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Pre-sale of gaming sake “GAMING RAINBOW” by crowdfunding. With the support of game fans, the target amount of 1 million yen was achieved in 3 hours! Looking for until 6/3. Related events will be held in May!

Crouching big punch and expressing taste. Many game fans are gathering support for sake cans, which are packed with the particulars of "gaming" sake.

SakeBottlers Co., Ltd. is the second in the HITOMAKU series of sake bottle cans, "GAMING RAINBOW" (180ml) for "drinking sake while playing games" by crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE until 6/3 (Friday). Pre-sale is underway ( https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/562978 ). With the support of game fans, we achieved the target amount of 1 million yen in 3 hours and 2 million yen in 4 days, and are currently challenging the NEXT goal of 4 million yen.

Former Capcom, Street Fighter series illustration "Kinu Nishimura", VTuber and APEX official book illustration "Mika Pikazo" were appointed as label illustrations to create two types of sake bottle cans. Sake is brewed by Tsuchida Sake Brewery (Gunma) and offers a taste that matches the game scene described as "Crouching Great Punch".

In addition, a tasting and sales event for sake bottle cans HITOMAKU will be held at Takao "Takaone" on 5/21 (Sat) and at Kuramae "Maskramae" on 5/28 (Sat) 29 (Sun). You can experience sake that you drink in a can.

  • Crowdfunding reaction and current situation
  • As the second in the HITOMAKU series of sake bottles, the gaming sake "GAMING RAINBOW" (180ml) for "drinking sake while playing games" is on sale at CAMPFIRE in advance. A planner who is a Gachi gamer and a representative of a sake company and a former representative of Capcom's Tsuchida Sake Brewery have seriously made sake that suits the gameplay.

    Even on SNS, "It's an aggressive project, but the depth of creation is amazing", "I feel love for games", "It's too interesting to be in the former game industry up to the brewery", "I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to drink sake. "I like playing games while drinking alcohol, so I welcome you", "Sake for me!", "I'm worried because the range of returns is too wide", "Gaming sake is too power word" I have a voice.
    By seriously facing and collaborating with the game, we have created an opportunity for people who have never been exposed to sake to drink sake.

    The status of crowdfunding as of May 8 (Sun) is as follows.
    We achieved the target amount of 1 million yen in 3 hours and 2 million yen in 4 days.
    ・ Target amount: 1,000,000 yen
    ・ Total support: 2,480,474 yen
    ・ Progress: 248%
    ・ Remaining days: 27 days [Deadline: June 3, 2022 (Friday) 23:59]
    ・ URL: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/562978
    ・ Example of return (return item):
    ・ "GAMING RAINBOW (Kinu Nishimura & Mika Pikazo) 4 cans set" 7,500 yen (tax included, shipping included)
    ・ "HGAMING RAINBOW (Kinu Nishimura & Mika Pikazo) 4 cans + Shintsuchida set" 10,370 yen (tax included, shipping included)
    ・ In addition, we have a set of goods such as boxes, key chains, apron, and coasters.

  • What is Gaming Sake "GAMING RAINBOW"?
  • The second in the HITOMAKU series is the game sake "GAMING RAINBOW"!
    It is sake that you drink while playing games in general (videos, boards, cards, etc.), and it is a sake that creates (or reminds you of) the culture of "drinking sake while playing games".
    Energy drinks are famous in the e-sports scene, but as a result of hearings (20s-30s, 27 men, 3 women), 60 respondents said that they sometimes drink canned beer or liquor high during games at home. %, Energy drink was 17%. Therefore, it seems that there is still a lot of room for sake to enter.

    The theme is "getting better little by little".
    It doesn't get better overnight, but you can grow step by step.

    It is a drink that resets your mood, rejuvenates you, and enjoys you with your friends. As for the nature of sake, there is a "change after opening" (it becomes delicious).

  • "Kinu Nishimura" and "Mika Pikazo" are appointed as label illustrators.

  • I would like you to sympathize with the fact that gaming sake, which is used to spread the culture of "drinking sake during games," can be trusted by game fans if this illustrator is appointed.
    We have created two types of label illustrations to sympathize with a wide range of game fans.
    (1) Kinu Nishimura for users (35-45 years old) in the heyday of fighting games.
    (2) Mika Pikazo for users (25-34 years old) who play games such as current social games and FPS.

    [Illustrator profile]
    Kinu Nishimura
    Joined Capcom Co., Ltd. in 1991. Became a member from the time the design room was launched. In charge of many promotional illustrations such as the Street Fighter series.
    Free from 2008.
    Anime "Overman King Gainer" "Sirius the jaeger" "G's Reconguista"
    Game "Extreme Escape Series" Game "CODE OF PRINCESS" "Extreme Escape Series" "Culdcept Revolt"
    Worked on the stage "Dragon, dance with the wolf".

    Mika Pikazo
    Including the character design of the virtual YouTuber "Keiyotsuki" that was born in 2017, the art direction of the world's first VR live "Keiyotsuki LIVE @ Zepp VR" held in August 2018, VOCALOID "Hatsune Miku" Main visual and costume design of "Magical Mirai 2018" which is a comprehensive live and exhibition event, character design of KAGOME project "Napolitan" and "Meet General", "Fate / Grand Order" in-game illustration, popular light novel design , CD jacket, etc., works on a wide range of genres and numerous works.

