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“Happy New Year” on New Year’s Day and birthday is celebrated with meat! !! In connection with this year’s zodiac sign, Ushidoshi, 29% off gorgeous beef dishes! 2021 yen plan is also available!

Special tomorrow for meat lovers Start from February 9th, "Meat Day"! Held until March 31, 2021 (Wednesday)!

At about 80 stores operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., 2 special discount course plans and menus centered on "beef" are offered in connection with this year's zodiac ox (beef). It will be offered for a limited time from 9th (Tuesday) to 31st March (Wednesday). To celebrate meat-loving couples, meat-loving friends and family, this year's Ox year, once every 12 years, enjoy a delicious and luxurious beef menu.

▼ “Ox Year Meat Beginning” site: ▼ https://www.dd-holdings.jp/features/pickup/dd_nikufes

[Overview of the "Ox Year Meat Beginning" Fair]
People who haven't been able to meet close friends and haven't said "Happy New Year" or "Happy Birthday" yet.
I think there are many people who have forgotten that this year is "Ushidoshi".
"Meat Day" is held at about 80 stores of Diamond Dining at the "Ox Year Meat Beginning" fair with special discount course plans and menus centered on "beef" that are perfect for the celebration of "Happy New Year". It will be held for a limited time from February 9th (Tuesday) to March 31st (Wednesday) tomorrow.
We also have a "Ox Year Meat Beginning" site where you can see a list of plans, so this year of Ox year once every 12 years to celebrate meat lovers, meat lovers friends and family, it is delicious and luxurious. Please enjoy the beef menu.
■ Period: February 9th (Tuesday) -March 31st (Wednesday)

■ Implemented stores: Held at 31 brands and 80 stores (76 stores in the eastern Japan area and 4 stores in the western Japan area).

Please check the details of the venue from the "Ox Year Meat Beginning" fair site.

  • Information on the "Ox Year Meat Beginning" Fair Site
  • ▼ "Ox Year Meat Beginning" site: ▼ https://www.dd-holdings.jp/features/pickup/dd_nikufes

  • "Ox year meat beginning" 29 (Niku)% OFF plan (partial excerpt)
  • ■ [Ox Hajime Bonito Dyeing Plan] 12 items including Japanese black beef shabu-shabu and bonito roasted

    29% off 7,000 yen → 4,970 yen (excluding tax)
    Special course dishes of beef dishes and bonito-zukuri, such as Japanese black beef shabu-shabu

    [Plan details]
    Appetizer Bonito special sauce Vegetable platter
    Appetizer Beef prosciutto ham Yukhoe tailoring
    Appetizer Lightly smoked Wagyu beef loin and sea urchin
    Straw beaten bonito with straw grilled salted Muroto salt, wasabi
    Straw beaten yellowtail roasted with straw Nuta miso
    Fried food Katsu fried, Shimanto chicken heaven, potato heaven
    Shabu-shabu of main Japanese black beef
    Vegetables (Chinese cabbage, wood ear, shiitake mushroom, mizuna, white onion, asagi, tofu)
    Sweetness Today's dessert
    ————————————————– —
    * You can add all-you-can-drink for +1500 yen.
    * Until 17:00 on the day of reservation required
    * From 2 people, other tickets cannot be used together "

    [Implementation stores] Warayakiya The following 14 stores

    ・ Warayakiya Ginza ・ Warayakiya Roppongi ・ Warayakiya Akasaka

    ・ Warayakiya Shinagawa ・ Warayakiya Ueno Hirokoji ・ Warayakiya Ryoma Dojo ・ Warayakiya Ryoma Tower ・ Warayakiya Hamamatsucho ・ Warayakiya Tamachi ・ Warayakiya Kudanshita ・ Warayakiya Shinjuku ・ Warayakiya Shimantogawa Shinjuku ・ Shimantogawa Ginza ・ Ryoma Kaido


    ■ [2021 ★ Beginning of Ox year meat] All 10 dishes including domestic beef sirloin, Kaiseki course 10,890 yen is 29% OFF ⇒ 7,731 yen (excluding tax)
    In addition to the grilled carefully selected "domestic beef sirloin", the king of winter taste "crab" and the gorgeous seafood "abalone" "spiny lobster" "shark fin" are also available!

