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Special exhibition “Ninna-ji Temple and Mikui school group only” Information on extension of opening hours

Over 200,000 visitors! Over the remaining 11 days until the end of the exhibition, more than 10,000 people daily!

Today, February 27 (Tuesday) on the 37th day of the opening of the special exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan, “Ninna-ji Temple and Only the Mikui School Only – Tempe and the Treasures of Shingon Buddism – , Exceeded 200,000 people. It will be two weeks until the end of the March 11th (Sunday) session, and the venue is crowded with more than 10,000 customers visiting the site every day.

This time, in order to visit this exhibition to as many customers as possible more comfortably, the opening hours for 3 days, on Sunday 4th (Sunday), 6th (Tue) and 7th (Wednesday), usually 17 o’clock It was decided to extend it to 21 o’clock.

It was held for 11 days to remain until the closing, we decided to extend the opening hours. I would like to introduce you, please, thank you.

I presented a book of Reiko and Senju Kanono poster to Mr. Rei Horii of Machida City, Tokyo. Mr. Horii who came with twin sisters. At the second visit to the Ninna-ji Exhibition was “I came to see Mr. Senju Kannon today!”

About 10,000 visitors every day! It is a long line waiting for about 60 minutes at the maximum. Do not miss the unique opportunity to watch a lot of secret Buddha that is not publicly available, such as National Treasure “Senju Kannon Bodhisattva Seated Image” (Osaka · Kuzellaji) etc.

National treasure “Senju Kannon Bodhisattva Seated Image” Nara era, 8 th century Osaka, Kuzelloji collection

■ Opening hours after change
Sunday, March 4 (Sun) until 21: 00 ※ usually extended from 17:00 closing
March 6 (Tuesday) until 21: 00 ※ usually extended from 17:00 closing
Wednesday, March 7 (Wednesday) until 21:00 * normally extended from 17: 00 closing
Until 17:00 on March 8 th (Thursday)
Friday, March 9 until 21:00
Saturday, March 10 until 21:00
Until 17:00 on March 11 (Sunday)

※ 4th, 6th, 7th will be extended from the original schedule until 21 o’clock ※ Admission until 30 minutes before closing

【Special exhibition “Only Ninna-ji and Mikui school groups – Tempei and the treasure of Shingon Buddism”】 Summary

■ Venue / Period: Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan / January 16 (Tue) – March 11 (Sun) in 2018
■ Closed: Every Monday ■ Inquiries: 03-5777-8600 (Hello dial)
■ Exhibition official website: http: //ninnaji2018.com/

In this exhibition, a total of 174 treasure trees including 66 body sculptures such as secret Buddhist monasteries and main shrines stored in Ninna-ji temple in the whole country are gathered at once and exhibits 8 secret Buddhas. Moreover, mural paintings are also faithfully reproduced with Buddha statue of “real thing” and high-resolution images, which is usually kept secretly kept in the Kannondo of Ninna-ji temple protected from the Edo period as a monk training dojo It is. Also, since the earliest opening dates of the Edo era, the first Tokyo since the Edo period (Osaka / Kuzellaji) with the thousands of hands, the thousand eyes, 11 faces, the oldest Senju Kaneko image · National treasure ” It is now open to the public. You can watch the miracle shaping beauty that is usually settled in the closed cabin from 360 degrees at the venue.