    Illustration and can design of Kinu Nishimura Ver.

    Illustration and can design of Mika Pikazo Ver.

  • Sake brewing is outsourced to Tsuchida Sake Brewery (Gunma)
  • Tsuchida Sake Brewery is a representative brand of Tsuchida and Kunimitsu Homare, and with the theme of "getting the best out of the taste of rice" with "total amount of pure rice raw sardines", it is made by relying on the fungus of the brewery without adding any additives. .. With its distinctive taste and products, it is often featured in magazines and media, and is one of the most vigorous Japanese sake breweries in recent years.

    The desired taste
    The taste of gaming sake was examined by converting scenes and emotions into the taste of sake.
    ・ Scene, emotion
    I want to reset, I want to raise tension, I want to concentrate in a sense, I want to have interesting ideas, I want to enjoy the situation, I want to be fun even if I get drunk. Take a sip and return to the game. Place it on your PC desk or table. There isn't much pairing because it's in the game.

    As a result of converting the above into a taste, the taste is sweet, strong and stretchy, yet sharp, and in a word, it is described as "a big crouching punch". Since the special move is too strong and I get tired of it, I decided that it is important to keep drinking as a normal move. In addition, it is an upper system.

    Why Tsuchida Sake Brewery
    There are three reasons why we asked Tsuchida Sake Brewery for gaming sake.
    (1) Tsuchida Sake Brewery's concept of "growing sake" matches the theme of "GAMING RAINBOW" in the sense that it gradually becomes stronger in the game.
    (2) President Tsuchida worked for a game company (Capcom) before joining Tsuchida Sake Brewery.
    ③ The taste (taste and expression of crouching big punch) required for gaming sake is similar to that of Tsuchida Sake Brewery.
    Not only the illustrations, but also the taste of sake, it is a product that is particular about gaming.

    We outsourced to Tsuchida Sake Brewery and started brewing, but in fact, we are not satisfied with the first sake we made, so we are remaking sake.

  • Crowdfunding creates original goods as returns
  • Pre-sale by crowdfunding will be held at CAMPFIRE from April 8th (Friday) to June 3rd (Friday), 2022.

    We have prepared not only sake but also card games and puzzle returns so that you can drink it according to various games. In addition, we have prepared many types of sets with goods that utilize the illustrations of the two illustrators.
    We offer a wide variety of goods for fans, such as autographed duplicate original drawings, jigsaw puzzles, tote bags, glasses and apron.

  • Sake can "HITOMAKU" tasting sale event held
  • The first tasting and sales event of "HAVE FUN RED" and "CHALLENGE BLUE" in the "HITOMAKU" series will be held on May 21, 2022 (Sat) at Takao "Takaone" and on Saturday, May 28, 29 (Sun) in Kuramae. It will be held at "Maskramae". (* Depending on the spread of new coronavirus infections in the future, we may decide to cancel the event. Thank you for your understanding.)

    Mt. Takao "Takaone" (Saturday, May 21, 2022)
    "HITOMAKU" is perfect for camping and traveling in the coming season, where you can easily enjoy delicious hot sake for just one minute by putting the bottle in boiling water. At this event, two types of tasting, HITOMAKU HAVE FUNRED and CHALLENGE BLUE, will be served hot and cold. Enjoy delicious sake while surrounding the bonfire.

    ■ Date and time
    ・ Saturday, May 21, 2022 16: 00-20: 00
    ■ Venue
    ・ Takao Yamaguchi station square experience-based hotel "Takaone" 1F "NAKA-NIWA" ( https://takaone.jp/hotel/ )
    ■ Participation fee
    ・ Free participation in the event
    * If you want to enjoy the bonfire individually in a space other than the space prepared by the organizer, a bonfire usage fee of 800 yen is required.

    Kuramae "Maskramae" (2022/5/28 (Sat), 29 (Sun))

    An event "Monomachi" will be held on 5/27 (Fri.)-29 (Sun.) at Okachimachi-Kuramae-Asakusabashi to experience the charm of "town" and "manufacturing" ( https://monomachi.com/ ). ..
    For two days on May 28th and 29th, the tasting sale will be held while explaining HITOMAKU directly at the popular Japanese izakaya "Maskramae" ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1311/A131103/13202238/ ) in Kuramae. I will carry it out. Please feel free to drop by as it will be a standing drink with a ticket system. In addition, dishes that match HITOMAKU will be provided.
    In addition, a sample can of gaming sake "GAMING RAINBOW" will be exhibited on the day.

    ■ Date and time
    ・ May 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun), 2022 14: 00-20: 00
    ■ Venue
    ・ Kuramae "Maskramae" ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1311/A131103/13202238/ )
    ■ Participation fee
    ・ HITOMAKU tasting is free, and food and alcohol are charged separately.

  • About the sake bottle can "HITOMAKU"
  • The first product was released by crowdfunding at the end of March 2021. Expanding the design, taste, and usage scenes of sake that has never been seen before. With the key message of "free experience of sake," we are producing sake so that you can easily drink sake in a scene where you have never had sake before.
    In response to the voice that four gobos are too much, the small size matches the demand for home drinking and outdoor activities, and in 2021 crowdfunding, we achieved support of 2,440,500 yen.
    Currently, we are expanding sales mainly on the official website ( https://www.sakebottlers.com ).
    Not only media news related to sake, but also outdoor and lifestyle media are beginning to be featured.