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Limited to 30 people per day! Enjoy a full-fledged high-class sushi course for 1,991 yen | A sushi restaurant that will close in 70 days ┃ Opened for a limited time, “Sushi Kagerou,” a project to rent a space and offer authentic Edomae red vinegar sushi at an exceptional price !

Limited to 70 days from September 1st (Thursday) to November 10th (Tuesday)! Please enjoy authentic Edo-style sushi at the Ueno Okachimachi branch of Sake Cost Sake Brewery!

The Sake Cost Sake Brewery Ueno Okachimachi store operated by Creative Place Co., Ltd. will hold the Sushi Kagerou Project, which offers “Authentic Red Vinegar Sushi Course ¥ 1,991 (2,190 including tax)” at the counter for a limited number of people and for a limited time.

  • What is the Sushi Kagerou Project?
  • luxury sushi restaurant

    sushi one
    Sushi Asahi

    The team that worked on
    In order to produce young human resources who can compete not only in Japan but also in the world ,
    A limited-time project established as a place for practice.

    Since it is also a place for young employees to experience, we have realized the provision of authentic sushi at an exceptional cost, although it is for a limited time.

    Although it will be provided by inexperienced employees, the sushi toppings will be of the same quality as the above-mentioned high-priced restaurants, and the core sushi rice will also use aged red vinegar.

    You can use the counter at "Sake Cost Sake Brewery Ueno Okachimachi" where you will be renting a room, so we will serve it consistently and carefully in front of the customer.

    The name of the project is that the store will close after 70 days. It was named with the meaning of heat.

    Please enjoy the sushi course that disregards profitability !

  • Sushi course content
  • ◆10 pieces 1,991 yen course (2,190 yen including tax)
    *Example content. It may change depending on the purchase situation.
    octopus nigiri
    Sea bream nigiri
    Kanpachi sushi
    mackerel nigiri
    scallop nigiri
    Bluefin tuna nigiri
    pickled bonito nigiri
    grip of light
    Boiled conger eel hand roll
    White tuna fatty hand roll

    ◆15 pieces 2,991 yen course (3,290 yen including tax)
    *Example content. It may change depending on the purchase situation.
    octopus nigiri
    Sea bream nigiri
    Bluefin Tuna Chutoro Nigiri
    Pickled tuna nigiri
    small skin grip
    mackerel nigiri
    Kanpachi sushi
    Grilled alfonsino sushi
    scallop nigiri
    Sushi of surf clam
    pickled bonito nigiri
    Amaebi Kombu Nigiri
    grip of light
    conger eel hand roll
    White tuna fatty hand roll

    *Seats are limited to 1 hour for each course.

    In addition, it is also possible to add a single item.

    Also, this time we will be renting the space of the sake brewery at cost, so in addition to beer, highballs, sours, etc., it is possible to order sake at cost .

    Enjoy the best cost performance sushi and the best cost performance sake together!

  • Implementation details
  • ◆ Sake Cost Sake Brewery Ueno Okachimachi
    *Only the 1F counter seats will be rented.
    ◯ Business days
    September 1st (Thursday) – November 10th (Thursday)

    ◯Business hours
    All day from 15:00 to 22:00
    *Last entry and reception will be until 21:00.
    ​*Advance reservation required

    10 pieces 1,991 yen course (2,190 yen including tax)
    15 pieces 2,991 yen course (3,290 yen including tax)
    In addition, we also accept single item orders in addition.
    *Seats are limited to 1 hour for each course.

    ◯ Address
    3-20-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
    *2 minute walk from Okachimachi Station South Exit
    Exit the South Exit ticket gate, pass in front of Panda Square, and cross the pedestrian crossing (48m).
    Go straight along the tracks, pass Doburo, and turn right (55m) when you see Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto.
    Go straight on the left sidewalk (35m).
    The shop next to Hidakaya is Sake Cost Sake Brewery!

    ◯ Reservation
    *Advance reservation required, will end as soon as the capacity is reached

  • Operation luxury sushi restaurant

    ■ Sushiichi

    ■ Sushi Asahi

  • Recruitment guidance
  • We are actively hiring due to the decision to open a new store!

    ◯ Recruitment details

    ◯ Recruitment image video is below

  • Operating company information
  • ◯ Company name: Creative Place Co., Ltd.

    ◯ Location: Gotanda Central Building 7F, 2-3-5 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

    ◯ Telephone: 03-6417-4925

    ◯Representative: Yuto Nakamura, President and Representative Director
    ・You Tube

    ◯ Business description: Restaurant management and restaurant consulting, CRM application sales business, sake brand development business

    ◯ Capital: 11.2 million yen (including capital reserve)

    ◯Established: March 2012

    ◯ URL: https://sake-genkabar.com/company.html