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[From 7.20 (Saturday) held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] Atsuko Inaba Exhibition

From July 20, 2019 (Saturday) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, the “Iba Reiko Exhibition” will be held. [Until October 9 (Wed)]
The press preview of this exhibition was held the other day, so this time we will deliver the report.

About Iba Atsuko Exhibition

Atsuko Iba

Atsuko Iba is fascinated by the world with her own eyes and motifs as a painter, and continues to express the scenery of itself by drawing texture motifs and light that it would like to touch Yes.
The creative style is based on photographs taken by myself, and in the 2000s , the motif was mainly bedding and dishes.
Also in recent years, the style of production has not changed, but the distance to the motif that was approaching has gradually increased.
The interest in the landscape gradually increases, and by expanding the perspective to the surrounding space, the Iba work shows new developments.
At this exhibition, video works have been presented as prints and new attempts, including paintings drawn from photographs taken at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Since the solo exhibition in 2009, “Iba Reiko-The Place of the Wonder of the Day-” (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art), the exhibition for the first time in a museum for the first time in 10 years “Aiko Iba Exhibition”
This exhibition brings to the core of unchanging interest along with the 10-year change of Iiwa Reiko, by displaying works in front of new development, focusing on recent works and new works.

Highlights of the exhibition

The highlight of the exhibition is three.

The first solo exhibition for the first time in 110 years at a museum in Tokyo

This is a large collection of works at major museums in Japan and abroad.
Its popularity is loved by many collectors as well as museums.
In this exhibition, we will display works from 2004, which will lead to recent works and new works, with the help of many holders who are carefully kept in private residences.
Usually, the collector’s favorite work that can not be seen in the middle is a pleasure.

2 New exhibition center

The exhibition will be held for around three years from the spring of 2016, which was decided to be held, and will be exhibited focusing on new works such as paintings, prints and videos.
The paintings I drew from the photographs taken at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum were reborn through the lenses and hands of Iba, and brought new life to the architecture of Kunio Maekawa who designed the museum.

First Challenge for 3 Video Works

With a focus on painting and broadening her production activities, Iba is challenging the first video work this time.
Developed from paintings that draw a quiet space filled with light, it is an image work that makes it possible to be aware of various things that exist between human eyes such as the atmosphere, light, and atmosphere, and objects of things to be seen.

Introduction of exhibited works

Untitled 2018-02 Oil on canvas, artist’s collection (cooperation: MA2 Gallery)

This work is drawn from photographs taken at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
Produced by putting a motif in an acrylic box.
The ambient light reflected from the transparent acrylic box and the light of the objects overlap in layers, creating a unique world.

Untitled 2006-07 Oil On Canvas Private Collection

The texture of the wrinkles that can be created after holding the cushion tight with both hands.
It seems that you can also feel the warmth of the people living there.
It is strange that when you look in front of the work, you will have the illusion that the work will come to light with light.

Untitled 2015-01 Oil on canvas artist collection (MA2 Gallery)

The transparency of the glass, the gloss, and the shadows extending from the bowl are delicately expressed.
The pale cherry-colored background highlights the object.

depth # 2019 Video installation Random dot stereogram (crossed vision) / Random dot stereogram (Cross-eyed viewing)

One of Iniwa’s new video works.
When using the left and right eye parallax to look at the screen using a three-dimensional object viewing method, an image appears.
It is interesting because the way people look at it also changes depending on the day.
Please take a look and feel with your eyes.


Atsuko Iba says, “I want to look at each work with eyes, feel even with the body, and have me wake up to my own past memories.”

It senses the presence of invisible things from visible objects.
That is how I admire the Iniwa works.

Reiko Iiwa continues to challenge not only paintings but also new visual expressions such as images, while taking an object and a style that draws the light that it creates.
How about visiting this exhibition by all means?

Outline of the event


Exhibition name “Iwa Yasuko Exhibition”
Session Saturday, July 20, 2019-Wednesday, October 9
Venue Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery A, B, C
Closed day Monday, August 13 (Tuesday), September 17 (Tuesday), September 24 (Tuesday)
※ However, the room will be opened on August 12th (Mon. and holidays), September 16th (Mon. and holidays) and September 23rd (Mon. and holidays)
Opening time
9:30 to 17:30, 9:30 to 20:00 on Fridays (all are 30 minutes before closing)
※ However, July 26 (Fri), August 2 (Fri), 9 (Fri), 16 (Fri), 23 (Fri), and 30 (Fri): 9:30 to 21:00
Fee for viewing Tickets for the day | General 800 yen / undergraduate / vocational school student 400 yen / 65 years old or older 500 yen
Group ticket | General 600 yen
※ Target of group discount is more than 20 people
※ Free for students below high school
※ Person with disability certificate, love notebook, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook, A-bomb survivors health notebook and person (the one up to one person) are free
※ August 21 (Wed), September 18 (Wed) by “Silver Day”, September 16 (Mon. / Congratulations) by “Senior Day”
※ August 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun), 18 (Saturday), September 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun) by “Family Contact Day”, parents who accompany children under 18 (resident in Tokyo) , Up to 2 people, half of the general charge
※ Please bring what you can prove
※ October 1 (Tuesday) is free for everyone according to “Tomin’s Day”[Summer Night Museum Discount]
From 17:00 to 21:00 on July 26 (Fri), August 2 (Fri), 9 (Fri), 16 (Fri), 23 (Fri), and 30 (Fri) 600 yen, free for university students and vocational school students (please bring something that can be proved)

[Mutual discount] Those who present a ticket for the following exhibition (sift accepted) at the entrance of the main exhibition hall will receive a discount on the day of the general day (each one per person, other discounts only) Can not be used with)

・ Special exhibition ” Cartourde Museum Exhibition Fascinating Impressionism
We discount 300 yen from general rate on the day. If you are presenting a ticket for the exhibition (snift accepted) at the ticket counter in our hall, you can get a discount of ¥ 100 on the day ticket for the “Cultordo Museum of Art Exhibition: Fascinating Impressionism”
・ Tokyo Metropolitan Gakugei Museum of Art ” Interior decoration of 1933. Building materials and people for Asaka Palace House
We discount 200 yen from general rate on the day. If you are presenting a ticket for the exhibition (snift accepted) at the ticket office next to the gate of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the general price of “Building Materials and People Over Asaka Palace House in 1933” is ¥ 180. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art ” Asobi Nojikan ” Exhibition
We discount 200 yen from general rate on the day. If you are presenting a ticket for the exhibition (snift accepted) at the ticket counter of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the general rate for the “Asobi no Jikan” exhibition is discounted by ¥ 120.

Family contact day
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Silver day
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Tokyo educational institution admission fee exemption application
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Daddy mommy day
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