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Brandear has started offering items for “Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5” -the products we handle have been greatly expanded and reopened on May 3 (Tuesday)!

ATENOY, ABAB UENO and aiming for zero fashion loss

Brandear, one of the largest home delivery purchase services in Japan operated by Defactostandard, Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime 3328), is a remake brand "SREU" as part of the SDGs initiative "Disposal 0 Project". (Thru) ”etc. and ABAB UENO, a young fashion specialty store, jointly operates“ Unmanned Old Clothes 2.5 ”, which is jointly operated by Akafudo Co., Ltd., and provides clothing that cannot be purchased and is discarded. It started from the month. With the launch of this product, the item lineup of "Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5" has expanded significantly and will be reopened from May 3 (Tuesday).

[URL] http://www.instagram.com/mujinfurugi2.5/?hl=ja

  • Background to the launch of "Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5" aiming for zero fashion loss

  • "Unmanned second-hand clothing store 2.5" is an unmanned second-hand clothing store jointly operated by fashion director Toshinori Yoneda and sold at a uniform price for each item with the aim of eliminating fashion loss.
    ATENOY operates a remake fashion brand "SREU" for used clothing with the concept of "one-of-a-kind ready-made clothes", and is working to solve the disposal problem in the apparel industry. The brand is also participating in the Tokyo collection as an upcycling brand.

    Although it is difficult to remake "SREU" as a material in the manufacturing process, there was a problem that we wanted to return clothes that could be worn sufficiently to the recycling cycle. ABAB UENO, which has been working on the upcycling of surplus apparel products sold in-house (sustainable project "on: u"), has agreed with this issue and has been jointly operating "Unmanned Used Clothing Store 2.5" since 2021. increase.

    Items that are difficult to remake from the "SREU" collection developed by Mr. Yoneda (left: 2021AW, right: 2022SS) will be sold at "Unmanned Used Clothing Store 2.5".

    Brandear is promoting a "Zero Disposal Project" to reduce the number of products that could not be purchased and discarded due to various reasons, although there is no problem in using them. The "Unmanned Used Clothing 2.5" initiative is in line with the philosophy of the "Zero Waste Project", and as part of the promotion of the project, we have started to provide waste clothing. As a result, small items such as bags and wallets will be added to the "unmanned used clothing 2.5", which has been mainly used for apparel, to realize a wide lineup. In addition, the store will be reopened on May 3 (Tuesday) with the launch of this service.

  • About Brandear "Disposal 0 Project"
  • Since 2020, Brandear has been promoting the "Zero Waste Project" aiming for zero waste from services. Brandear purchases items from a wide range of brands and conditions of about 7,000 in order to connect valuable items to the next as much as possible, but it cannot be purchased due to reasons such as the tag being cut and discarded. About 4 tons of clothing was generated every month.

    Aiming to reduce such waste clothing to zero by 2030, we have provided materials for clothing schools as teaching materials, recycled boards for PANECO®, and as interior materials for PANECO® brandear stores. We have achieved an average monthly reduction of 70-80% in waste clothing. Through this "Unmanned Used Clothing Store 2.5" initiative, we aim to create opportunities for younger generations to purchase reused items at a reasonable price, and to contribute to solving the apparel waste problem by connecting products to many customers. increase.

    <"Unmanned used clothing 2.5" store information>
    * Reopened from 10:00 on May 3 (Tuesday)
    To commemorate the renewal, ALL ¥ 1.000-sale will be held from May 3rd to May 8th.
    Purchase 2 or more items during the period and receive a tote bag as a gift (first 50 people).

    Store name: Unmanned used clothing 2.5
    Location: ABAB UENO (4-8-4-2F Ueno, Taito-ku)
    Access: 3 minutes walk from Ueno Station on the JR Yamanote Line
    Business hours: 10: 30-20: 00 * Same as ABAB Uenokan
    Regular holiday: Indefinite * Same as ABAB Uenokan
    URL: https://www.ababakafudado.co.jp/abab/

    ■ Overview of ATENOY Co., Ltd.
    (1) Company name: ATENOY Co., Ltd.
    (2) Representative: Representative Director Toshinori Yoneda
    (3) Head office location: 1-5-9 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    (4) Date of establishment: April 24, 2018
    (5) Capital: 3 million yen

    ■ Overview of Abu Abu Akafudo Co., Ltd.
    (1) Company name: Abu Abu Akafudo Co., Ltd.
    (2) Representative: Kazuhisa Koizumi, President and CEO
    (3) Head office location: 4-8-4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
    (4) Date of establishment: February 22, 1971
    (5) Capital: 400 million yen

    ■ Overview of Defactostandard, Ltd.
    (1) Company name: Defactostandard, Ltd.
    (2) Representative: Kenichi Sento, President and CEO
    (3) Head office location: 3-3-8 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo Yamaku Heiwajima Logistics Center 5F
    (4) Date of establishment: April 27, 2004
    (5) Capital: 100 million yen * A consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime: 3328).

    ◆ Features of Defactostandard, Ltd.
    Brandear home delivery purchase service "Brandear (Brandear https://brandear.jp/ )" is a service that assesses and purchases branded products that are no longer needed by simply packing them in cardboard boxes and sending them. It's easy to pack the items in the delivery kit that you receive when you apply from the Internet, the range of purchases is about 7,000 brands, and if you are not satisfied with the assessment result, you can return the items free of charge. Since then, it has been used by more than 3 million people and has expanded the online market for recommerce.
    In addition, we have expanded the range of purchases such as the specialty store "Brandear ( https://brandear.jp/shop )" that purchases at stores and the online purchase "Brandear Bell ( https://brandear.jp/bell) ". Taking advantage of both online and offline, we are always aiming to improve the security and convenience of our customers. Furthermore, we are actively developing markets not only in Japan but also in global recommerce, and are working to improve the purchase price by selling items required in Japan and overseas directly to customers at appropriate prices overseas. Brandear aims to realize a "value cycle" society that connects valuable products to the next.