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Omaru Matsuzakaya 2022 Early Summer TABLE FOR TWO Fair

Gifts for children in developing countries |

The Omaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will be offering food to children in developing countries at 12 Omaru and Matsuzakaya stores from May 11th (Sunday) to June 21st (Sunday). "FOR TWO Fair" will be held.

[Holding store]

Omaru ︓ Osaibashi store, Umeya store, Kyoto store, Shinto store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Shimonoseki store

Matsuzakaya ︓ Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store, Takatsuki store / Hakata Daimaru

* Please check the URL below for details on the location of the recruitment box and the restaurants that offer the menu.

Special site ︓ https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/

* The donations that you have cooperated with will be donated to the local affiliated organizations of the supporting countries through the "TABLE FOR TWO International", a specific non-profit activity law, and will be used to support the supply program.

Charity Menu Online Voting

From May 11th (Sunday) to June 7th (Sunday), we will post a healthy menu on the special site and vote online. We will donate 20 yen per vote (1 school salary in developing countries).
・ Voting period: May 11th (Sunday) to June 7th (Sunday)
・ Special site URL︓ https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/
* The maximum donation amount is 50,000 yen (2,500 posts)

Crowdfunding type online recruitment

Crowdfunding by credit card payment in cooperation with JFR card that issues Omaru Matsuzakaya card
We will carry out a type online recruitment. You can participate in recruitment activities without having to visit the store.
・ Reception period: May 10th (Tuesday) 14:00 to June 21st (Sunday) 23:59
・ Online recruitment URL︓ https://jfrcard.en-jine.com/projects/tft-052022

Selling charity healthy menu

During the period, 20 yen of the list price will be donated to the target menus of some restaurants. Every time you eat a healthy menu, you can receive one school salary.
[Development of TFT industry-academia collaboration menu]
Osaka City University (currently Osaka Public University) TFT Circle Futamaru I devised a menu with students.

Katsuo no tataki and tempura sumada
4 slices 1,000 yen including tax / 6 slices 1,200 yen including tax /
8 slices 1,400 yen including tax
* We will donate 20 yen out of the above listed prices.

Matsuzakaya Takatsuki Store Dining Cafe Cattleya

[Restaurant offering charity healthy menu]
Daimaru Umeya store ︓ Tsuru group (Tazumura)
Omaru Kyoto store ︓ café Spacious space,
Daimaru Shinto store ︓ Sanbei, Tsuru group (Tazumura), café Spacious space
Omaru Sapporo store ︓ Sanbei, Tazumura, café Spacious space
Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store ︓ Shoyeido, Cattleya Dining
Matsuzakaya Ueno Store ︓ Favorite Dining Cattleya, Western Silver Salon Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Store ︓ Cattleya Dining
Matsuzakaya Takatsuki Store ︓ Dining Cafe Cattleya