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Ueno News

Pre-sale of gaming sake “GAMING RAINBOW” by crowdfunding. With the support of game fans, the target amount of 1 million yen was achieved in 3 hours! Looking for until 6/3. Related events will be held in May!

Pre-sale of gaming sake “GAMING RAINBOW” by crowdfunding. With the support of game fans, the target amount of 1 million yen was achieved in 3 hours! Looking for until 6/3. Related events will be held in May!

Crouching big punch and expressing taste. Many game fans are gathering support for sake cans, which are packed with the particulars of "gaming" sake. SakeBottlers Co., Ltd. is the second in the HITOMAKU series of sake bottle cans, "GAMING RAINBOW" (180ml) for "drinking sake while playing games" by crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE until 6/3 (Friday). Pre-sale is underway ( https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/562978 ). With the support of game fans, we achieved the target amount of 1 million yen in 3 hours and 2 million yen in 4 days, and are currently challenging the NEXT goal of 4 million yen. Former Capcom, Street Fighter series illustration "Kinu Nishimura", VTuber and APEX official book illustration

[Gelato pique] PANDA SERIES, which has a lineup of collaboration items with the popular twin panda “Xiao Xiao Ray Ray” from Ueno Zoo, is now available for pre-order!

There are also special items to commemorate Xiao Xiao Ray Ray's 1st birthday! The room wear brand "gelato pique" developed by Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President Hiroyuki Kondo) will pre-order PANDA SERIES from May 12th (Thursday). In addition, as a collaborative collection with the twin panda "Xiao Xiao Ray Ray" at Ueno Zoo, we have developed 4 types of room wear and miscellaneous goods. The collection is available for pre-order at the online store. Xiao Xiao Ray Ray COLLECTION "A special collaboration modeled on the twin panda Xiao Xiao Ray Ray has been realized! 』\ The first zoo in Japan, "Ueno Zoo," located in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Omaru Matsuzakaya 2022 Early Summer TABLE FOR TWO Fair

Gifts for children in developing countries | The Omaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will be offering food to children in developing countries at 12 Omaru and Matsuzakaya stores from May 11th (Sunday) to June 21st (Sunday). "FOR TWO Fair" will be held. [Holding store] Omaru ︓ Osaibashi store, Umeya store, Kyoto store, Shinto store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Shimonoseki store Matsuzakaya ︓ Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store, Takatsuki store / Hakata Daimaru * Please check the URL below for details on the location of the recruitment box and the restaurants that offer the menu. Special site ︓ https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/ * The donations that you have cooperated with will be donated to

“Ichiju Shunsai Nihonbashi Dashiba” pop-up store Matsuzakaya Ueno store open for a limited time

The side dish store operated by Ninben, a specialty store for dried bonito, has been reopened due to its popularity! Ninben Co., Ltd. will open the "Ichiju Shunsai Nihonbashi Dashiba" pop-up store at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store for 7 days from May 4th to May 10th, 2022. Due to its popularity, this is the fourth store opening. We will sell 7 kinds of bento boxes and 5 kinds of side dishes, including the most popular bento box "Dashi Wappameshi" which has been opened three times in the past. ■ "Ichiju Shunsai Nihonbashi Dashiba" Pop-up store overview Holding period May 4th (Wednesday) -May 10th (Tuesday), 2022 10: 00-20: 00 Venue Matsuzakaya

Brandear has started offering items for “Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5” -the products we handle have been greatly expanded and reopened on May 3 (Tuesday)!