    [Plan details]
    Appetizer Handmade yuba tofu made from domestic soybeans
    Bowls Hinai chicken ball and Kujo green onion bowls
    Assorted 5 kinds of sashimi today
    Grilled abalone steak with rich liver goro sauce
    Grilled domestic beef sirloin
    ~ With a red wine sauce made by slowly boiling onions ~
    Chopsticks rest shark fin chawanmushi with silver bean paste
    Fried spiny lobster tempura with Nagasaki algae salt
    Meal Zuwai Crab and Nodoguro Konbu 〆Oshizushi
    Sea lettuce seaweed and trefoil miso soup
    Sweet seasonal ice cream
    ————————————————– —
    * You can change the sweetness to a whole cake with a message for +800 yen.
    * A separate service charge will be charged.
    * Course content may change depending on the purchase situation.
    * All-you-can-drink is available for 2000 yen per person.

    [Store] Into the starry sky (Shinjuku)
    1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Nomura Building 50F
    ■ [Beginning of the yearly meat] 12 dishes such as luxurious Japanese black beef steak, umami chirinabe of crab and seafood 7,000 yen (tax excluded) about 29% OFF ⇒ 5,000 yen (tax excluded)
    A special plan that includes carefully selected "Kuroge Wagyu" steak and "Crab" hot pot, the king of winter taste, named after the year of Ox.

    [Plan details]
    Assorted sashimi Hassun
    ・ Assortment of 3 types of sashimi
    ・ Boiled plum shellfish
    ・ Soft-boiled egg
    ・ Grated yuzu sardine
    ・ Grilled mackerel bar sushi
    ・ Eggplant and duck Tosa vinegar jelly
    Japanese black beef steak carefully selected by Hiyama Livestock
    Boiled cherry bream and fried tofu
    Deep-fried five-colored raw fu skin with yuba bean paste
    Umami chirinabe with crab and fresh seafood
    Egg porridge
    Raw warabi mochi with vanilla ice cream
    ————————————————– —
    * Reservations can be made until 17:00 on the day of the event.
    * Available from 1 person.
    * Cannot be used with other coupons
    * You can add all-you-can-drink for +1000 yen.

    [Implementation store]
    ・ Kyomachi Koishigure (Shinjuku)
    ・ Nanairo Temariuta (Shinjuku)
    ・ Akutori Daikan Nabenoshin (Shibuya)

    ■ 29% discount on Omi beef kaiseki ¥ 14,300 ⇒ ¥ 10,153 (excluding tax)
    29% discount on the luxurious "Omi beef kaiseki" where you can enjoy the sukiyaki and shabu-shabu of Omi beef, which is the pride of "Bishokumaimon Umeda"

    [Plan details]
    Winter rush
    Assorted three kinds of fresh fish
    Fried food Oversized shrimp and seasonal vegetables tempura
    Steamed sea urchin, milt and salmon roe steamed in a bowl
    Pot Please choose from the following two items
    ・ Omi beef sukiyaki from Shiga prefecture
    ・ Omi beef shabu-shabu from Shiga prefecture
    Meal Three kinds of nigiri sushi
    Stop bowl Today's red out
    Sweetness Today's dessert
    ————————————————– –
    * Cannot be used with other coupons

    [Execution store] Bishokumaimon Umeda
    2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Harbis PLAZA ENT 5F

  • "Ox year meat beginning" 2021 yen plan (partial excerpt)
  • ■ [Beginning of Ox year meat] 2021 Let's eat Japanese beef in Ox year 2,021 yen plan (excluding tax)
    A limited-time course menu of 2021 yen where you can enjoy "Grilled Wagyu Thigh Meat" by Hiyama Livestock!

    [Course details]
    Tuna lean carpaccio balsamic sauce
    Watercress and arugula green salad
    Shirasu and Mentaiko Ahijo
    Garlic toast
    Anchovy cabbage & broccoli
    Rotated french fries
    Grilled Japanese beef thigh carefully selected by Hiyama Livestock
    Snow crab and crab that tortilla pizza

    [Implementation store]

    ・ WINEHALL GLAMOUR NEXT Nishi-Shinjuku

  • 20% OFF plan for "Ox Year Meat Beginning" (partial excerpt)
  • ■ Ushiwakamaru course 8,000 yen is 20% off ⇒ 6,400 yen (excluding tax)
    At this price, you can enjoy gorgeous beef-making courses such as "Beef hotpot with the finest marbled diced meat", "Charcoal-grilled fillet" and "Grilled Japanese black beef sushi", which is the signature menu of the beef hotpot specialty store "Gyubenkei"! !! !!

