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Ueno News

Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store opened on June 9 with enhanced hygiene

Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store opened on June 9 with enhanced hygiene

Co., Ltd. Ichiran (natural pork ramen shop / Founded: 1960 / head office: Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City / President: Yoshitomi Science / Https://Www.Ichiran.Com ) is, June 9 ( Tue) Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store will open at 10 am. Initially, it was planned to open a little earlier, but it was postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. In the meantime, at the existing stores, we received many words of gratitude, such as "Ichiran was vacant" and "Ichiran can be eaten with peace of mind", and the desire to be able to deliver a little more energy through ramen became stronger. .. With the impact of the new coronavirus

4 Oyster bars in Tokyo have started taking out “seasonal raw oysters”! Challenge the “peeling” of the family! Oyster bar at home

General Oyster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidenori Yoshida, CEO: Yusuke Tanno, hereinafter “General Oyster”), one of Japan's largest * 1 oyster bar chains We are starting to sell takeout raw oysters only at 4 stores from Friday, 29th of May. * 1: From Fuji Keizai "Foodservice Marketing Manual 2016" In order to enjoy the deliciousness and enjoyment of the oyster bar at home, we started selling some menus on May 10th. As the second edition, we will start the takeout sales of raw oysters. [Overview of Oyster Bar at home] ■ Sales period: Start from Friday, May 29 ■ Raw oysters takeout sale 12 pieces 4,560 yen, 24

A “50% OFF” campaign for all takeout menu items from the meat restaurant “Nikumori Bar Toroniku” is being held! !

You can enjoy popular low temperature cooked roast beef and roast pork at home! "Nikumori Bar Toroniku," operated by D-R Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuki Nakajima), will launch a "50% OFF" campaign for all takeout menu items from May 25 I will do it. ■ Eat popular meat dishes at a meat specialty store at home Popular low temperature roast beef Fried young chicken loved by children and adults Please enjoy the pork meat dish at home at home. We offer "50% OFF" items such as our proud roast beef, roast pork and low temperature cooked chicken ham that you can't taste at home. Now that the number

The lights of Edo and Tokyo cannot be turned off! Opened Edo Tokyo Ichi, an online store that collects famous products from Nihonbashi long-established stores

The long-established Nihonbashi Store, which has been a flagship for recovery since the Edo era, has been energizing Japan from Nihonbashi even after Reiwa. Online store "Edo Tokyo one" https://edotokyo1.com/ This is a magnificent online store with a long-established history of 5,054 years. We hope you will feel Japan through the attractive products of Nihonbashi and feel your feelings on the day of the coming reconstruction. Spart Co., Ltd. also introduces and sells long-established products at the Nihonbashi Information Center and the Nihonbashi Tourist Information Center. In addition to each information center, many Nihonbashi long-established stores are refraining from business by declaring an emergency situation.In order to restore Japan's vitality

[National Museum of Science] Cancellation of special exhibition “Washoku -Japanese nature, wisdom of people-“

National Science Museum Special Exhibition "Japanese food-Japanese nature, wisdom of people-" The National Museum of Science (Director Yoshihiro Hayashi) has decided to cancel the special exhibition "Washoku-Japanese nature, people's wisdom" due to the extension of the new coronavirus infectious disease declaration. [The official website of this exhibition: https://washoku2020.jp ] The National Science Museum (Ueno Main Building) has been temporarily closed from Saturday, February 29, to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, and the special exhibition "Washoku-Japanese nature, wisdom of people-" will open. It was postponed. Due to the extension of the emergency declaration, the special exhibition "Washoku-Japanese nature, wisdom of people-" will unfortunately be abandoned and canceled. Due to

“Aikasa”, new product announcement! A new type of umbrella, an umbrella stand, and 3 updates of the app have made it possible to realize an eco-system concept that does not consume an umbrella. Put an end to the disposable umbrella

Aiming for a more environmentally friendly society by making it easier to travel on rainy days with our partner companies. Nature Innovation Group Co., Ltd. [Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Teruji Marukawa, hereinafter Aikasa], which operates the umbrella sharing service “Aikasa”, has three new features: an umbrella, an umbrella stand, and an app. We will announce the product. After this update, we have completed the concept of "I no longer need to buy an umbrella," which I had envisioned from the beginning of the service. We will certainly change Japan, which is the number one consumer of umbrellas, along with the expansion spots that will continue to expand in the

Information on 2k540 online sales for “Japanese manufacturing” at home time

2k540 (Nikkei Goyonmaru), a commercial facility with the theme of "Japanese manufacturing" under the viaduct connecting JR Akihabara Station to Okachimachi Station, is currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. .. 2k540 is a commercial facility with about 50 workshops and stores related to "manufacturing in Japan". Craftsmen of various genres such as leather, wood, iron, setomono, jewelery and dyed products make and sell one item. Currently, we are closed for store sales, but each store is selling online. It's difficult to maintain feelings because you spend a lot of time at home, but why not add some color to your daily life with interiors and accessories

STAYHOME Week will be “Culture From Home at Home” and enjoy the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum and Hall!

This is a summary of online content that you can enjoy at home for those who spend "STAY HOME Week to Protect Life" at home. To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, the Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Facility is currently closed. It is open to the public. Please take a look. [Home culture #CultureFromHome] Website https://www.rekibun.or.jp/art/reports/20200424-23284/ [Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Facility] Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo Edo Tokyo Museum, Edo Tokyo Tatemonoen, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Shibuya Koen Dori Gallery, Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Cultural Center, Tokyo Art Theater, Arts Council Tokyo [Example of content] ● Special

“Hamashoy and Danish Painting” special online museum shop now open!

"Hamashoy and Danish Painting" [Period / Venue: January 21, 2020 (Tues) -March 26, Thursday (Thursday) * Halfway closing Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 7, 2020 (Tues) * Opening postponement-June) 7th (Sun) Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art] has opened a special online music shop from 10:00 am on Thursday, April 30 for a limited time. With a focus on original merchandise using Hamashoe's masterpieces and other works exhibited in this exhibition, you can purchase goods online that were originally only sold at special shops in the museum. ■ "Hamashoy and Danish Painting" Special Online Museum Shop ■ URL: https://hammershoi.shop/ ■ Goods order acceptance period: 10:30 am, Thursday, April 30, 2020-11:

[Limited time] Eat spicy “meat cheese tower”! Summer menu “Akuma no Meat Cheese Tower RED” is now available!

Summer limited "The Devil's Meat & Cheese Tower RED" is now available! Today, from May 1, 2020 (Friday), "Summer Limited! Devil's We will sell "Meat Cheese Tower RED" separately and as an all-you-can-eat plan. We are looking forward to your visit and we look forward to your visit. Devil's Meat Cheese Tower "RED" GABURICO's popular menu, "Devil's Meat Cheese Tower" will be upgraded to the summer version. A summer-only Ver. Is introduced to the "devil's meat cheese tower" where a large amount of beef dice steak is piled up in a powerful meat tower in front of you with a large amount of thick cheese ♪ A crunchy texture blending