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Craft gin is born to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the bar & dining “Stage” at the Tokyo Riverside Distillery! Limited sale at the 8 / 5-6 anniversary event!

Invented by bartenders and cooks: GIN that goes well with cocktails and has a refreshing dry gin taste.

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd., a distillation venture that produces craft gin using waste materials with the motto "Distillation platform that realizes a circulating economy" (English notation: The Ethical Spirits & Co. / Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Yuya Yamamoto / Esical Spirits) will hold an event to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Bar & Dining "Stage" on the 2nd floor of the regenerative distillery "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" operated by the company. It will be held on August 5th (Friday) and August 6th (Saturday).

At the same time, we produced a limited quantity of limited craft gin "Stage GIN" supervised by the bartender and cook of "Stage". It will be on sale at the "Essical Spirits Official Store" on the 1st floor of "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" for 2 days only. Even after the bottle sale ends, it will be offered as a special GIN that can be enjoyed only with "Stage".

  • The world's first regenerative distillery "Tokyo Riverside Distillery"
  • Esical Spirits Co., Ltd. obtained a spirits manufacturing license in January 2021 and built the third distillery "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" in Tokyo. As the world's first regenerative distillery specializing in ethical production and consumption, we will collaborate with various sake breweries and beer breweries to produce distilled liquor using various unused raw materials.

    <1F Esical Spirits Official Store>
    You can purchase bottled products of craft gin and take-out drinks developed by Esical Spirits. You can also enjoy the explanation about botanicals and the "scent" of gin that has been distilled so far.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/store_trd/

    <2F Bar & Dining "Stage">

    Opened as Bar & Dining, which offers original cocktails using 5 kinds of gin developed by Esical Spirits and food menus (co-supervised by Sho Shiratori) developed according to each taste.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stage_trd/

  • About "Stage GIN -1st Anniversary-"
  • The project was created from the idea of "let's make our own gin" on the occasion of the 1st anniversary by summarizing what the bartenders and cooks of "Stage" felt while telling customers directly about GIN every day. It was launched. While seeking advice from Ayumu Yamaguchi, the distillation manager of "Essical Spirits," we dared to create a craft gin with a new taste that is "not like Esical Spirits."

    Based on the neutral spirits of Ibaraki prefecture and the Kasutori shochu of Amabuki Shuzo in Saga prefecture, the scent of juniper, the aftertaste of citrus, and the sharpness of the taste. It's our own dry gin that we want you to drink first in "Stage".
    First, as a gin and tonic. If you don't like sweetness, it's delicious even with sonic (soda + tonic), and you can enjoy it more refreshingly by squeezing lime.

    For botanicals, we use deep spices such as juniper berries, domestic Valencia orange (produced in Wakayama prefecture), lemon, lime citrus scent, grains of paradise, angelica root and so on.

  • About ethical consumption of "Stage GIN"
  • (1) From the viewpoint of ethical consumption, Mr. Zenbei Farm's Valencia orange uses a lot of scratches. It looks bad with scratches, but the contents are ready to eat.

    (2) Lemon peel and lime peel use the surplus part (juice pomace, etc.) during Stage business.

    ③ We use the normally discarded shells of "Swimming Scallops" that are so fresh that they swim at Yamakiichi Shoten.

    ④ The label design is designed by the "Stage" members themselves. Alcohol ink art was applied using <head alcohol>, which is a non-drinkable part of the distillation process that is normally discarded.

    ⑤ Distillation residue will be handed over to the Kuramae Upcycling Project "Kuramae Coffee Project" and converted into compost.

  • "Stage" 1st Anniversary Event Overview
  • Date: August 5th (Friday) 15: 00-22: 00 (LO.21: 30)
    Saturday, August 6th 12: 00-22: 00 (LO.21: 30)
    Venue: Tokyo Riverside Distillery
    Access: 3-9-3 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo
    (3 minutes walk from Kuramae station / 8 minutes walk from Tawaramachi station / 11 minutes walk from Shin-Okachimachi station / 13 minutes walk from Asakusabashi station)
    Event details: Rooftop herb garden tour / Distillery special tour Scheduled to be released until 19:00 (the number of people may be limited)
    Price: Free admission (drink / food exchange ticket from 500 yen)

  • 1st Anniversary Craft Gin Limited Bottle Sales Overview
  • Sales details: "Stage GIN -1st Anniversary-" (limited quantity sale)
    Sales price: ¥ 3,300 (tax included)

  • Kuramae Coffee Project
  • In Kuramae, the city of manufacturing and coffee, the welfare workshop collects fertilizers, biodegradable paper containers, craft beer, etc. using the extracted waste from daily life and the work of cafes and roasting shops as resources. A project to manage the "KURAMAE model" that leads to the development and manufacture of cycle products. Currently, "compost machines have been set up in the area with the aim of making compost produced locally for local production for local consumption, and elementary school students are conducting demonstration experiments such as the curriculum management of the committee for the introduction of school lunches and the recovery of business resources.

  • Coffee & Gin Stand "The Ethical Spirits & Coffee"
  • A coffee and gin stand that offers a variety of ethical sweets, including the industry's first ethical gin "COFFEE ÉTHIQUE" made from the shells of coffee beans born in store sales. Attempts that are conscious of the circular economy are designed everywhere, such as installing the world's first interior made by 3D printing from coffee husks inside the store.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ethicalspiritsandcoffee/

  • Esical Spirits Co., Ltd.
  • With the motto of "a distillation platform that realizes a circulating economy," we are a distillation venture that produces craft gin using waste materials and operates a regenerative distillery.

    In March 2020, the lees produced at the end of the sake production process is redistilled to produce and sell craft gin, and from the profits, sake rice is provided to the brewery of the lees provider, and sake is re-distilled from there. Started the world's first cyclical "Esical Jin Project" to produce. Attention to the first ethical gin "LAST" is not only the production method, but also the highest award by country in the gin category "World Gin Awards 2021" of the whiskey industry and the most prestigious competition WWA. "IWSC 2021" won the highest award, GOLD OUTSTANDING, and has been highly evaluated as a gin, such as being the only Japanese to be selected as one of the top 9 works in the world.
    In January 2021, the world's first regenerative distillery "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" specializing in ethical production and consumption was built in front of Tokyo Kuramae. In June of the same year, he announced the challenge of commercializing and selling "WoodSpirits", the first private business operator based on the research results pioneered by the National Forest Research Institute. At the same time, raised 140 million yen. We plan to construct the next new regenerative distillery and expand overseas sales channels.
    In January 2022, the first "The Ethical Spirits & Coffee" store, which offers craft gin and ethical sweets made from coffee bean husks, was opened in Otemachi, Tokyo.

    With the mission of "Crafting the New Luxury," we aim to be a world-leading sustainable spirits brand.

    CEO: Yuya Yamamoto
    Co-founders: Rie Uozumi, Riki Ono, Saki Kato, Ayumu Yamaguchi
    Location: 3-9-3-4F Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051
    Founded: 2020
    Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of alcoholic beverages (spirits)
    License: Spirits manufacturing

    Corporate site: https://ethicalspirits.jp/
    Official online shopping site: https://shop.ethicalspirits.jp/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ethical_spirits/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethical_spirits
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethicalspirits
    LINE: https://lin.ee/6b3xK2f

    ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
    Esical Spirits Co., Ltd. PRESS: Nakazawa
    Tel: 03-6427-0009 E-mail: pr@ethicalspirits.jp