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[Akihabara Washington Hotel] “Akihabara eGaming Room” will be expanded with the aim of becoming a more community-based hotel !!

Fujita Kanko Co., Ltd. Akihabara Washington Hotel is Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Ryoichi Kado, hereafter "Kaga Electronics"), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Tokyo Division Tokyo East Branch (branch manager: Yoshiomi Ono, hereafter In collaboration with "NTT East"), we will increase the number of e-sports concept rooms "Akiba eGaming Room", which has a high-spec game environment, from one to two, and provide them throughout the year.

Against the backdrop of rising demand for e-sports, Akihabara WH and NTT East Group have built an e-sports environment in one room of Akihabara WH for a limited time, and have jointly demonstrated the effect of attracting customers. In the demonstration, we not only improved the occupancy rate and unit price of customers, but also cultivated a different customer base than before, so we have increased the number of e-sports concept rooms and started full-scale operation.
Akihabara WH offers a railway room "Kuhane 1304" equipped with a full-scale railway diorama, "Akihabara Panda House" with the motif of twin pandas at Ueno Zoo, and a concept room suitable for the region and culture. By fully operating the enjoyable concept room, we will contribute to the establishment of a new culture and the revitalization of the region.

■ Reservation acceptance: Starts from July 1, 2022
■ Reservation method: Reservation accepted at Akihabara Washington Hotel official website
Reservation URL: https://go-fujita-kanko.reservation.jp/ja/hotels/fkg010/plans/10048866
■ Number of rooms: 2 rooms (standard single)
■ Sales price: 14,300 yen per night (regular price / consumption tax, service charge, accommodation tax included) * Varies depending on the day
■ Check-in: 14:00
■ Check-out: 12:00

  • Concept room "Akiba e Gaming Room" overview
  • At the time of the demonstration, there was only one room, but in anticipation of further increase in demand for e-sports, the number of rooms has been increased to two. We have prepared an environment where you can enjoy e-sports more comfortably.

    ◇ Similar to the demonstration * 1, you can occupy the same high-spec game environment as that used in "eXe Field Akiba * 2" such as gaming PCs and the latest gaming chairs.
    ◇ Gaming PC equipped with NVIDIA (r) GeForce RTX ™ 3060 and INTEL (r) Core ™ i7 12700, 24-inch dual monitor with refresh rate 240Hz, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. for gaming by Logicool Is available.
    ◇ More than 20 games are installed, and you can always play in the latest update environment. (You can play games that are not installed if you install them.)
    ◇ We have a support system in place, such as responding to guests staying at the hotel. * 3
    ◇ A dedicated e-sports line (FLET'S Hikari Next) has been laid to provide a high-speed, high-stability environment.
    ◇ We are giving away the healing and vitality benefits of e-sports players.
    ・ Energy drink "Red Bull" (1 bottle per person per night)
    ・ Hot eye mask to heal tired eyes ・ Slow check-out (usually 11:00 is extended to 12:00 for free)

    * 1: According to the results of the questionnaire by users, 97% of men and women use it, mainly in their 20s and 30s, and the number one factor that decided to stay is "Enjoy e-sports as comfortably as you like while staying." The second place was "high-spec game environment", the first purpose was "online game", and the second place was "business trip".
    * 2: What is eXeField Akiba? An exchange facility that creates a new culture and society through "ICT x eSports" opened by NTT e-Sports in Akihabara UDX in August 2020.
    * 3: Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. is in charge of responding to inquiries about e-sports concept rooms from guest rooms. * As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infections, we are disinfecting and cleaning indoors and gaming equipment.

    <Overview of Akihabara Washington Hotel>
    Location: 1-8-3 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Access: 1 minute walk from JR "Akihabara Station", 2 minutes walk from "Akihabara Station" on the Hibiya Subway Line
    Number of rooms: 369
    TEL: 03-3255-3311 (Representative)
    URL: https://washington-hotels.jp/akihabara/