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Sake “HINEMOS” × General Oyster Oyster-only sake “CACCCI No.6 & No.7” is born!

Sake brand “HINEMOS”, developed by Sake Venture Co., Ltd. (Head office: Odawara, Kanagawa, CEO Yuta Sakai) with the concept of “time” to drink, has 26 oysters nationwide including “Gumbo & Oyster Bar” The first collaboration with General Oyster Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Hidenori Yoshida; CEO: Yusuke Tanno; hereinafter referred to as "General Oyster") Has developed two types of original sake, "CACCCI", that allows you to enjoy the best mariage with oysters.

Available as “CACCCI No.6” and “CACCCI No.7” at March 26, 2020 (Monday), operated by General Oyster, and retailed exclusively at “HINEMOS” online shop *: From Fuji Keizai's “Food Service Industry Marketing Handbook 2016”



■ Development background

For some time now, General Oyster, who thought that Japanese oysters must have Japanese sake, "Sake", felt a challenge in the situation where there is little pairing of sake that matches their image.
Meanwhile, we came across "HINEMOS" which has been challenging from a new perspective without being bound by the established concept of "Sake", and this collaboration was realized.
Aiming for a sake that can maximize the time of oysters with a new positioning of "rice wine" instead of "sake", repeatedly tasting many times, fine foam suitable for toasting and mariage with oysters as a meal alcohol Two types of dry that you can enjoy

■ Product overview

▼ CACCCI No.6 (fine foam)

It is a low-alcoholic sake that effervesces by trapping the carbon dioxide gas produced by yeast.
It is cloudy because fine rice grains and yeast remain.


Aroma associated with sweet and sour fruits and dairy products.
Rich sweetness and slushy carbon dioxide gas spread in the mouth.
The finish has a fresh acidity like lemon, and you can enjoy a sweet and sour taste like fruit.

Rice polishing rate 70% / 5 alcohol

▼ CACCCI No.7 (dry)

Super dry sake that controls yeast fermentation, suppresses sweetness and excels in sourness.


Refreshing scent with a refreshing feeling.
When included in the mouth, a moderate sweetness and umami are felt, from which the sharp sourness spreads to the mouth and the aftertaste is refreshing and dry.
You can enjoy sharp sharpness contrasting with soft mouthfeel.

Rice polishing rate 60% / alcohol 16 degrees

▼ Recommended pairing menu

CACCCI No.6 ソ Sautéed oysters and foie gras, grilled oysters with sea urchin and oyster soy sauce, fried oysters
CACCCI No.7 牡 Oysters Sea urchin scallop, oyster marinated and horse meat yukke style, grilled oysters and roast beef Oyster soy sauce and wasabi

■ Provision and sales overview

①General Oyster store

Launch: March 9, 2020 (Monday)
Price: No.6 glass 750 yen (excluding tax) * Store limited sale
No.7 glass 880 yen (excluding tax) * Store limited sale
No.6 & No.7 300ml bottle 2,180 yen (excluding tax) * All stores
No.6 & No.7 500ml bottle 3,590 yen (excluding tax) * All stores

Available stores: 26 General Oyster Group stores nationwide

<Tokyo> Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace Store, Emit Fish Bar GINZASIX, Gumbo & Oyster Bar Shinjuku Lumine Est Store, Gumbo & Oyster Bar Ikebukuro East Exit Store, Oyster Table Ginza Corridor Store, Oyster Table Hamamatsucho Store, Curve de Oyster Tokyo Station Yaesu Underground Shopping Center, Fish & Oyster Bar Seibu Shibuya, Shrimp & Oyster House Seibu Ikebukuro, Kinkauka Odakyu Shinjuku
<Kanagawa> Oyster Plate Lazona Kawasaki Store, Gumbo & Oyster Bar Yokohama Sogo Store, Shrimp & Oyster Bar Yokohama Mores Store, Kinkauka Yokohama Bay Quarter Store
<Chiba> Gumbo & Oyster Bar Chiba Sogo
<Ibaraki> Gumbo & Oyster Bar Mito Keisei
<Miyagi> Sendai Station Oyster Bar Espal Sendai
<Toyama Prefecture> Iriyoshi Oyster Star
<Aichi> Oyster Room Nagoya Lasik Store
<Osaka Prefecture> Gumbo & Oyster Bar Umeda NU Chayamachi, Gumbo & Oyster Bar Namba Parks, Umeda Station Oyster Bar Hankyu Grand Building, Oyster Room Umeda Herbis Ent
<Hyogo> Gumbo & Oyster Birming Kobe
<Fukuoka> Fish & Oyster Bar Canal Grand Plaza Store, Rekai Oyster Bar JR Hakata City Store

② "HINEMOS" online shop

Start of sales: Monday, March 9, 2020, 11:00

Price: No.6 & No.7 300ml bottle 2,180 yen (excluding tax)
No.6 & No.7 500ml bottle 3,590 yen (excluding tax)

U R L: https://hinemos.tokyo


A sake brand operated by RiceWine, a Japanese sake venture company founded in 2018.
HINEMOS, born from the founder's desire to make sake even simpler, is an entirely new type of sake based on the concept of time.
Achieves low alcohol alcoholic beverages, which are considered technically difficult, and develops a wide range of flavors from dry to sweet.

Company name: RiceWine Inc.
Representative: Yuta Sakai, CEO
Location: 3-12-8 Sakaemachi, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Former Mifuku 2F

Established: August 2, 2018
URL: (Company) https://ricewine.co.jp (Brand) https://hinemos.tokyo

<About General Oyster>

General Oyster was founded in 2000 as Human Web, Inc., celebrating its 19th year.
Opened the first store in 2001 and continued to open the "Oyster Bar" market in Japan.
Listed on the TSE Mothers Market in March 2015 and changed its name to "General Oyster Co., Ltd." on April 1, 2016.
Obtained a patent for a method for purifying deep ocean water in November 2017.
Currently, it operates 26 oyster bars nationwide and is working to promote the oyster business to the sixth industry, including aquaculture and processing businesses.

Company name: General Oyster Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hidenori Yoshida, President and CEO Yusuke Tanno, CEO
The location: The 7th floor of a common building, 2-13-13 Kayabacho Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 3, 2000
URL: (Company) http://www.g-oyster.com/ (Store) http://www.oysterbar.co.jp/


Original oyster wine series to match oysters。
Nos. 1-4 are wines jointly developed with Miguel Torres Chile, established in Chile by Torres, a well-established Spanish winery.

No.1 Sauvignon Blanc / No.2 Chardonnay / No.3 Pinot Noir / No.4 Cabernet Sauvignon