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The Photograph: What You See & What You Don’t #2

Photography has had influences on the human societies in many different aspects since its invention in the 19th century. Currently, digital photography has overwhelmed. Even a cell phone is camera-equipped and these devices enable everyone to achieve a digital photographic image easily whenever they like. However, since digital photography has become something taken for granted, it can be said that people have less chance to think about “photograph” itself. Now we are living the world in which an image is obtainable by pushing shutter release button or even touching a button appears in a touchscreen. “What is Photography?” This exhibition was planned to ask this simple but important question.

The theme of the last exhibition held in 2007 “The Photograph: What You See & What You Don’t” was the ambiguity that photographic expression naturally carries; in other words, the relationship between super tangibleness (substantial image) and abstractness (thought of photographer). Along with the strength of the substantial image, how to express invisible parts in the field of view is very important, fundamental element of photography regardless of technology. This year, we would like to reconsider “photography” of today along with possibilities newly born in the evolving digital technology. There must exist technological differences between analog photography and digital photography; however, what about difference in expression? Today, though materials are not 100% available, technique and knowledge of analog photography are mature, and it seems that the digital photography is in a phase of maturity. In this interesting situation, we would like to examine technological aspects and explore further possibility in fusion of the two technologies. This exhibition also aims to cast at Japan of today, featuring Japan-themed photographs taken by artists living in overseas countries. We would be happy if visitors think about relationship between the world and Japan, via photographic expressions. We hope this exhibition would be an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of photography.

Period: From Monday July 13 to Saturday August 1, 2015
Time: 10:00-18:00 (Close at 17:00 on the final day)

Venue: The University Art Museum - Tokyo University of the Arts (TOKYO GEIJUTSU DAIGAKU)


Inquiry: 03-5777-8600

Official Web Page: http://www.mierumienai02.com/