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Ueno Information Center Triple Panda Party! “Shangshan Xiao Xiao Ray Ray Birth Commemorative Panda Goods” is on sale!

At the Ueno Information Center (Matsuzakaya Ueno Store B1F / Operated by Spurt Co., Ltd.), the giant panda "Shangshan" at Ueno Zoo was 5 years old on June 12, 2022, and was called "Xiang Xiang". In commemoration of "Ray Ray" turning 1 year old on June 23, new panda goods will be on sale from June 10 (Friday)!

The Ueno Information Center will continue to develop various souvenirs from Ueno, and will continue to liven up Ueno so that it can bring even more smiles.

Released on June 10th ( Friday )
" Ueno Panda Family Tree Tenugui " 1,980 yen including tax
With the Ueno panda family as a motif, we made tenugui using the technique of "Chusen", which allows you to enjoy the taste and atmosphere created by hand-dying each piece. The image of the Ueno panda family playing under the refreshing sky and on the trees is dyed in a beautiful blue background. You can enjoy it by using it as a handkerchief or decorating it on the wall as an interior.
Size: Approximately 37 x 90 cm (100% cotton)

" Ueno Panda Family Tea Bag " 5 94 yen including tax
A hook-shaped tea bag with the motif of the Ueno panda family. There are 3 types of patterns (Lee Lee & Shin Shin, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang & Ray Ray). You can hook the Ueno Panda family on the edge of a mug to create a fun tea time ♪ The fragrant Earl Gray tea leaves make it delicious even as a milk tea. The slim package is perfect for souvenirs and gifts! 3 types of patterns x 1 point each Size (per body): Height approx. 75 mm x Width approx. 50 mm x Depth approx. 50 mm

" Ueno Panda Family Osanpo Baum " Tax -included 5 94 yen
We have created a fun baum that you can eat side by side with the motif of the Ueno panda family! There are 4 types of original Ueno Information Center designs (Lee Lee, Shin Shin, Shan Shan, Xiang Xiang & Ray Ray). Enjoy after opening to see which pattern will win. Baum is a plain taste with a gentle sweetness, with a hint of eggs and almonds.
In addition, if you purchase 3 or more at the store, you will receive an original Ueno Information Center sleeve that can be made into a set of 3. (One for every three, the quantity is limited) Enjoy the delicious and fun panda family's walk time ♪ * * "Ueno Panda Family Walk Time" is available online at the Ueno Information Center. The official online shop "Edo Tokyo No. 1" is limited to autumn.

Now on sale!
" Ueno Panda Family Daily Cup Set " 1,980 yen including tax
A lovely design storage container set with the Ueno panda family as a motif. The front side uses the technique of lacquer ware, and urethane coating is carefully applied one by one. The feature is that it is hard to get dirty and easy to clean. The inside is antibacterial coated and can be used not only as a storage container but also as a lunch box or plate.
Body size: (upper) approx. 12.3 x 11.8 x 4.6 cm, (lower) approx. 12.3 x 11.8 x 8 cm
Dishwasher compatible: Only the main body is possible
Microwave compatible: Only the main body is possible

"Ueno Panda Family Roll Sticky Notes"
"Ueno Panda Twins Roll Sticky Notes" 627 yen including tax
A convenient roll-shaped sticky note with glue on the entire surface. Illustrations of 6 different patterns are drawn. You can cut it out one by one at the perforation, write a little message, put it on an envelope, a gift, or a notebook and enjoy it ♪
* The starting pattern will be random.
Size: H40 x W40mm (6 patterns)
Number of sheets: 60 sheets (number of sheets when all are cut out)
Material: Paper

" Ueno Panda Family Wappen & Sticker " 1,100 yen including tax
The popular Ueno panda family motif is now available as an emblem! The points are the panda family expressed by weaving and the glittering glitter. It can be used as a sticker as well as attached to the fabric as an emblem by ironing.
Please stick it on something familiar and enjoy your own decoration ♪
Material: Polyester, Nylon
Size: 9 pieces within about 80 x 80 mm of sheet

<Notes on all products>
* Products cannot be reserved or reserved in advance.
* Depending on the product, the number of purchases may be limited.
* Some items may be out of stock depending on production and arrival status.

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