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Ueno Information Office original “New Panda goods” released!

To celebrate the expansion of the Ueno Zoological Garden born giant panda and Shanshan viewing, at the Ueno Information Office, from February 1, 2018 (Thursday), Ueno Information Office "Shan Shan middle" and Yushima · Okachimachi's " Okinawa "Official character" Pantyhose Panda Era Strap "is on sale.

Product Summary

· Ueno Information Office Limited "Shan Shan Mid" Tax included 680 yen

It is "hand-making" that sandwiches the amount of bean paste just before eating. You can taste the pleasure of leather at the same time while keeping the fragrance of leather during the midst of it. Two kinds of patterns are Shan Shan and Lily Pin & Shinkin parent.

In addition, as a surprise, it is also manufactured during Shan Shan's new design. If you are lucky you may meet Lucky Shan Shan !?

· Official character of learning "Panda Paddler strap launch" 400 yen including tax

Character · Traffic panda that was born to commemorate the fact that about 700 meters from Tokyo Metro Nakajikacho Station to Yushima Tenman-gu Shrine (Yushima Tenjin) was named as "Michi no Michi".

It is an original goods that is obsessed with its driving power. Like the real ema, natural wood is used.

Tranny Panda Profile Birthday: November 3, 2017 Origin: Okachimachi Nickname: Open basket work: Telling the charm of academic attraction, cheer for everyone's fun Hobby: Power spot tour Special skill: Handshake opens luck

store information

· What is the Ueno Information Office?

Opened on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

It is evolutionary information that transmits useful information for walking Ueno from various angles.
Of course, tourist information, guide map, pamphlets are fulfilling, as well as famous items and gems of Ueno neighborhood are also on sale. Not only the established store but also attention to new creator and workshop etc, we also have a variety of museum goods such as museums and museums densely populated in Ueno Impression Park.
In addition, it attracts attention as a new sight where more than 100 kinds (2018.2.1 present) of panda goods are available.

· Store Overview

Store name Ueno Information Office
Street address 〒 110 – 8503
Ueno 3-29-5, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Matsuzakaya Ueno store basement 1st floor (Parcoya side)
business hours 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
TEL 03-3832-1111 (Representative)


■ Recommended Gifts Recommendation Gifts We have a booth with selected items from well-established stores and major stores of the Ueno area (including Okachimachi, Yushima, Yanaka, Nezu, Kuramae etc.). Ueno unique museum goods, local traditional crafts, miscellaneous goods by emerging creators, "Ueno's ancient gift feeling" is on sale.

■ Tourist Information Tourist Information – We guide tourist attractions of the Ueno area in multiple languages ​​so that foreign travelers can use it with confidence. There are also digital signage and a huge map around Ueno in the store, so we distribute a lot of leaflets and pamphlets such as regional events, cultural facilities and so on, so we can utilize it for the city streets.
Free Wi-Fi spot is also provided. Apart from Japanese, English, Chinese, Taiwanese.

■ Community Space Community Space – We plan to hold a workshop in collaboration with the community site "Ueno, Suki." And the Ueno area's traditional crafts, well-established stores, creators etc. using the space inside the store.