickets will be released on each play guide from Sunday, June 9th. The details are on the official website ( http://www.nagai50ten.com ). Holding purpose, highlight Manga genius Go Nagai has created works of various genres, such as the “Harenci Academy”, which has caused social phenomena, “Devilman”, who leaves the name in the history of the manga world, “Mazinger Z”, a giant robot manga's monument, etc. I sent it out to the world.

Ueno Information Center Limited! “Shangshan 2 years old commemorative goods” sale

Released on Wednesday, 5 June 2019! Ueno Information Center is commemorating that the giant panda "Shan Shan", born at Ueno Zoo, will be 2 years old on June 12, 2019, and will release panda goods perfect for the coming season. We will further enhance the festive mood for Shanshan, who is loved as an idol of Ueno. Ueno Information Center (3-29-5 Ueno, Taito-ku, Matsusaka Rooftop Field 1st floor / Operation of the Spert Co., Ltd.), the giant panda "Shashan" born in Ueno Zoo, will be 2 years old on June 12, 2019 To commemorate, we will release panda goods perfect for the coming season from Wednesday, June 5th. We will

A completely private luxury bar that overturns the concept of a barber shop opened at Don Quijote Ueno Store 5F

Get a chance to "rank up" in a full private bar for men only. Rips Co., Ltd., which offers consulting services for beauty salons in Tokyo, is a brand new exclusive high-end bar for men “Luxury men's salon Axis (Axis)” on June 10, 2019 (Sat), Don Quijote Ueno store Open on 5F. Leading our shop is a young barber who once participated in the international convention as a representative of Japan and has won awards in numerous contests. Masanori Kurazawa, who has participated in the Asian Cup for Men's Cuts as a representative of Japan, won the overall second place. We are not just barbers who just cut their hair

«Enjoy in the ordinance! All-you-can-eat Showa to Heisei feast fruit melon!開 催 “Melon eating comparison & melon sweet all-you-can-eat fair” Ueno’s buffet restaurant “Gift of the Earth” held!

Limited-time gourmet fair-from Monday, June 3 to Sunday, July 28 At Ueno's buffet restaurant “Daichi's Gift,” operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings, Inc. We will hold Melon Eating Comparison & Melon Sweet All-you-can-eat Fair from Monday, June 3, 2019 to Sunday, July 28, 2019. In addition to the regular menu such as the salad bar with all-you-can-eat fresh vegetables and about 80 kinds of souzou, we will develop a limited menu using melon. Outline of the event << Menu Details >> <Dinner limited menu> ● Comparison of eating red & blue melon ● Cream sandwich of double melon ● Tsukuba chicken raw ham melon

New era issue “Rekazu” commemorative on the theme of Mam (chrysanthemum) deeply related to Japan, limited in limited quantity by national limited Hibiya-Kadan Style et al. And online shopping site, April 26 (Fri) release Celebrating a new era, Phalaenopsis painted with chrysanthemums, Flower flap, bouquets that can be displayed as they are

Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd., in commemoration of the new era "Reiwa", three kinds of commemorative products with the theme of Mum (Chrysanthemum) on Friday, April 26 with Hibiya-Kadan Style stores across the country. Department Hibiya flower bed store and online shopping site hibiyakadan.com, toll free number (0120-001187), it will be released in limited quantities. Mum is a national flower that is deeply related to Japan, and has recently grown in popularity due to the emergence of various varieties such as pom pom flowers and decor flowers by the development of varieties. The Rehwa commemorative product to be released on the theme of Mum is the flower flape "REIWA" that arranges

Shape the thoughts of two countries. “MATCH FLAG PROJECT”

Football is a culture. Football is an art. “MATCH FLAG PROJECT” is two national flags on a piece of cloth so that players on both teams can meet on the pitch while thinking about the countries / regions that will face Japan It is a project that will bring the supporters' feelings to the match day to form. Football is a sport that most reflects the thinking and physicality of a country or region, and football is also a physical expression of local culture. "MATCH FLAG PROJECT" creates a place of contact with football in terms of culture and arts, and aims to create a more attractive football culture. Touch

[National Museum of Western Art] 150th Anniversary of Japan-Austrian Friendship “Hapsburg Exhibition 600 Years of Empire Collection History” Press Release Report

The National Museum of Western Art, from 19th October 2019 (Sun) to 26th January 2020, commemorates the 150th anniversary of the friendship between Japan and Austria "Hapsburg Exhibition 600 Years of Empire Collection History" is held. The press conference for this exhibition was held, so we will deliver the situation this time. Purpose of holding The Habsburg family's collection boasts the world's largest quantities and rooms. After advancing to Austria at the end of the 13th century, the Habsburgs family built a large empire there. It is the first in Europe to have succeeded the Roman emperors since the 15th century and ruled the successor Austrian empire after the Napoleonic

Rewa’s first “Museum 20, commemorating the day of the International Museum” Ueno Museum Week and Sita Machi Marche collaborate on “Museum Week Marche”

Ueno Museum Week * 1 and “Sitamachi Marche * 2” are collaborating as the highlights of the International Museum Day Commemorative Project 2019, which is currently being held, on the last day of the event and the previous day, May 18 The Museum Week Marche will be held from (Sat) to 19 (Sun). * 1 Joint Ueno Museum Week organization [2019 secretariat: National Western Art Museum], co-sponsored with Ueno Norenkai * 2 Sitamachi Marche is an event sponsored by Daimaru Matsusakaya Department Store   Museum Week Marche will be held at Okachimachi Panda Plaza in front of JR Okachimachi Station South Exit. In addition to fresh vegetables and illusionary rice

[Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “Beautiful Beauty-A Distinctive Art of Japanese Art-Yukito, Nagatoku to Kotouka, Hokusai-“

Tokyo National Museum, from May 3rd (Fri) to 2nd (Sun), 2019 Special Exhibition "Beautiful Beauty-A Distinctive Art of Japanese Art-Sesshu, Nagatoku, Koetsu, Hokusai-" Is being held. A preview for the media was held, so this time we will tell you how. A "spinning project" that is being developed to spin the beauty of Japan, including royal items related to the Imperial Family, national treasures and important cultural properties, to a wide range of countries, and further to the future. At this exhibition, which will be held as a part of the exhibition, famous items such as Kano Nagatoku "Taraginshi Zukabutsu", a national treasure "Otoru Zukaru", and other famous works such