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Ueno News

[Summer only] All-you-can-eat homemade fresh cheese for 500 yen ?! All-you-can-eat plan with too high cost performance started by a popular cheese specialty store of rumor! !! !!

[Summer only] All-you-can-eat homemade fresh cheese for 500 yen ?! All-you-can-eat plan with too high cost performance started by a popular cheese specialty store of rumor! !! !!

Cold fresh cheese in the hot summer! In fact, cheese is full of nutrients that should be eaten in the summer! Let's survive the summer with cheese power. From Thursday, July 1, 2021, "Summer only! Homemade fresh cheese all-you-can-eat 500 yen" will be on sale at all 9 stores of "Garden Farm" and "Terrace" operated by GOSSO Co., Ltd. with an all-you-can-eat plan. .. * Stores other than Yokohama Garden Farm are currently closed, so we will start after reopening. Cool cheese to enjoy summer! The charm of "fresh cheese". Fresh cheese with a gentle cheese flavor and refreshing acidity that is perfect for summer. Cheese A classic cheese that

[Tokyo National Museum] Report on the special exhibition “National Treasure Shorinji Eleven-faced Kannon-Mt. Miwa Faith Mihotoke” first released in Tokyo! The appearance of eleven-faced Kannon to enjoy at 360 degrees

From June 22nd (Tuesday) to September 12th (Sunday), 2021, a special exhibition "National Treasure Seirinji Eleven-faced Kannon-Miwayama Faith Mihotoke" is being held at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo. is. This exhibition attracts attention as the national treasure "Eleven-faced Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue", which is said to be the masterpiece of Japanese sculpture due to its exceptional beauty, is exhibited outside Nara Prefecture for the first time in history. Since I participated in the press preview, I will report on the situation at the venue. Buddha statues related to Oomiwa Shrine reunited for the first time in about 150 years! The national treasure "Eleven-faced Kannon Bosatsu Statue", which is the

You can fully enjoy Francais’ sweets! We will release a limited-time product “France Best Selection” from the Western confectionery brand “France” that enjoys “fruits” and “nuts”!

We have prepared a special assortment where you can fully enjoy Francais' popular sweets! Shukley Co., Ltd. will release a limited-time product "France Best Selection" from the Western confectionery brand "France" that enjoys "fruits" and "nuts"! "Mille-feuille to enjoy fruits" with four classic and popular flavors, sandwiched with creams of "fruit" and "nuts" in a crispy pie layered on top of each other. A moist and baked "lemon cake" where you can enjoy the refreshing and rich taste of lemon. "Franse biscuits" are a combination of sweet and sour and salty strawberry sandwiched with Camembert chocolate. It is an assortment that you can enjoy 6 kinds of flavors. We have

Cinnamon roll specialty store “Cinnabon” is now available in Ueno Marui! July 1 (Thursday) NEW OPEN

JR Kyushu First Foods Co., Ltd. will open the cinnamon roll specialty store “Cinnabon” Ueno Marui store on Thursday, July 1, 2021. At the Ueno Marui store, we also sell our limited “Pandabon”. Please look forward to it.   “Cinnabon” is a cinnamon roll specialty store that operates in various places such as Roppongi, Kichijoji, and Futakotamagawa. At the Ueno Marui store, we have the standard “Cinnabon Classic”, “Raisin Bread” limited to some stores, and “Pandabon” limited to the Ueno Marui store. We also have a variety of “Seattle’s Best Coffee” drinks that go well with “Cinnabon” cinnamon rolls, so we look forward to welcoming you.   ■ Store overview

Mobile battery sharing “Charge SPOT” installed in Toei Subway station

We are pleased to inform you that we will install a new mobile battery sharing "ChargeSPOT" in the station yard of the Toei Subway. "ChargeSPOT" is a service that allows you to easily rent a mobile battery with a dedicated battery stand. We will strive to further improve convenience by responding to the demand for charging smartphones, etc. when going out. 1 Installation location and installation date Route name Station name Installation location Installation date Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station Concourse outside the ticket gate on the 1st basement floor June 28, 2021 Oedo Line Hikarigaoka Station Concourse outside the ticket gate on the 1st basement floor June 28, 2021

[Ueno Royal Museum] “Kingdom Exhibition-Shin-” Report |

The exhibition "Kingdom Exhibition- Shin-" of the manga "Kingdom" based on Yasuhisa Hara is being held at the Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo. * The session is from June 12th (Sat) to July 25th (Sun), 2021. "Kingdom Exhibition-Shin-" created under the full supervision of the author The popular manga "Kingdom" serialized in "Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha) is set in China during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, with a former servant boy, Shin, who aims to become a general in the world, and Qin, who later becomes Qin Shi Huang. This is a story about the young king, Qin Shi Huang, aiming to unify China. This "Kingdom Exhibition-Shin-"

If you’re alone, don’t worry about your surroundings while eating! Mitsui Shopping Park Urban supports “one person’s rice” that is starting now!

At Mitsui Shopping Park Urban, which is operated by Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd., we are thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures so that our customers can visit us with peace of mind even as the effects of the new coronavirus continue. In addition, in response to the recent need to refrain from eating out with multiple people, we are pleased to offer recommended menus and seats for one person at some facilities in Tokyo so that you can enjoy gourmet food with peace of mind. We have released a web page "Hitotsujime Gourmet" that summarizes information. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications household statistics, spending on

[Yakiniku-like] for one person or two people “All-you-can-drink for 60 minutes to prevent spread” will be held from June 21st (Monday)

"Yakiniku-like", which is operated by Yakiniku-like Co., Ltd. and is based on the concept of fast food of yakiniku, follows the policy of priority measures such as prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection announced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on June 18, 2021. Alternatively, "All-you-can-drink for 60 minutes and 550 yen for prevention of spread" will be held at some stores from June 21st (Monday) for customers who come to the store with two people. If it is "Yakiniku-like" that recommends yakiniku alone, you will naturally eat and drink silently. We will hold an all-you-can-drink campaign so that our customers can enjoy yakiniku and sake as much as

Fruit Paradise “All-you-can-eat domestic cherries and melons” -All-you-can-eat luxurious fruits sent by Suipara-

Held at 8 Sweets Paradise stores from June 16, 2021 (Wednesday) Inoue Shoji Co., Ltd. will hold a fruit paradise "All-you-can-eat domestic cherries and melons" at eight Sweets Paradise stores nationwide from June 16th (Wednesday) to July 4th (Sunday), 2021. At Sweets Paradise (Suipara), we are implementing an all-you-can-eat plan "Fruit Paradise" where you can enjoy as many seasonal fruits as you like. In this "All-you-can-eat domestic cherries and melons", you can enjoy as many popular cherries as you like, and you can also enjoy melons, which are famous as high-class fruits. We have various varieties of cherries, centering on "Sato Nishiki", which is famous as a high-class variety. The

Lemonade specialty store “LEMONADE PLANET” June 10 Spice curry “Keema stand TOKYO” that eats vegetables June 22 Korean chicken “Ile Sam” June 23

Eating out at home! Delivery that you can enjoy the taste of the shop at home is opening one after another Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd. will open a lemonade specialty store "LEMONADE PLANET" on June 10 as a delivery specialty store where you can easily enjoy authentic taste at home, and on June 10th, a spice curry "Keema Stand TOKYO" that eats vegetables. Will open on June 22nd, and the Korean chicken "Ile Sam" will open on June 23rd. You can order at the delivery services "Uber Eats" and "Delivery Hall". "LEMONADE PLANET" is a lemonade specialty store where you can enjoy the deliciousness of lemon as it is by