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Matsuzakaya Ueno shop Happy Ballen “Well” in? ! To cat love it! Valentine’s Cat Selection

Thursday, January 31, 2019 – Thursday, February 14, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6 Floor Place

At Matsuzakaya Ueno store, we hold "Chocolat Promenade" where 65 brands gather at the 6th floor fairground of the main building. Recently cat popularity is boiling. Cats, movies, dramas, cats are doing great, but cats popular with such cats, cute cats gathered at the Valentine 's venue too! From 6 brands, there are over 70 types of cat motif chocolates on hand!

<Demel> Solid chocolate cat label milk 1,944 yen

Chocolate with loveness that made the tongue of a cat motif and charm with smooth mouth melt. With elegant flavor reminiscent of the ancient capital Vienna in a beautiful package.

<Juheim x Lisa Larson> Assorted chocolate (8 pieces) 1,728 yen

Collaboration with Swedish popular ceramist · Lisa · Larson and <Yuheim>! Many fans in Japan are "Mikey" cats spread from picture books.

<Merry chocolate maptit minette> Minetto Clonneu (Blue, 3 pieces) 540 yen

I packed three kinds of chocolate in a lovely package that imaged a kitten in a spirit mood with a crown.

<Hearty by Morozov> Favorite cobblestone (12 pieces) 540 yen

Stuffed in the city of Paris and a fancy package depicting class cats, packing various forms of chocolate and message chocolate.

<Biancool> Cats gallery B (18 pieces) 1,080 yen

Milk & Sweet Thin Plain Chocolate Kitten We wrapped various kinds of family scenes with 18 types of illustrations and packages that are also fun to the eyes.

<Goncharov Anjuju> Anjuju G (3 pieces x 4 volumes) 1,296 yen

An illustration · Mr. Miyazaki's Humorous Black Cat Anne Juju, and a package depicting his friends' cats and chocolate of a cat motif are attention.