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[Very popular! 2nd] Commencement of the awarding of a glittering red stamp that colors the alternative climax “Daegu Festival”

“The ceremonial ceremony for the throne of the throne” held on October 22
Following this, the “Daijosai” will be held on November 14th as an alternative climax.
Ono Terasaki Shrine has begun awarding glitter stamps to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime festival.
~ There is still a continuation of the Emperor's imperial court ~

The design of the Otsuki Festival congratulatory red stamp is a two-page spread, and it is designed to connect with the red stamp of the first consecrated celebration last month.

The first "Ongoing award of a special red stamp with a double-layered structure

[Place of red stamp]
Ono Terasaki Shrine
2-14 Shimoya, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0004

Until the end of November

・ Unprecedented glitter foil stamping

At Ono Terasaki Shrine, we offer a monthly limited edition red stamp as a sign for visiting the moon.
This month, as a celebration of the Great Day, a gorgeous stamp stamp on the theme of the Daegu Festival.
A gorgeous double-page spread using two pages.

・ November 14th (Thursday) “Okuma Festival” is an alternative climax!

“Daijosai” held on November 14th.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime festival that accompanies the succession of the imperial throne, which serves as a climax for Miyo. The prayers of national and national well-being and abundant grain harvest.
For this festival, a grand palace called Daigogu Shrine is set up on a 90-meter square site in the Imperial Palace East Gardens.
* This large shrine will be open to the public from November 21 to December 8.

・ New sparkling double-layer structure with English text and congratulations

"Similar to modern life / sense" x "essence of Japanese tradition"
On the open paper, the words of congratulations are written in English, and when you turn the open paper, the congratulatory life is written on it, and it has a novel design that symbolizes a new era.

On the inner side of the red stamp, there is a congratulatory letter that lives in the reign of Ryowa with the prayer that “the ceremonial ceremonies and the Daegu Festival will take place in accordance with the ancient rituals, and this country will prosper for a long time with the guidance of the great god” It is.

・ Enriching experiences through information

A leaflet featuring the throne and Daegu festival is distributed free of charge to worshipers who wish to receive a red stamp during the award period of the red stamp, and it is explained in an easy-to-understand manner on the special Web page. ( Http://onoteru.or.jp/autumn/ )

・ Traditional tradition updated-A new amulet produced by Mr. Atsusuke Minowa-

In addition to the red stamps that change every month, we are trying to “update” the shrine through new initiatives such as “Amulet 2.0” in collaboration with celebrities, and are looking for ways to convey it to the times from various angles.

Since 2018, the editor, Mr. Atsusuke Minowa, has been planning “Omorimu 2.0” to connect to digital by #hashtag.
Mr. Yukossu, the “# Overwhelming Effort Guard” with the motif of Toru Mijo and Gentosha President and CEO, “# Multi-Power Mamoru”, a collaboration between the festival god, Masanori Ono and businessman, Takafumi Horie Three types of "# Motemori" that was collaborated with are awarded.

Amulet 2.0 Special Site http://onoteru.or.jp/omamori-2_0/

・ About the first "# multi-power protection" "# overwhelming effort protection"
"The strongest work guard" in collaboration with Takafumi Horie and Toru Mijo.

・ About the second “# Motemori”
"A dream keeper of life" that boosts the dream that collaborated with the popular creator Yukosuko.

・ Ono Terasaki Shrine

It is enshrined in Iriya, Taito-ku, and revered as a god of ceremonies, Takamura Ono, a politician who existed in the early Heian period and is a god of academics, performing arts, and work.

A shrine that sits in Iriya, Taito-ku.
He rituals the politician and multi-artist Yasunori Ono (only Nomura Takano) in the early Heian period as a festival god.
Founded in Teruzaki Ueno in 852 and relocated to the present location along with the construction of Kaneiji in the Edo period. “Fujizuka” built with lava transported from Mt. Fuji, which sits on the precincts, is an important tangible folk cultural asset. Designated. General worship is possible for the annual festivals on June 30 and July 1 that coincide with the opening of Mt.Fuji and Mt.Fuji.

It is also known as a shrine related to the late national actor, Kiyoshi Atsumi.
When Mr. Atsumi was still unnamed, he asked for a role because he cut off the cigarette. Immediately after, he was famous for an anecdote selected as the leading role in the movie “The Man is Hard”.
The main shrine was spared from two major fires, the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Tokyo Air Raid, and the front part was considered to be from the late Edo period.

The annual festival is held on the nearest weekend on May 19 every year.

Ono Terasaki Shrine Official Website http://onoteru.or.jp/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/onoterupr
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/onoterupr