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Introducing a new cute “Eevee”

-A long-established Mataro doll that inherits the tradition of 280 years-Edo Kimekomi doll Eevee

Shintaro Ningyo Co., Ltd. has started pre-order sales of "Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Eevee" from May 28th. Reservations are accepted at the Mataro Doll Hall and the Internet ( https://www.mataro-doll.com).

The Mataro doll was founded in the 8th year of the Taisho era. We are certified as the only orthodox traditional person by Kamigamo Shrine, the birthplace of Kimekomi dolls, and we produce Kimekomi dolls, which are traditional crafts that have been passed down for 280 years.

The Mataro doll produced "Pikachu", which will appear in Pokemon in 2019, and "Miltank" in 2020, using traditional craft wood-grained dolls, and became a big topic. This year, I tried to express "Eevee" with a wood grain doll.

The concept is "cute" Eevee . In order to express the cuteness without spoiling the visual feeling of Eevee, traditional craft techniques are scattered everywhere, such as subtly dropping hail patterns on the crepe.

Eevee is also a popular Pokemon for adults as well as children because of its cute appearance. With a wish for infinite possibilities, we hope that for Mataro dolls, who handle Hina dolls and festival dolls, they will be in the hands of as many people as possible.

The Mataro doll is 102 years old this year. We will deliver a press release with the desire to increase opportunities for more people to come into contact with traditional crafts, triggered by "Edo Kimekomi Doll Eevee", which was created using traditional techniques that have been refined by inheriting techniques. Let me do it.

[Edo Kimekomi Doll Eevee]

◆ For adult living space …
The market for the traditional Japanese doll industry is shrinking year by year. Hina dolls and May dolls are no longer the norm in the home as they used to be. However, the charm of traditional crafts enriches our daily lives not only as celebrations, lucky charms and gifts, but also as interiors and art.

Even if you can't put a Pokemon stuffed animal in an adult's living space, you can put Eevee as a traditional craft. The Mataro doll is trying to find a way out in such a world view.
The price of "Edo Kimekomi Doll Eevee" is 13,000 yen (excluding tax). Mataro Doll Hall
We are accepting reservations on the Internet (https://www.mataro-doll.com/).

Price: 13,000 yen (excluding tax)
Body size: Frontage 150mm, Depth 120mm, Height 130mm
Set contents: Kimekomi doll Eevee / stand / wooden tag
Start accepting pre-orders: May 28, 2021
Reservation accepted at Mataro Ningyo Kaikan and the Internet

[Mataro Doll]
Company name Shintaro Doll Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Takeshi Kanabayashi
Residence 5-15-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8505 Online shop URL https://www.mataro-doll.com/

The Mataro doll was founded in 1919.

We produce Kimekomi Hina dolls and May dolls, which are traditional crafts that have been passed down for 280 years.

The Kimekomi doll is a wood carving doll made by a person named Tadashige Takahashi, who served at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto during the Edo Genbun era, about 280 years ago. It is said that it started when it was made, a groove was carved on the surface, and a crack in the priest's garment was cut into wood.

It is a very elaborate doll that is made by hand-carving costumes and patterns on each doll made of paulownia plastic, and then putting cloth in it by perforation (including wood grain).

Mataro is the only orthodox folklore of Kimekomi dolls certified by Kamigamo Shrine.

The Mataro doll (Edo Kimekomi doll) was certified as a traditional craft in 1978.

Mark of traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Certificate of orthodox successor of Kimekomi dolls by Kamigamo Shrine