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Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno’s Room in Premium Space “Phiten Healthy Life Expectancy House ROOM” will be available from April 1st

From Thursday, April 1, 2021, Phiten Co., Ltd., a body care company, will make a room at Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno a premium specification.

Since its founding, Phiten has been supporting professional athletes in Japan and overseas as a body care company. At Phiten, we have already built a detached house called "Phiten Healthy Life Expectancy House ®" and added unique technology to relax the soil, lighting, water, wallpaper, etc. This time, we aimed to create a premium space where customers would want to stay again by diverting their unique technology to a hotel.

  • Phiten Healthy Life Expectancy House ROOM Features
  • 1: Each of water, light and air is the highest premium space specification in Phiten history
    In the guest rooms, Phiten's Metax technology is spray-painted and used for bathtubs and lighting to provide a unique premium space. It is a space that unknowingly leads to good health.

    2: Permanent installation of Phiten's original equipment
    In addition to the foot massager "Phiten Solarch Vertical (managed medical equipment)", "YUKO dryer" that uses original optical technology and "shower head" that leads to moisturized skin and glossy hair are permanently installed.

    3: Uses Phiten mattress pillows to support a comfortable sleep
    For the mattress middle material, "Hoshi no Yasuragi Aero Cradle", which is a mixture of high-quality polyethylene and aqua gold silica, which is a unique technology, and "Hoshi no Yasuragi Therapist Pillow Zero Feeling" supervised by the therapist are adopted. It leads to a comfortable sleep.

    4: The interior of the guest room is coated with antiviral to thoroughly manage hygiene.
    "Room shower + anti-virus coating" sprayed with Phiten's original material is installed in the guest room. We provide a safe and secure relaxing space.

    We aim to create a premium space where customers can experience the stress care space, which is one of Phiten's strengths, and want to stay again.

    Special page URL: https://www.phiten-house.com/news/20210325/room/

  • Phiten Co., Ltd.
  • Since our founding in 1983, we have manufactured and sold a large number of body care products under the corporate philosophy of "Everything is to support health." Focusing on the development of only one technology, we succeeded in dispersing metals in water at the nano level. We have obtained more than 100 patents all over the world. Body care products that make full use of their high technology are highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in the world.

  • Company Profile
  • Headquarters: 678, Tearaimizu-cho, Nishikikoji, Karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8152
    Representative: Yoshihiro Hirata, Representative Director
    Established: October 4, 1983
    Capital: 30 million yen
    Tel: 075-229-7575
    Fax: 075-229-7509
    Corporate site URL: https://www.phiten.com/

    Business: Manufacture and sale of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, medical equipment, manufacture and sale of sports-related products, health foods, health goods, etc., real estate business