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2/23 (holiday, Thursday) to 2/26 (Sun) “Higashi Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street” will appear at Ueno Station for the first time! Make and sell your own products.

"Higashi-Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street" is a fictitious shopping district where monozukuri companies based in East Tokyo gather. As a real shopping street, we will hold the first sales event at Ueno Station this time. 15 companies, the largest of the "Higashi Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street", line up in the grand concourse of JR Ueno Station, create and stand in front of the store, introduce their companies and products to customers, and sell them. It is a shopping street limited to 4 days from 2/23 (Thursday/holiday) where you can find leather goods, paper goods, shoes, and food. Please stop by at JR Ueno Station.

[Event overview]
□ Event name: "East Tokyo Monodzukuri Shopping Street"
□Holding period: February 23, 2023 (Thursday / holiday) to February 26 (Sunday) 4 days
□Holding time: 10:00~21:00
*Starts at 11:00 on the 23rd (Thursday/holiday). Ends at 17:00 on the 26th (Sun)
□Venue: JR Ueno Station, outside the central ticket gate, Grand Concourse
□ Participating companies (participating companies):

・ Ozeki Kaban Koubou Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://squeeze.ne.jp/
・Chara Innovate Co., Ltd. (Taito Ward) http://www.kyarainnovate.jp
・Kiyokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://www.kiyo-kawa.com/
・Komaya Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://komaya.co.jp/
・Sakura Wakusu Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) http://leather-handmade.com/
・Seiko Packing Co., Ltd. (Katsushika Ward) https://www.seikopacking.tokyo/
・Taniguchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://www.taniguchi-kagaku.com/
・Chikuma Foods Co., Ltd. (Koto Ward) https://chikuma-tokyo.co.jp/
・Trust Printing Co., Ltd. (Adachi Ward) https://tru-p.shop-pro.jp/
・ Trophy Sato Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://www.grand-prix.jp/
・Ninomiya Goro Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) http://www.nino.co.jp/
・Hanao Takumi Hanaichi (Adachi Ward) http://hanao-hanaichi.com/
・Beppu Casting Co., Ltd. (Sumida Ward) https://inataya-imono.com/
・Hosho Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda Ward) https://www.hoh-pack.jp/
・ Watato Co., Ltd. (Adachi Ward) https://watato.net/

[About “East Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street”]
As a project by Kokusai Fashion Center Co., Ltd. (KFC) and the creative studio "SELF", the three missions of "raising sensitivity", "selling good products", and "creating and expanding fans of local industries" are the core of the project. We are working on regional branding and industrial revitalization together with manufacturing companies in eastern Tokyo that have traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and newly born innovative technologies.