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From standard popularity to limited editions! Introducing “pleasant souvenirs” that you can’t miss GW Hoppe Town 10 selections of souvenirs

April 27th (Wednesday) -May 8th (Sunday), 2022 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building B1F / 1F Hoppe Town

The big holidays and Golden Week are finally coming this year! This year's Golden Week, which will be a maximum of 10 consecutive holidays, will have more opportunities to meet distant family and friends for the first time in a long time. So, if you buy this, there is no doubt! Here are 10 "pleasant hand souvenirs" that you won't want to miss, such as popular classic products and limited-edition products that can only be purchased here.

  • Only here in the Ueno area!
  • Ueno = Panda! Easy to understand ◎

    <Bankaku Sohonpo> Yukari Panda (assorted box) (8 pieces x 2 bags) 1,382 yen / 1st floor of the main building

    <Yamagataya Nori shop> Assorted panda canned seaweed (1 box) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 50 sets / B1 floor of the main building

  • Only here in Tokyo!
  • A chocolate with a new texture that melts in the air.
    <Lehmann> Fondant Biscuit (18 pieces) 1,080 yen / Main building 1st floor

    You can only buy it here! Is a pleasing point ♪

    Crispy texture sable with coconut flavor.
    <Belplage> Coco Sable (36 pieces) 3,240 yen / Main building 1st floor

    "Individual wrapping" is becoming more and more popular due to the corona sword!

    An assortment of three standard cookies in a limited-edition can.
    <Yoku Moku> Tokyo cookie assortment (20 pieces, 3 types) 1,620 yen / 1st floor of the main building

    The design can boom is coming! As a souvenir of "unique to Tokyo"

    Wafers with a light texture.
    <Ueno Fugetsudo> Petit Goful (2 sheets x 12 pieces) 2,160 yen / Main building 1st floor

    A moist castella that you can enjoy the scent of wheat ground with a stone mill and the taste of eggs and sugar.
    <Kurofune> Kurofune Castella (1 box, 1 bottle) 1,512 yen / 1st floor of the main building

    A popular brand that makes me happy

    A cute fruit-shaped sable.
    <Shinjuku Takano> Fruit sable 15 pieces 1,944 yen / Main building 1st floor

    You can enjoy 4 kinds of popular okaki in one bag!
    <Azabu Juban Agemochiya> Flower blowing (8 bags included) 1,188 yen / Main building 1st floor

    Even if the individual wrapping is "shining", it will be appreciated!

    An assortment of traditional European baked goods with a sweet aroma of butter, chocolate and fruits.
    <Wittamer> Appre Delice (5 pieces) 1,512 yen / 1st floor of the main building

    * All prices include tax.

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