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A total of 25 kinds of red bean paste sweets that you can enjoy the marriage with the container! Red bean paste and bowls ~ For a high-quality autumn with a beautiful bowl for the delicious season of red bean paste ~

August 31st (Wednesday) to September 27th (Tuesday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store B1F/1F Hoppe Town

From 8/31 (Wednesday) to 9/27 (Tuesday), the Matsuzakaya Ueno store will introduce a total of 25 types of red bean paste sweets and 6 types of bowls. We will hold a high-quality autumn ~”. Respect for the Aged Day and the equinoctial week, September is the time when Japanese confectionery attracts attention. We will introduce a total of 25 types of anko sweets, including products that can only be tasted during this season, along with plates that will make you feel better just by serving them.

  • tsubu an
  • Mochiri toasted skin with flavorful coarse bean paste.
    <Tsuruya Yoshinobu> Tsubara Tsubara (1 piece) 194 yen / 1st floor

    Made with soft glutinous rice and flavorful adzuki beans.
    <Sazae> Ohagi (1 piece) 194 yen / 1st basement floor

    The crisp thin skin is filled with red bean paste.
    <Sazae> Grilled sea bream with thin skin (1 fish) 194 yen / 1st basement floor

    The chewy and crispy dango is topped with a generous amount of red bean paste.
    <Sazae> Lotus Ankake Dango (1 piece) 108 yen / 1st basement floor

    Uses "Tsubushian" with a smooth texture.
    <Kimuraya> Anpan Ogura (1 piece) 180 yen / 1st basement floor

  • strained bean paste
  • Smooth strained bean paste, smooth honey, and warm peas.
    <Mihashi> Anmitsu (1 piece) 460 yen / 1st floor

    <Ryokuchiya Korekiyo> is the most popular product, wrapped in smooth bean paste.
    <Ryoguchiya Korekiyo> Yomoyama (1 piece) 129 yen / 1st floor

    The white skin shaped like a plum is stuffed with bean paste.
    <Toraya> Monaka / Miyo no Haru White (1 piece) 237 yen / 1st floor

    An bread made with bean paste from Matoba Bean Paste Place in Asakusa.
    <Kanaya Hotel Bakery> Shitamachi An Bread (1) 691 yen / 1st basement floor

    Sweet potato paste with chopped chestnuts and strained bean paste are wrapped in a moist dough.
    <Soke Minamoto Kitchoan> Oribe Nishiki (1 piece) 194 yen / 1st floor

  • Vessel/6th floor
  • The black soil gives it a deep taste, a solid presence and a gentle color.
    <Kichijoji Kikuya> Black soil makeup plate (5.0 plate / 1 piece) 1,320 yen

    The warm and soft texture complements the sweets.
    <Real Kitchen> Hiroshi Shinzawa (Mino) / Akae Tachibana Plate (1 piece) 3,080 yen

    Just the right size for serving Japanese sweets.
    <share with Kurihara harumi> Mizuki tray medium (1 piece) 1,320 yen

    *All prices include tax.

    Special page → https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/_ankotoutsuwa.html