ATENOY, ABAB UENO and aiming for zero fashion loss Brandear, one of the largest home delivery purchase services in Japan operated by Defactostandard, Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime 3328), is a remake brand "SREU" as part of the SDGs initiative "Disposal 0 Project". (Thru) ”etc. and ABAB UENO, a young fashion specialty store, jointly operates“ Unmanned Old Clothes 2.5 ”, which is jointly operated by Akafudo Co., Ltd., and provides clothing that cannot be purchased and is discarded. It started from the month. With the launch of this product, the item lineup of "Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5" has expanded significantly and will be reopened from May

[Motherhouse] Ueno’s first! A new store opens in Atre Ueno, which is directly connected to the station. To a store that delivers the excitement of developing countries

Motherhouse, which has the philosophy of "creating a world-class brand from developing countries," has opened its first store in Ueno, "Motherhouse Atre Ueno Store." The shop is located on the floor leading from the central ticket gate concourse of JR Ueno Station, and is in an excellent location where you can enjoy shopping at any time during work or on your way home. We will deliver a warm space that will be close to the lives of everyone who travels around the city of Ueno. A rich lineup full of individuality In the store, not only the main products of Motherhouse, but also leather bags that can be used for

Taiwan beer garden at Ueno Park in early summer! !! Notice of “Taiwan Festival ™ TOKYO 2022”

Pray for good luck and good luck in Taiwan and resume travel! This year's 8th Taiwan Festival ™ holds a Japan-Taiwan exchange to think about Japanese food culture through Taiwanese food culture at Ueno Onshi Park in Tokyo every June. The purpose is to increase the number of Taiwanese lovers who are interested in Taiwan. The Taiwan Lovers Association will deepen the relationship between Japan and Taiwan through food culture from June 16th (Thursday) to 19th (Sunday) at the 8th "Taiwan Festival" at Ueno Onshi Park Fountain Square in Tokyo. ™ TOKYO 2022 ”will be held. [Event details] A Taiwanese beer garden will appear in Ueno for a limited time!

From standard popularity to limited editions! Introducing “pleasant souvenirs” that you can’t miss GW Hoppe Town 10 selections of souvenirs

April 27th (Wednesday) -May 8th (Sunday), 2022 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building B1F / 1F Hoppe Town The big holidays and Golden Week are finally coming this year! This year's Golden Week, which will be a maximum of 10 consecutive holidays, will have more opportunities to meet distant family and friends for the first time in a long time. So, if you buy this, there is no doubt! Here are 10 "pleasant hand souvenirs" that you won't want to miss, such as popular classic products and limited-edition products that can only be purchased here. Only here in the Ueno area! Ueno = Panda! Easy to understand ◎ <Bankaku Sohonpo> Yukari

[Venue Report] “Scottish National Gallery THE GREATS Beauty Masters” Grant to Rayburn, rare English paintings also visit Japan (until July 3 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

"Scottish National Gallery THE GREATS Beauty Masters" , which introduces the works of masters who colored the history of Western painting from the Renaissance period to the latter half of the 19th century, is being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from April 22 (Friday). The session is until July 3rd (Sun). Since I participated in the press preview held prior to the opening, I will report on the state of the venue and the exhibited works. The treasure of beauty that the Scottish National Gallery is proud of comes to Japan at once. The Scottish National Gallery, opened in 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is known as one

[DA PUMP ARENA TOUR Memorial] A limited-time collaboration menu of dance & vocal monkey DA PUMKEY and the king of bananas “Amajuou” will be offered at Karaoke PASELA!

GEEK WONDERS, a unit that conducts the content creative business of the new era of Geek Pictures Co., Ltd., is the sweet and delicious "banana" of DA PUMP official character, Dance & Vocal Monkey DA PUMKEY and Sumifru Japan Co., Ltd., which are jointly operated with Rising Production Co., Ltd. "DA PUMP ARENA TOUR Memorial Amajuou Presents DA PUMKEY ✕ Karaoke Pasera Sing, Eat and Enjoy! Collaboration Menu Dakki ~" will be held. The dance & vocal group DA PUMP's national tour "LIVE DA PUMP 2022 TOUR DA POP COLORS", which celebrated its 25th anniversary of debut, will start on Saturday, April 16th, and "LIVE DA PUMP 2022 ARENA TOUR