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[National Museum of Nature and Science] National Museum of Nature and Science x Dr. STONE “The world of science around Dr. STONE”

The National Museum of Nature and Science (Director: Kenichi Shinoda) will carry out a collaboration project with the animation "Dr. STONE" from June 21, 2022 (Tuesday). The outline of the project is (1) a mini exhibition, (2) a character audio guide for the permanent exhibition, (3) a commentary panel with a collaboration visual for the permanent exhibition, and (4) collaboration goods.

We will convey the fun of deeper science to the younger generation who became interested in science after "Dr. STONE".

National Museum of Nature and Science x Dr. STONE collaboration visual

[Venue] National Science Museum (7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)

[Session] June 21st (Tuesday) -September 4th (Sunday), 2022
[Admission fee] General / university students: 630 yen (group 510 yen), free for high school students and younger and 65 years old and over
* This project can be viewed only with the above permanent exhibition admission fee.
[Closed] 5 days from June 27th (Monday) to July 1st (Friday), July 4th (Monday), July 11th (Monday)
[How to enter] To enter the museum, you need to make a reservation in advance from our website.
[Website]https://www.kahaku.go.jp/event/2022/dr-stone/ (Collaboration official website)
[Organizer / Cooperation] Organizer: National Museum of Nature and Science / Cooperation: Dr. STONE Production Committee

  • Contents of collaboration project
  • ① Mini exhibition
    We will hold a mini exhibition that scientifically explains the world of the animation "Dr. STONE" (1st and 2nd term).
    The "Science Craft *" by Senku Ishigami, the main character, and his colleagues in the Kingdom of Science will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner through the specimens and materials of the history of nature and science and technology held by the museum.
    * Senku's production of various things based on his own scientific knowledge in order to regain civilization is called "craft" in the work.

    Venue: Earth Pavilion 1F Open Space

    <Introduction of exhibition (part)>
    ▼ At the beginning of the animation, we will scientifically explain the process of "fossilization" in relation to the scene where all human beings are exposed to a mysterious ray and "petrify". At the same time, fossils (replicas) of the founder birds will be exhibited.

    Daiki Oki is instantly petrified by petrifying rays

    Urvogel fossil (replica)

    ▼ Scientifically explain the mechanism of record recording and playback in relation to the scene where the record player was crafted to listen to the record made at the bottom of the glass bottle.
    At the same time, we will exhibit a German-made SP record player (manual portable gramophone).

    Senku and others who challenge the craft of record players

    SP record player (ELECTROLA No.4) (Manufactured by: ELECTROLA GESELLSCHAFT (Germany))

    ② Permanent exhibition character audio guide
    The explanations of 10 of the permanent exhibits are recorded with the character voices of Senku Ishigami (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi) and Asagiri Gen (CV: Kengo Kawanishi). You can go around the hall as if you came to play with them.

    * For voice, read the dedicated QR code installed in the hall with your smartphone and play it. In addition, earphones etc. are not rented. In addition, notes on the audio guide are posted on the official collaboration website.

    Senku Ishigami (CV Yusuke Kobayashi)

    Asagiri Gen (CV Kengo Kawanishi)

    <Permanent exhibitions where you can listen to character audio guides (10 locations)>
    ・ Japan Pavilion 3F Japanese minerals
    ・ Japan Pavilion 2F Aspergillus
    ・ Japan Pavilion 1F Troton Astronomical Telescope
    ・ Earth Pavilion 1F Earth History Navigator (Human History)
    ・ Earth Pavilion 2F Japan's space development
    ・ Earth Pavilion 2F Faraday Disc
    ・ Earth Pavilion 3F Lion (Yoshimoto Collection)
    ・ Earth Pavilion B1F Tyrannosaurus Triceratops (Fossil production)
    ・ Earth Pavilion B2F Diffusion of newcomers to Oceania
    ・ Periodic table of B3F elements in the Earth Pavilion

    ③ A commentary panel with a collaboration visual of the permanent exhibition
    As a recommended exhibition introduction of the National Museum of Nature and Science, we will specially set up commentary panels with collaboration visuals at 5 permanent exhibitions.

    <Installation locations (5 locations)>
    ・ Japan Pavilion 3F Futabasaurus Kiryu
    ・ Japan Pavilion 2F Creatures closely connected to Japanese people (Akita dog "Hachi", Karafuto dog "Giro", etc.)
    ・ Sperm Whale on the 1st floor of the Earth Pavilion
    ・ Earth Pavilion B3F Moon Rock
    ・ Earth Pavilion B3F "1. Searching for the Law" corner (*)

    * In the corner of "1. Searching for the Law" on the B3F of the Earth Pavilion, the formula "E = mc2 (2 is superscript)" written on the chest of Senku's clothes is projected on the floor.

    ④ National Museum of Nature and Science x Dr. STONE collaboration goods
    Original goods using collaboration visuals produced exclusively for this project. We sell goods such as posters of the Periodic Table of the Elements and crystal growth kits.

    <Sales method>
    ・ National Science Museum Museum Shop (over-the-counter sales only)
    Location: Japan Pavilion B1F / Business Hours: 9: 30-Closed
    URL: https://www.kahaku.go.jp/userguide/access/shop/
    ・ Toms Entertainment official mail order site "Toms Shop" (online sales only)
    URL: https://www.tmsshop.jp/

    * Collaboration goods will be on sale from July 3rd (Sunday) [Nanaumi Day].
    (Nanaumi will appear in the TV special "Dr. STONE Ryusui" on July 10th)
    * The start date of online sales will be announced at a later date.

  • What is the anime "Dr.STONE"?
  • TV special "Dr. STONE Ryusui" teaser visual

    The original of the anime "Dr. STONE" was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and won the "Next Manga Award 2018" (second place in the comic category) and the "Shogakukan Manga Award" (category for boys). STONE ”(Original: Riichiro Inagaki, Drawing: Boichi). Thousands of years later, all human beings became stones due to a mysterious phenomenon that suddenly occurred. The strongest adventure tan (adventure) that confronts the world where civilization has perished with science as a weapon!

    TV special "Dr. STONE Ryusui"
    July 10 (Sun) 19: 00-20: 00 60 minutes TV special broadcast
    Domestic distribution starts from 20:00 on July 10 (Sun) with various distribution services
    * The delivery date and time are subject to change without notice.

    In the 1st & 2nd period, it is being distributed on various distribution platforms!
    In addition, the TV anime "Dr. STONE" will be broadcast in 2023 for the third season!
    For information on broadcasting and STAFF / CAST, please check the official anime website.
    URL: https://dr-stone.jp/

    © US Studio / Boichi / Shueisha / Dr. STONE Production Committee