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[National Museum of Nature and Science] Announcement of the first traveling exhibition “Pokemon Fossil Museum” in the history of the National Museum of Nature and Science for the purpose of regional promotion through public-private partnership

The National Museum of Nature and Science collaborates with museums in multiple regions to create traveling exhibitions with the aim of revitalizing the region.

As the first step, with the cooperation of Pokemon Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsunekazu Ishihara), with multiple museums including the Mikasa City Museum (Mikasa City, Hokkaido, Director: Manabu Kano) Under the theme of "Paleontology and Pokemon," we created an exhibition where you can enjoy learning paleontology through observation and comparison. Starting with the event at the Mikasa City Museum in the summer of 2021, we will travel around Japan.

  • Traveling Exhibition "Pokemon Fossil Museum"
  • [Hold period] 2021 summer – 2023 summer (planned)
    [Circuit venue]
    Summer 2021: Mikasa City Museum (1-212-1 Ikushunbetsu Nishikicho, Mikasa City, Hokkaido)
    July 4th (Sun) -September 20th (Mon)
    Autumn 2021: Shimane Prefectural Sanbe Nature Museum Sahimeru (1121-8 Tane, Sanbe-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture)
    Spring 2022: National Science Museum (7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
    Summer 2022 (planned): Toyohashi Museum of Natural History (1-238 Oana, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture)
    * Adjustments are being made for subsequent patrol destinations
    [Main event] A museum that serves as a traveling venue, the National Museum of Nature and Science
    [Planning cooperation] Pokemon Co., Ltd.
    [Cooperation] Gunma Museum of Natural History, Toyohashi Museum of Natural History, Shimane Prefectural Sampei Nature Museum, etc.

  • Outline of the event
  • The National Museum of Nature and Science, in collaboration with multiple museums in the region, is conducting a project to create an exhibition that many people can enjoy and to circulate it nationwide.

    This exhibition was created by the original drafter, Mr. Daisuke Aiba of the Mikasa City Museum, as well as several museums including the museum and Pokemon Co., Ltd. The theme is "Kaseki" and "Kaseki Pokemon (*)" that appear in the popular game "Pokemon" series, and "Fossil" and "Paleolife" that can be found in our world. While experiencing the basic science method of "observation and comparison", it is a feature that you can discover these shapes and ecology, common points and differences in fossil research in each world, and learn paleontology while having fun. is.

    This exhibition will be held at the Mikasa City Museum in Hokkaido in the summer of 2021, and will be toured all over Japan. The event will be held at the National Science Museum in the spring of 2022.

    * What is Kaseki Pokemon? In this exhibition, Pokemon restored from "Kaseki" in the world of Pokemon is called "Kaseki Pokemon".

  • About the production of the traveling exhibition
  • At the "Science Museum Innovation Center," which was established in the National Museum of Nature and Science in April 2019, the museum's management base will be strengthened and the local community will be strengthened by implementing initiatives that utilize the various resources of the museum. We are implementing a project with the aim of revitalizing science museums, including museums.

    This traveling exhibition will collaborate with multiple museums in the region, gather the wisdom and skills of the curators of each museum, create an exhibition of scale and content that is difficult to produce with just one museum, and tour it. By doing so, we aim to have you enjoy high-quality exhibitions all over Japan.

    Figure: Traveling exhibition "Pokemon Fossil Museum" collaboration system

  • About Mikasa City Museum
  • The Mikasa City Museum is a comprehensive museum established in 1979 by the city of Mikasa, Hokkaido.
    As many as 1,000 fossils are on display, including "Ezomi Kasaryu," which has been designated as a national natural monument, and is also known as the "Fossil Museum."
    Among them, ammonites are lined up in various sizes, making it one of the best exhibits in the world.

  • About Pokemon
  • ・ What is "Pokemon"?
    Pokemon, or Pokemon for short, was born from the Nintendo Game Boy software "Pokemon Red and Green" released on February 27, 1996. Starting from this game software, Pokemon is derived from card games, animations, movies, goods, events, etc., and is supported by people all over the world in various fields.

    ・ What is Pokemon Co., Ltd.
    Established for the purpose of Pokemon brand management. Currently, we are developing "games", which is the starting point, "card games", "video works such as TV animations and movies", "goods", "tie-up promotion", "events", and "Pokemon Center, which is a directly managed store". , A company that produces all of them.

    ・ About "My First Pokémon Project"
    The "My First Pokémon Project" of Pokemon Co., Ltd. is cooperating in the production of this exhibition.
    The "My First Pokémon Project" aims to create more points of contact between children and Pokemon.
    We are in charge of planning and operating the official YouTube channel "Pokemon Kids TV" and the free illustration service "Pokemon Illustration Lab" for educational and medical institutions.

  • Exhibition supervision
  • ・ Comprehensive supervision: Mikasa City Museum Senior Researcher / Curator Daisuke Aiba
    Specialty: Paleontology
    His research theme is the evolution and classification of "abnormally wound ammonites" from the Cretaceous of the Mesozoic era, which have a mysterious shell.
    My favorite Pokemon is "Omanyte".

  • Illustration
  • "Pokemon Fossil Museum" Main Visual

    "Pokemon Fossil Museum" title logo and official character "Excavation Pikachu"

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  • The highlight of the exhibition
  • Highlights of the exhibition 1

    Highlights of the exhibition 2

    Highlights of the exhibition 3

    Highlights of the exhibition 4

    © 2021 Pokémon. © 1995-2021 Nintendo / Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. Pokemon, Pokemon, and Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.