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Ueno News

[Afternoon Tea] Collaboration with the Van Gogh exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum!

[Afternoon Tea] Collaboration with the Van Gogh exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum!

In the afternoon tea room, the Van Gogh Exhibition Autumn Special Afternoon Tea Set, collaborated with the Van Gogh exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum, will be held from October 1 (Tue) to November 13 (Wed) Sold for a limited time. “Gogh Exhibition Collaboration Autumn Special Afternoon Tea Set” is a fall-only menu where you can enjoy a variety of sweets and your favorite tea like a colorful Van Gogh painting. The menu was inspired by the theme of Van Gogh's exhibition “Two Encounters That Changed Life”. The first is an image of the "Hague School" influenced by Van Gogh's birthplace in the Netherlands, and the second is an image

The Rhythm Machine “TR-808” is registered in the “National Museum of Science and Technology (Nickname: Future Technology Heritage)”

The rhythm machine “TR-808”, which was released by Roland in 1980 and had a great influence on various music scenes, was announced by the National Science Museum (Taito-ku, Tokyo) as “ Future technology heritage) ”. “Important Science and Technology History Materials” is an important information on the history of science and technology in Japan, which shows the important achievements in the development of science and technology and is passed on to the next generation. Materials that have significant significance ”or“ materials that have had a significant impact on the way people live, economy, society, and culture ”are registered in the“ Registered Important Science and Technology History Register ”. You Registration

“Umbrella Gift” at Ueno’s buffet restaurant “The Autumn Taste” All-you-can-eat Matsutake & Mushroom Fair!

In Ueno's buffet restaurant “Gift of the Earth”, “Autumn Taste of Mushrooms & Mushroom All-you-can-eat Fair” is a gourmet fair that incorporates plenty of autumn taste from September 2, 2019 (Monday) to November It will be held for a limited time until 4th (Monday / Holiday). A gourmet fair for the buffet restaurant “ Gift of the Earth ” that is held for a limited time with the theme of ingredients that are seasonal in each season. The autumn fair where you can feel the most natural blessings of the year will be held. Its name is "« Autumn taste »matsutake mushroom & all-you-can-eat mushroom fair". The buffet table is

American restaurant “ Hard Rock Cafe ” limited time menu campaign September 2 (Monday) ~

From September 2 (Mon) to October 27 (Sun), the music-themed American restaurant "Hard Rock Cafe" uses rum, tequila, wine, etc. Held a campaign “Infused with Love, The Encore” that sells 7 food menus that evolved from advanced American-style Mexican cuisine and 4 drinks with orthodox cocktails arranged in a hard rock style. These limited-time menus are sold at stores worldwide. The food menu offered at “Infused with Love, The Encore”, as its name suggests, is a collection of gems created by “Hard Rock Cafe” with a love for the menu. You can enjoy the aroma and taste that will stir your appetite. In addition, in the drink menu, we prepared

[At the Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan] Shosoin’s World-The Beauty of the Imperial Family-Held

Raden Shion Gojo Tang Dynasty / 8th Century Shosoin Treasure [October 14-November 4] Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan will hold a special exhibition “The World of Shosoin-Beauty that the Imperial Family has Preserved” from October 14th (Monday / Holiday) to November 24th (Sunday) 2019 To do. This exhibition commemorates the emperor's imperiality and is a special exhibition focusing on the Asuka and Nara era's internationally artistic culture centered on Shosoin treasure, representing 7th century art in Japan. The Horyu-ji Temple treasure and Shosoin treasure representing 8th century art will be released simultaneously. ■ Highlights A masterpiece of treasures from Shosoin, such as Gosho-no-Sango-gogo, which has the highest beauty that carries the

[At the Tokyo National Museum] Held the 6th “Asia Journey Through the Museum”

The 6th “Journey of Asia at the Museum” will be held at the Tokyo National Museum from Tuesday, September 10 to Monday, October 14, 2019. “Museum in Asia” is the 6th annual event of the Tokyo National Museum this year. Set in the “Toyokan” where oriental arts, crafts and archaeological artifacts gather, different themes are set up every year. This year's theme is "Love". Because love is a fundamental human emotion, its objects and forms of fellowship vary. There must be individual answers about the relationship between love and sex and the difference between love and love. This time, as the title of “Love Love Asia” *, we will introduce

[4 days at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] TURN Festival 5 held! Press preview report

Today, from August 16th (Friday), the “TURN Festival 5” is being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum for a limited period of 4 days. There was a press preview the other day, so this time we will report on the pattern. What is TURN festival 5? “TURN Fest 5” is a festival where people from various fields such as artists and welfare facilities gather and interact with each other through exhibitions, workshops, stages, talks, guided tours, etc. is. TURN festival 5 has been held since 2015. The theme for this year's fifth anniversary is Pathways. We live every day by selecting a lot of “roads”, but the shortcut to

“Hailey’5 Café” opened.

The next generation manga cafe “Hailey'5 Café (Uley Okachimachi Store)” for adults is open on 8/7 (Wednesday). “Hailey'5 Café Ueno Okachimachi Store” is the fourth store of Hailey'5 Café. Handmade authentic food and free all-you-can-eat soft ice cream are very popular in a completely private room with auto-lock! It's almost a topic in hotels and SNS. ◆ 18 years old and over , fully soundproof private room with auto-lock , “Necafe”, the best adult popular with women “Hailey'5 Café” was opened in August 2015 in Ikebukuro as an online café for adults over the age of 18. The industry's first immediate web reservation system, a sense of security with a

[Tokyo University of the Arts Museum] From Maruyama Ooori to the modern Kyoto art platform-Press report-

From Saturday, August 3, 2019, at the University of Tokyo Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo, “From Maruyama Ooori to Modern Kyoto Art” is held. (Until Sunday, September 29) The other day, this exhibition's news preview was held, and this time we will deliver the report. About Oyama Maruyama Maruyama Oori was born as a peasant child in 1733 (Kyoho 18) near Kameoka, Kyoto (Aita Village, Tamba Kuwana-gun). However, life is difficult because of the poor family environment, and he was said to have been sent to the ministry from an early age. One of the company's customers, Owariya Kanbei, was a toy dealer that handled floats, telescopes, peep glasses, and

“Macho Ice in Marui” will be held at Marui 4 stores for a limited time!

Kaki Hiya, “Macho Ice in Marui”, performed by the muscle entertainment group “Macho 29”, will appear in Marui 4 stores for a limited time! How about the cold shaved ice that Macho uses a lot of muscle and shaved in the hot summer? ◆ What is “Macho Ice in Marui” Macho provides oyster ice with all the muscles shaved off, without relying on full automation. The finish responds to the customer's request and applies syrup while emphasizing favorite muscles. ≪What is Macho 29? ≫ An entertainment group formed with respect and love for all those who love macho in the world, those who want to be macho, and those who