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Cinnamon roll specialty store “Cinnabon” will sell new products “Caramel Apple Mini Bon” and “Caramel Apple Choco Bon” for a limited time!

JR Kyushu First Foods Co., Ltd. is a cinnamon roll specialty store

New products "Caramel Apple Mini Bon" and "Caramel Apple Choco Bon" will be on sale for a limited time from September 30, 2021 at each "Cinnabon" store.

【Product Summary】
■ Caramel apple minibon (left photo)
Minibon Classic topped with caramel-flavored apple confiture with flesh.
Enjoy the harmony of sweet and sour apples and cinnamon that goes well with each other.

■ Caramel apple chocolate bon (right photo)
A mini chocolate bon topped with a caramel-flavored apple confiture with flesh.
Rich chocolate complements the sweet and sour apples, giving it a rich taste.
(It is also recommended for those who are not good at cinnamon.)

[Handling store]
Cinnabon stores nationwide
■ Kanto region
Roppongi store, Futako Tamagawa Rise SC store, Atre Kichijoji store, Ueno Marui store, Marui Nishikimachi store, Machida Marui store, LaLaport Ebina store, Lazona Kawasaki store, Aeon Mall Kawaguchi store, LUMINE Kitasenju store
■ Chugoku region
Youmetown Hatsukaichi, Youmetown Hiroshima, Sea Mall Shimonoseki
■ Kyushu region
JR Hakata store, Amu Plaza Hakata store, Tenjin underground shopping area store, Amu Plaza Oita store, Amu Plaza Kumamoto store, Amu Plaza Miyazaki store, VIERRA Kokura store

【Sales period】
September 30, 2021 (Thursday) to late December (planned)

You can also buy "Caramel Apple Mini Bon" at the online store! ]
Only "Caramel Apple Mini Bon" will be on sale at the online store for a limited time from September 30th (Thursday).
Online store URL: https://www.cinnabonshop.com

[About Cinnabon]
Cinnabon, a cinnamon roll specialty store that was born in Seattle, USA, and has approximately 1,400 stores in 56 countries around the world. The special cinnamon roll is loved all over the world as a fascinating cinnamon roll that you will never forget once you eat it, made with a secret recipe using the cinnamon "Makara Cinnamon" that has been cultivated and refined exclusively for cinnabon. I am.

[Cinnabon Official Web / SNS]
・ WEB: https://www.jrff.co.jp/cinnabon
・ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/cinnabon_japan/