    [Course details]
    Hassun in front of the chef
    Odagiri Farm Finest Marbled Horse Sashimi
    Specialty beef tongue charcoal grill
    Special fillet and lean charcoal grill
    Beef pot with the finest marbled diced meat
    Japanese black beef roasted sushi
    Today's water confectionery

    [Implementation store] Ushibenkei Shimbashi Main Store
    1st floor of Momoyama Building, 3-18-7 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


    ■ Course name [Beginning of Ox year meat] Special kaiseki meal of charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef and mizutaki of rich soup <20% off> 7150 yen → 5720 yen (tax included)
    In addition to the carefully selected "Wagyu charcoal grill", the winter tastes "Kanburi" and "Grilled milt", and Sakaeya's signature menu Mizutaki pot!

    [Course details]
    Grilled cod roasted milt ponzu
    Assorted three appetizers
    Tuna, red sea bream, tuna
    Gem duck and winter vegetables Jibu-ni
    Roasted Wagyu beef charcoal grill
    Cooked in water
    Hot pot vegetables
    Fish ball
    Rice porridge pickles
    Sweet almond tofu
    * You can add all-you-can-drink for +1500 yen.
    * Reservation required by 17:00 on the day.
    * Cannot be used with other coupons

    [Implementation store]

    ・ Sakaeya ​​Takadan Baba Sohonten
    ・ Sakaeya ​​Ebisu Main Store
    ・ Sakaeya ​​Yokohama Minato Mirai Main Store
    ・ Sakaeya ​​Urawa Main Store

    ■ Ox year special plan "New Year course" ~ 3 kinds of sashimi and Japanese black beef ~ 20% discount of 8,250 yen ⇒ 6,000 yen
    Enjoy grilled chicken from Hinai chicken on the Imaiya signboard menu, roasted Japanese black beef, bluefin tuna, red sea bream, and seafood such as Kinka mackerel.

    [Plan details]
    [Appetizer] Today's 3 appetizers
    [Cold vegetables] Seasonal lettuce salad
    [Direction] Sashimi of bluefin tuna Kinka mackerel prosciutto Ise red sea bream prosciutto
    [Pottery] Hinai chicken fillet skewers
    [Pottery] Hinai chicken breast and skin skewers
    [Pottery] Hinai Jidori Hand-made Tsukune Skewers
    [Pottery] Hinai chicken white liver skewer * Foie gras when out of stock
    [Simmered food] Boiled red fish
    [Chopsticks rest] Pickled root vegetables
    [Strong side dish] Roasted Japanese black beef with Aoi Motoyama
    [Fried food] Hinai chicken thigh skewer cutlet with miso sauce
    [Incense] Pickled Iburi-gakko from Kyoto Daiko Main Store
    [〆thing] Inaniwa chicken udon
    [Sweetness] Today's sweetness
    * Same-day orders are possible, but those who make a reservation can provide them smoothly.
    * Available only at dinner time.
    * Other coupons cannot be used together.

    [Implementation store] Imaiya main store (9 stores below in the Tokyo area)
    ・ Ebisu Imaiya Sohonten ・ Yotsuya Imaiya Main Store ・ Yotsuya 3-chome Imaiya Main Store ・ Kagurazaka Imaiya Main Store ・ Tokyo Imaiya Main Store ・ Nishi-Shinjuku Imaiya Main Store ・ Shinjuku Imaiya Main Store ・ Roppongi Imaiya Main Store ・ Shinagawa Imaiya Main Store

  • Our new coronavirus infection prevention measures-Dd PROTECT Guidlines
  • At each store operated by Diamond Dining, we take maximum infection prevention measures based on the policies set by the government and implement them as "Dd PROTECT Guidelines" so that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

  • Company Profile
  • □ Trade name Diamond Dining Co., Ltd.
    □ Headquarters location 18th floor, Mita NN Building, 4-1-23 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    □ President and CEO Kazushi Kanaka
    □ Established March 2017 (Heisei 29)
    □ Capital 100 million yen (end of February 2020)
    □ Business description Management, planning and operation of restaurant business (bars, restaurants, etc.)