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[2022 New Year Limited] Let’s spend the New Year luxuriously by eating “Congratulations Chicago Pizza” “Red and White Chicago Pizza” with gold leaf!

The New Year party is at "Kamakura Vegetables and Cheese Fondue Garden Farm"! Try New Year's luck !! [Red and White Chicago Pizza] -with Omikuji

"Kamakura Vegetables and Cheese Fondue Garden Farm" operated by GOSSO Co., Ltd. has a signature menu "Raclette Cheese Fondue, a freshly produced direct vegetable parfait" that pursues the deliciousness of cheese. Cheese fondue sauce in collaboration with seven unique ingredients. I prepared it.

From January 2nd (Sun) to January 31st (Mon), 2022, we will sell "New Year's Luck Trial !! [Red and White Chicago Pizza] -with Omikuji".

  • Chicago pizza lined up in red and white

  • I'm not good at osechi dishes and ozoni that I eat on New Year's Day. But after all I want to enjoy the New Year's mood. .. ..

    "Red and white Chicago pizza" for such people! The small size and red and white Chicago Pizza is a luxurious specification perfect for the Happy New Year with gold powder and gold lining.

    Furthermore, if you pull the Daruma pick stuck on the Chicago pizza, you will see a fortune written as "Daikichi", "Nakakichi", and "Kokichi". If both of them come out with Daikichi, we are offering a nice New Year's gift service from the garden farm!

    Moreover! If you attach the hashtag "#Red and White Chicago Pizza" to the photo you took and post it on Instagram, you may get a wonderful gift from the official Garden account by lottery! ?? Post it on Instagram and get it!

    We spend the New Year eating "Red and White Chicago Pizza" , which may become a staple from this year! ??

  • Product Summary
  • 【Product】

    Chicago Pizza S (white: using mozzarella cheese) Chicago Pizza S (pink: using beats)
    * The above two items are sold as a set.
    2,022 yen (tax included)
    [Provision period]
    January 2nd (Sun) -January 31st (Mon), 2021
    * It may end without notice.

    [Bonus when W Daikichi comes out]
    If you draw a fortune in both pink and white and Daikichi comes out (W Daikichi), you will receive a New Year's gift from the Garden Farm!
    * 30% off from the accounting on the day (discount upper limit 3,000 yen)

    [W chance]
    Moreover! If you post the photo you took with the hashtag "#Red and White Chicago Pizza" on Instagram,
    There may be a wonderful gift from the official Garden account by lottery! ??
    [Other rules]
    Through + 1 drink system
    Some coupons cannot be used together
    * Please contact the staff for details.

  • Offer store overview
  • Kamakura Vegetables and Cheese Fondue Garden Farm : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/

    Click here to make a reservation ↓ ↓ ↓

    Musashi Kosugi store : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/musashikosugi
    Ueno station square store: https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/ueno
    Ginza Namiki-dori store : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/ginza
    Yokohama West Exit Ekimae Store : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/yokohama
    Machida stationsquare store: https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/machida
    Umeda station square store: https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/umeda
    Meieki store : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/meieki
    Omiya store : https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/oomiya

  • Company Profile
  • ■ Company name: GOSSO Co., Ltd.
    ■ Headquarters: Udagawacho Building 6F, 14-13 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0024
    ■ Representative: Representative Director Takeshi Fujita
    ■ Established: December 2005
    ■ Phone number: 03-6316-8191 (representative)
    ■ URL: http://www.gosso.co.jp/
    ■ Business: Management / planning / operation, production and FC development of restaurants (bar / yakiniku / restaurant, etc.)