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It is a hot topic on SNS that it exceeds the quality of “all-you-can-eat”! All-you-can-eat “20mm-thick extra-thick beef tongue” “Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store” will be reopened on June 6, 2022 (Monday)

~ The grand menu has been upgraded! All-you-can-eat beef tongue hitsumabushi and beef tongue yukke nose sushi

Globridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Makoto Otsuka) will open an all-you-can-eat Sendai beef tongue "Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store" with 4 stores in Tokyo on June 6th. It will be reopened on Sunday (Monday).

Beef tongue with a unique crispy texture and umami.
"Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store" is an all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant that opened in Ueno, Taito-ku in 2014. We offer all-you-can-eat "Sendai Beef Tongue *", which is soft and has a strong umami taste despite its thickness, by carefully selecting the ingredients and using a special preparation method.

"Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store" will be reopened on June 6, 2022 (Monday) with improved meat quality and course content.

Beef tongue with a rich lineup including standard menus such as the famous 20 mm thick "thick sliced beef tongue" and "upper tongue salt", as well as new unique menus such as "beef tongue hitsumabushi" and "beef tongue yukke nose sushi" We will deliver the charm of tongue.
We aim to be a restaurant where you can enjoy as much meat as possible in a limited amount of time and enjoy a feeling of fullness with a high degree of happiness that overturns the conventional concept of all-you-can-eat.
* Our "Sendai Beef Tongue" uses foreign-made tongue prepared by a manufacturing method based on Sendai Beef Tongue.

■ Thank you for being full! Even on SNS, it was talked about that "it exceeds the quality of all-you-can-eat"
Thankfully, "Yakiniku Isshintansuke" is visited by many customers every day, and it is usually difficult to provide information without a reservation.

Even at TikTok, we were introduced by a gourmet influencer's post, and there was a big response such as 50,000 likes.

In addition, when customers who come to our store post on SNS, many happy voices such as "exceeding the quality of all-you-can-eat" are posted, and we are confident in providing it. It is popular for the quality of the meat.

■ Recorded a success rate of 924% in crowdfunding with the same brand!

With the opening of "Isshintansuke Dan-dan-Yurakucho", when a special all-you-can-eat course limited to Makuake was sold at crowdfunding "Makuake", the target amount was 500,000 yen and 5 million yen or more. We received support purchases and achieved a great success with a success rate of 924%.

■ "Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store" Must-eat Menu BEST3

・ "Extra-thick beef tongue with a thickness of 20 mm"
Extra-thick beef tongue that uses only the "tan source" part, which can only take 20 to 30% of the beef tongue. Although it is a thick slice of 20 mm, it has a firm stab, and it is soft and juicy, and the more you chew it, the more delicious it becomes. Please enjoy the texture that is completely different from normal beef tongue.

・ "Beef tongue hitsumabushi"
"Beef tongue hitsumabushi" with soft beef tongue slices cooked at low temperature on top of warm rice. First of all, leave it as it is without attaching anything. Next is with condiments. And at the end, sprinkle plenty of soup stock to make it look like Ochazuke. You can enjoy the change of taste in 3 stages.

・ "Beef Tan Yukke Nose Sushi"
A dish of beef tongue cooked at low temperature arranged in a yukhoe style and placed on a bite-sized rice with plenty of spillage. The toppings of Tobiko's crunchy texture are addictive! Wrap it in seaweed and enjoy it.

■ "Yakiniku Isshintansuke" menu

・ 100 minutes all-you-can-eat "Enjoy the beef tongue that you are proud of! Premium course" 5,980 yen (6,578 yen including tax)

・ 3 kinds of beef tongue set
・ Tansuke's specialty! Thick sliced beef tongue 20mm
・ Sendai beef tongue 8mm
・ Beef tongue salt
・ Leek-rolled tongue
・ Leek-filled tongue
・ Tansagari miso
・ Pepper tongue
・ Plum Aetan
・ Beef tongue hitsumabushi
・ Beef tongue sushi, etc.
* The menu is subject to change.


<Store information>
"Yakiniku Isshintansuke Ueno Main Store"
Address: 3F, Sanshuya Building, 4-5-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Reopening date: June 6, 2022 (Monday)
Business hours: 12: 00-23: 00 (lunch 12: 00-16: 00)
Phone number: 03-5817-8623
Number of seats: 26 seats
Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

Tabelog: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1311/A131101/13159766/#index
Official homepage: http://isshintansuke.tokyo/
* Business hours are subject to change due to the policy of Tokyo.
Please check with the store for the latest information.

<We are implementing measures against infectious diseases>
◇ We thoroughly wash employees' hands, gargle, and wear masks.
◇ Alcohol disinfection when visiting the store, etc.
We ask for your cooperation.

<Company profile of Globridge Co., Ltd.>
■ Company name: Globridge Co., Ltd.
■ Location: 2-14-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tensho Office Akasaka 701
■ Representative: Makoto Otsuka, Representative Director
■ Business: Restaurant management, consulting, and production
■ Number of stores: Approximately 250 stores (including franchise stores and VR stores) in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Ibaraki, Hokkaido, etc.
■ Established: September 2008
■ URL: http://www.globridge.co.jp/